Infoprenuer Profits


Peek into Fantasy Careers
Students that are seeking a career want closer looks into each particular career so they can make the best choices possible. You could help them out by offering DVDs, guidebooks, and more to help these young people (and others) choose the best-suited career for them in the future.

Time is Aloof
Most people are fighting with this true modern-day dilemma - There never seems to be enough time in a day to accomplish what we need, or want, to get done. You could sell information products that can help people manage their time better, such as EBooks, DVDs, CDs, books, and other helpful materials.

Blogging for Cash
Blogs are amazingly growing all over the world. There are numerous niches out there. Some general topics of blogs are corporate, celebrity, entertainment, etc. You can blog about anything you want, just make sure you find a niche if you want to make money at it, why not blog about blogs? Use your blog to sell information products.

Profit Making Blog
Blog about a topic that interests you greatly and that will interest others enough to have them pay for reading it. If you catch yourself constantly writing to your friends about a hobby or interest a lot, maybe you could expand your writing to blogging. You can also profit by selling advertising space, selling affiliate products, and more.

Sell Vital Contact Information People Want
The idea is to attend workshops and conventions. Meet people at the convention and collect as many business cards as you can. You now arrive home with a pile of business cards, which usually have vital information such as names, titles, companies, addresses, faxes, phone numbers, and email addresses. People are willing to pay for access to this information. You will have to build a website and make your subscribers agree to a no-spam agreement. One company that does this is and they charge about $2500 per year for access to the website!

Informational Products about Government Grants
There are millions of grants out there - state and federal. Most people are eligible for some sort of grant, but do not know it, or they do not know where to start. Sell informational products: books, classes, seminars, CDs, DVDs, etc. to help people learn about what grants are out there and how to apply for them.

Become a Professional Blog Writer
Blogs are wonderful for promotion and marketing. Offer this service to businesses. You can charge anywhere from $5-$100 per blog. The choice is yours. You can probably make more if you market yourself well, and have experience writing blogs.

Sell What You Know: Self-Publish Your Own Ebooks
You don't have to be a good writer to create your own Ebooks. That's what editors and proofreaders are for.

Making The Most of Public Domain and Private Label Content
There's so much public domain content available all over the internet, with Master Resale Rights available and sites springing up left and right with Private Label articles you can use to create your own products, but what do you need to bear in mind, what is the best way to use all this content and what can you create with it?

You Do Have an InfoProduct Inside You!
Everyone has life experience, training, and skills that others don't have. Everyone knows something that others want to know, or can do something that others want to learn. That's how I know you have an InfoProduct inside you, everyone does.

How to Make Money Selling Hot Niche Info Products That You Can Get For Free.
A few months ago, I started a secret experiment that has lead to a very lucrative part time business venture that anyone can do.

Clever Cash Generation
Have you ever thought that you might have valuable knowledge to pass on? Do you want to turn your knowledge and expertise into an income-generating machine? Do you want to be able to pass your knowledge onto others at a price that enables many to be able to afford it but that allows you to make a healthy living? If so, then producing and marketing e-courses may be perfect business for you.

It's Ezine When You Know How
Just imagine the joy of making money while you sleep. Imagine a passive revenue machine that churns dollars into your bank account while you sleep. Imagine an army of people generating income for you that you don't have to pay until they've made you money. Sounds like a fantasy doesn't it? But it isn't. You can do this. You can become an ezine or newsletter publisher. You then have a minimum of three ways of making money: subscriptions, advertising and selling your own products.