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1) Audio CD: How to Make Money Selling Hot Niche Info Products You Can Get for Free.

This is a teleseminar Angela Smith and I did several months back that absolutely brought the house down. You're going to learn the secret technique I use to make money selling Hot Niche Info Products. The best part is -- I get these niche info products free.

Note: This is an audio CD. You can play it in any CD player or rip it to your ipod.

Value: $47.00

2) Video CD: The Lost Videos.

A video series I did for Jason James' Uncut Marketing promotion. These CD were never included on the download site. They were only available on CD if you ordered through me. Very few people have laid eyes on these videos. Excellent How To Information on a new way to make money on the internet.

Note: These videos will play on any computer.

Value: $39.00

3) Audio CD: Success Secrets Revealed.

This is an audio series that Dave Vallieres, Scott Foster and I did last year about how to be successful with an online business.

Note: This is an audio CD. You can play it in any CD player or rip it to your ipod.

Value: $39.98

4) Video CD: The Porcupine Marketing Method.

Five Video series reveals How To Find Red Hot Impulse Buyers Who Are Absolutely In Heat to Solve Certain Nagging Problems and How You Can Make Money Behind the Scenes Showing Them where to find the Solution They Desperately Desire.

Value: $49.00

Note: These videos will play on any computer.

5) Business Start Up Power Pack CD containing 9 business plans you can implement now:

  1. How I Made $1,447 Profit Online, In Just 16 Days, Using 100% FREE Advertising!
  2. Make $1,600 Profit Today With Auto Accident Kits
  3. Consignment Selling and eBay.
  4. Hot Candle Profits: How to Sell Wholesale Lots at Retail Prices!
  5. Sell Your Ebook Locally! How to Sell Your Ebook Locally for Big Profits and with NO Competition!
  6. How To Set Up and Operate A Specialized Postcard Mailer Business.
  7. How To Get Started in the Baby News Gram Business.
  8. Software Secrets Exposed: The Ultimate How To Guide for Building Your Own Software Empire.
  9. Money from Gift Baskets.
Note: This is a Computer CD. It contains PDF files that you can read on your computer with Adobe Acrobat. (available free from

Value: $67.00

Business Idea Factory Information:

The Business Idea Factory is a member's only website.  We provide members with ideas and resources to get them started on their way to financial independence. 

Business Idea Factory is updated at least once per week with 4 new business ideas. When you become a member you'll have access to all the business ideas, start up manuals, videos, business hotsheets and more. There are over 300 articles currently available in 21 diferent categories. All available to you right now -- with your 1 cent trial subscription. (1 cent for the first month then $9.99 per month thereafter -- cancel anytime)

These are business ideas from real life - no MLM, pyramid schemes, etc. are even entertained here.

Business Idea Factory offers initiatives regardless of your educational level.  You don't have to have a MBA in Business to succeed.  All you need is motivation which you provide - we provide the ideas.

Our resources are constantly updated to provide our members with an ever churning factory of business ideas.

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