Cash for Creativity


Loves Me - Loves Me Not!
This is one of those business ideas that many people would rather not think about getting involved in, because most of us suffered a break-up at one time or another in the past. You could make a considerable amount of money helping others deal with this sad situation though. Could you help people through these painful times by offering alternatives to anger and depression? Building a small survival kit for people to get past this time could prove to be beneficial for them and profitable for you.

Is That My Mug?
A mug business is a creative idea that involves selling original designs of mugs to customers directly or to other businesses. This neat idea gives you the opportunity to be creative and work from home. Designing and choosing original mugs is a unique way to make money and be artistic.

Detail Your Way To Money
Do you love working with and around cars? This could prove to be a very profitable small business idea for your small part of the world. If you have noticed that there are not a lot of auto detailing businesses in your area, it might be worth looking into and starting one of your own. The best thing about this type of business is that you could offer to travel to your customer's work place or residence and detail their cars for them, or if you would prefer, just work with businesses. Offer your services to local car dealerships in your area, both new and used cars need to look their best to attract new buyers.

Coupon Crazy Profits
With the down turn in the economy, people worldwide are learning to take advantage of store and manufacture coupons to buy their wants and necessities. This is an easy type of business that you can run from the comfort of your home, along with a computer, printer, and access to the Internet. If this sounds interesting, read on!

Shovel, Blow or Plow for Money
Do you live in an area that has snow on a regular basis? This is a great seasonal business idea for anyone that can physically deal with snow, no matter what your age. You can choose to start a small business, or a large one, when it comes to this type of service. Be your own boss and enjoy working when everyone else is sleeping most of the time.

Litter Can Profits
This is an unusual idea that could prove to be a very successful way of bringing you a sizable income. These will not be just regular litter cans though, because you are going to place advertisements on these cans and people will pay you to advertise their businesses on them. With only 200 cans placed in high traffic areas, indoors and outdoors, you could potentially make up to $5,000 a month.

Sleeping with a Piece of Art
This is a business idea that may appeal to those of you that are artistic, creative, and comfortable thinking outside the box! Capitalize on a new trend in bedroom furniture fashions by starting a business that designs, manufactures, and sells creatively new and redesigned headboards. Can you really make money with this business? If you have a talent that appeals to buyers, you could easily make from hundreds to thousands of dollars for your uniquely designed headboards.

Give Thought to Starting a Non-Profit Business
Many people do not realize that there is a real need for non-profit organizations all over the country. Be there to fill a very basic human need within a certain segment of society where other organizations are not filling the need. Something that many communities are in great need of is Food Banks. Offer essential food and nourishment to people that are still very important and productive citizens that are suffering because of no choice of their own.

Customized Airbrushing Business
Airbrushing is a unique skill; if you already know how to do it, you could easily make money by customizing client's possessions for them. If you don't have this skill but are already artistic and the idea appeals to you, learn from a skilled artist that will be willing to teach you this type of art. Once you become professional at airbrushing, you could easily make from $50 to $100 an hour, this means that you could make from $1,200 to $2,500 a week working 25 hours a week. Your skill and the popularity of your art will determine what you can charge for your customized airbrush artwork.

Entertaining Profits
This is a business idea that might appeal to anyone that is creative, artistic, and loves entertaining children. Create and construct a small traveling theater that can accommodate a fun puppet company. Design and make your own original puppets that will perform in your theater, write original scripts telling funny stories that can entertain, but also educate for some audiences. Once you establish yourself in your community you will be able to charge whatever you feel your performance is worth.

Coffee on Wheels
Bring freshly brewed coffee to people that would be willing to pay top dollar for their favorite designer cup of java. Look at how popular coffee shops are these days, people are willing to go out of their way and then wait in line for their much-needed cup of coffee every morning. Some successful espresso shops these days can make as much as $25,000 profit a month. Why not make big profits yourself, by bringing people their much wanted coffee right to them?

Rental Workspace Money
This business idea is a great one if you live in an area that many artists also live and work. If you have a large spare room in your home or business, could you easily rent the space out to an artist looking for a place to establish a work studio of their own? A nice side point with this offer is that artists will not be renting the space to live in, just to work in. You will be able to make an extra income, by renting out your unused space. Make hundreds or thousands of dollars a month with this creative idea.

This is Made of Duct Tape?
A fun hobby such as making different items out of duct tape can be turned into a successful business venture. Duct tape has many common uses today. This product has been used to create anything from prom dresses, wallets, flowers to anything that you can come up with and design. Because of the wide variety of colors and patterns, there are many options as to the designs and what you can make. Because these are unusual items, people are bound to be interested enough to check out what they are!

Make Cash with Trash the Green Way
This 'business idea' calls for a certain personality type that is creative, ecologically minded, and industrious. You should be able to make money with relatively inexpensive discarded items, while working part or full-time and having fun while you are doing it.

Build Your Own Mobile Art Gallery Business
This is an unusual idea that requires an organized person that has excellent taste in art and basic business skills. You will ideally want to work with about fifty-to-a-hundred different artists, choosing the work that you want to show and sell for them. Then you will need to find safe locations to display the art and contract with these businesses to display the art and share in the profits when the art sells. Once your business is established, you could easily make a six-figure income yearly with a business like this.

Make Money with Mirrors
This is a business for a creative artistic type of person. If you are skilled or familiar with the art form of mosaic art, this is very similar. The difference is that you use pieces of mirror instead of rocks or broken china for your mosaic art pieces. Become a popular artist in this field and the sky is the limit for an income!

Mosaic Tile Creations
Did you know that you could make almost any home decoration or furniture more colorful and expensive looking by just covering or decorating it with simple mosaic tiles? If you have an artistic nature and creative mind, this could be an area to look into for a fun new 'business idea'. Like any artistic ideas, the more successful you can make your business, the more income you will be able to generate for yourself.

Become a Clothier for the Elderly
Many people have noticed while shopping, how difficult it can be for the elderly and disabled to shop for their clothing in the typical department stores available to them. Why not specialize in offering retail clothing to this segment of society that would love having their clothing choices come to them. You could easily make a good income in providing this much-needed business to a growing senior population today.

Make Cash with Trash the 'Green Way'
This 'business idea' calls for a certain personality type that is artistic, creative, ecologically minded, and industrious. Knowing how to fuse or glue items together will be important too. You should be able to make money with relatively inexpensive discarded items, while working part-time, or full-time, and having fun while you are doing it. Your items could sell for hundreds to thousands of dollars apiece, once you make a name for yourself.

Money for Cutouts
If you are an artistic type of person that likes working with wood, you might look into this fun 'business idea'. Have you ever been driving along and think you see out of the corner of your eye an unusual animal? Then you realize that it is a decoration someone has planted in their yard just for the fun of it! Well many of these popular decorations are what is called 'Yard Cutouts', they are yard decorations in the shapes of animals, party items, or signs making announcements. Make very good money in selling and renting these cutout decorations as a business.

Sell Your Own Easels
If you love to design and build things, this could be a great business to get involved in selling. You could design and build art easels to sell to myriads of people that are looking for just the right easel. This allows you to offer a variety of different types of easels to sell. Make your easels affordable, helpful, and sturdy and you will have a lifetime career in supplying easels for art lovers and artists if you want to!

Cardboard Playhouses
What a fun product to design, sell, and build a business around! If you are a creative artistic person this is right up your alley as a possible 'business idea' designed for making money from a fun product for children to play with. Design cardboard toys and playhouses!

Wind Chimes
Most people love to hear the gentle chiming of wind chimes and often times, they will own several. If wind chimes are something that you love too, you might want to think about opening a business that makes and sells wind chimes. Make them yourself and your profits should be good, they can sell for as little as $5 to $100s each.

Controversial Celebrity T-Shirts
Create T-Shirts for customers that are considered a bit controversial (popular phrases, attention-grabbing images, etc.), use famous names and a whole lot of creativity. Let's face it, the T-shirt industry is a multimillion-dollar making trade, why not get a chunk of that consumer money yourself? If you sell great, hard to find, popular T-shirts you can sell them for $10 to $30 apiece, that is a great profit margin!

Battery to the Rescue
Offer a service that helps people with dead car batteries get back on the road with a new battery. You can deliver a new battery, install it, and charge for your services. You will be able to make a profit from the sale of the battery, charge for your delivery, and installation of each battery. This should allow you to easily make $100 plus profit, per rescue!

Recycling at It's Best
A popular concept in many parts of the country is recycling what others are discarding as unwanted. How do you go about making money from this? You gather the many items that are not appreciated by other people and offer them to people that would greatly appreciate them. My favorites and the best moneymakers are the household and office furnishing items. Make a reasonable income by recycling other people's unwanted furnishings!

Crafty Projects
If you are an artistic person, this may appeal to you! Design art projects for people of all age groups. Each project could involve different types of crafts, allowing a learning experience of each type of art for the buyers. You could put these projects together with everything needed and sell each one for $9.99 or more, depending on the cost of the supplies you have enclosed.

Sell Art, Food, and Relaxation
Have you ever noticed that people like to relax and gaze at art for long periods of time before going on to the next piece of art while in museums surrounded by beautiful art? You could open an art gallery that offers tea, coffee, and even snacks or larger items that your customers could enjoy while studying the beautiful art that you sell at a good profit to them.

Kids Taxi Service
In many parts of the United States, public schools are not offering busing for children attending school anymore. This puts the burden of getting hundreds of thousands of kids off to school safely on the shoulders of their parents, which are usually already stressed out with their own secular job schedules. Why not offer a service that will help parents and their children while putting money in your pocket! You could charge $50 per child a month and make a lot of money while working only a few hours a day, or more.

Business Opps for Sale
Many businesspeople have extra products left over after they have moved or closed down a business. Create a website where these businesspeople can sell and buy their products, fixtures, and business opportunities. Make money by charging these businesses for listing fees and advertisement listings from your site.

Tours of Sacred Places
It has been said that every city has its own fascinating story. Tell those stories through tours. Be sure to target specific stories, so people can choose by their interests. You can charge from $25 to more per tour.

Home Security
In real life, people sometimes require added amounts of security for different reasons. Help these people out by working day or night and going to their property to make sure everything is safe and secure. Simply walk around their home, making sure the doors, windows, and even gates are locked securely and make sure nothing looks suspicious or out of the ordinary. You could charge a fee of $50 or more per month for your service.

National Pride
Many people feel a pride for their own country and when they are traveling, they like to wear something that advertises where they are from. You can create and sell bandannas with flags from all over the world on them. What a great way to travel and tell others where they are from, with a bandanna covered with their country symbol on it. You can easily sell these bandannas for $5-$10 a piece.

Canal Tours
Provide kayak tours for sightseers of rich people's homes from a canal. You can talk about the people who live in various homes, what their houses are worth, and any other interesting facts or stories about them. You could even use canoes or peddle boats instead of kayaks if you would rather not use kayaks. You could easily charge $30 per person for a two-hour tour like this.

Become a Busker
If you like odd hours and a different environment every day, you might like being a busker. One night you could be entertaining a line for a nightclub and the next day starring at a festival. You should be talented in many things and versatile to make a success at this.

Fur and Leather Cleaning
Fur and leather clothing and accessories require a different, more specialized type of cleaning than other clothing. Offer a service where you offer to pick up, clean these items, and then return them. You could charge about $40-$100 per piece and have it back in the owner's hands in a week or less.

Personalized Coffee Table Photo Books
Coffee table books are popular and attractive, that is why so many homes and businesses have them. Offer a way to create personalized coffee table books for those that want to have something unique to entertain their guests and add some beautiful décor to their home or business place.

Rewards for Yourself
Offer a business where you offer to be a financial investor for your clients. The investment will be the money your clients typically spend on a vise they would like to give up. Let's face it most people love to be rewarded, and the motivation of a reward can make it much easier and more enjoyable to give up a vise. You could do this to help people save money for the holidays, for vacations, for college, and so much more.

Clowning Around and Making Money
Clowns are often hired for birthday parties and other children's events. If this is a skill that you would be comfortable making money with, it could be an excellent 'business idea' to put together and start. Depending on your entertainment skills and popularity, you can charge from $50 to $150 per hour to entertain at parties and special events.

Creative Advertising for Small Business
Sell ads on a Segway! It will attract attention because not many people ride Segways and that is your selling point. Then, you sell poster-sized ads for small businesses. You can sell them for about $200 - $500 or more per day.

Open Windows
Create and sell a product that will allow people to safely keep their windows open any time of the day or night. Your product should be installed in a window frame to keep it open safely and securely. Be sure to offer a variety of different colors so customers can choose one that matches their room.

Balloon Party Decorations
Create a business where you offer your balloon decorating services to people hosting parties and special events. Offer unique balloons, ribbons, and streamers. Depending on how large the area you will be decorating, you could charge approximately $100 or more per room/space.

Certification Promotions
Promotional items typically help you sell more products. This promotional certificate will depend completely on what niche market your product is found. For example, if you are selling high tech devices you could offer your customers a free (with purchase) Doctorate in Gadgetology. Who could turn that offer down?

Audio Tour Guides
Offer audio tour guides for those taking road trips or visiting places with an outstanding history. You will need to provide your tours on cassettes and CDs, so your customer can listen to your tour in the comfort of their own vehicle. Your recording will have to direct them throughout the tour, so they know which streets to turn on and where to go. You can sell your CDs or tapes for about $20 each.

Envelopes Galore
Businesses that strive on one niche seem to be the most successful. Create a business where the only products you sell are envelopes; there are so many different types of envelopes you can sell. You can even create some of your own unique designs.

Local Boat Launches Newspaper
Create and publish a newspaper on when boats and ships will launch, where they are going, etc. so people who like watching them, can go gaze at them. You can also throw in other news and history on the area for which you are publishing the newspaper, but focus on the boats.

Paperwork and Documentation
I've never met a single person that says they like to do paperwork. That's why others are willing to pay for you to do it for them. One business does this for the U.S. Coastguard, documenting boats from their own home. The documentation usually takes about 1 hour of work, and pays $350-$800. The economy doesn't affect the wealthy who buy expensive boats, so business is always going.

Job Shadowing for Adults
Many people probably remember job shadowing in school in order to try out careers they were interested in pursuing. As adults, we sometimes come to a point where we want to switch careers, but do not know how to go about it. Offer to line-up job shadowing for adults, so they can really see what their dream job is like. You can charge $350 and up for your services.

Post It
You can be paid to just hang up flyers and posters in your area. You will be hanging up commercial posters, event posters, and more. You could charge from $125-$350 for hanging up 100 posters, measuring 11"x17". A 'business idea' worth looking into, if you enjoy working outside!

TV Characters and Tours
Watching your favorite TV or movie characters traveling around a specific town or city adds to the realism of any fanciful story. Seeing those locations in real life can make a person feel more connected with their favorite characters and makes any vacation more of a fun adventure. You will hold tours in towns or cities where people's favorite characters are located.

Light Shade Cleaning Service
If you have ever changed the light bulb of a lamp that has a glass or ceramic light shade cover, you likely have noticed that not only was the light shade dirty inside, but it was also full of dead insects. You can start a service that specializes in cleaning these kinds of light shades.

Pick Up and Drop Off
If you have a large truck, you can be the intermediary for picking up metal to be dropped off at a metal recycling facility. This is a "clean up and sell" metal business. Some people and businesses will allow you to pick up their scrap metal and take it away free. Clean up and make great profits!

Small Business Expos
Small business owners face problems that large corporations do not. They have a harder time reaching the public and rarely get the chance to network with other small business owners or businesses within their community that would benefit from cross promotions. To help these businesses, you can start a service that hosts Small Business Expos.

Specialty Home Tours
Many people often look for a certain number of bedrooms when purchasing a home. Provide home tours custom made for these individuals by offering one bedroom home tours, two bedroom home tours, and so on. The agent will benefit by you giving them your customer's details, and the potential buyer will benefit because they only have to give the information to you and not every agent. You could charge $10 per person per tour.

Clean Cash
Graffiti is everywhere! Even small communities are being affected by the visual pollution that lowers property values and is just plain unsightly. You should start a business that specializes in removing graffiti. If you have been looking for a business idea that will allow you to work outside, set your own hours, and earn a great income, then this may be the very idea for you!

Toys That Teach
Parents are faced with so many choices when they decide to purchase a toy for their child. Most are interested in purchasing a toy that will teach their child something or encourage them to use their imagination. You will start a business creating and selling religious dolls and accessories for them.

Public Relations
As budgets shrink; businesses are cutting back on many services. No matter the size of the business though, every business needs some sort of advertising and public relations. (This is often referred to as PR.) If you enjoy working with other people and have an upbeat positive personality plus lots of creativity, you will likely be the perfect person to start a business that specializes in handling public relations activities for small businesses or small organizations.

Teddy Bear Fanatics
Have you ever met a single person that did not have a teddy bear as a child? They are known as the cute cuddly toy of choice for children across the globe. Everyone loves teddy bears! You will conduct classes that teach students how to sew their own personal teddy bear. You'll need to be able to sew basic stitches and provide your students with the materials needed to make a great teddy bear.

Party Planning Niche
Most people are familiar with the jobs that wedding planners do. They assist a bride in planning the perfect celebration of her marriage. However, what about other kinds of parties? Most people are just too short on time and energy to plan the kind of party that they would like to have. You will specialize in party planning, but for just one type of party, carving out a niche market for yourself.

Did you grow up in a family of storytellers? Some people love to create funny anecdotes out of bad things that have happened to them. Others just like to make up fanciful stories to the joy and entertainment of their listeners. Did you know that you could make a living from your love of storytelling? If you are comfortable in front of an audience and have been told that you are a great storyteller then this may be the very best 'business idea' for you! You can get your start as a storytelling professional by participating at festivals such as the National Storytelling Festival. You can make anywhere between $300 and $3000 per performance as a storyteller.

Play Nice and Share
Office space, that is! Sharing an office with another small business can be profitable when they share a portion of the rent. You will start a service that locates office spaces for small businesses that are willing to share the space and expenses of a small office. Your job would be similar to a real estate agent, in that you would need to familiarize yourself with the many properties in your area. You will be a sort of 'office space real estate agent'!

Rodent TLC
People that own cats or dogs know where they can take them to have them groomed. There is a pet groomer in every city and town across the country. However, what do owners of other pets do when their pets need grooming? Grooming is just as important to the health and well-being of other kinds of pets as it is to dogs and cats. You will provide a service for these pet owners by providing this vital service to this under served portion of the pet population

Door to Door Flyers
Are you looking for a business that will allow you to get away from a desk and cubicle walls? Do you love to do just about anything that allows you to be out of doors during the day? Then this may be the perfect business idea for you! You will start a service that distributes business flyers in the neighborhoods of their target markets.

The First Dance
As someone who has been through the somewhat grueling process of planning a wedding, I can tell you that some of the choices that required the most research and time before coming to a decision involved the music that would be played at crucial points during the day. You will create musical CDs with compilations of songs that would be appropriate for someone's wedding day. Each CD will offer music associated with a different style of music or perhaps representing romantic tunes that were popular during a specific decade.

Infamous Crime Stories
How well do you know the city that you live in? Tourists love to travel around large cities on walking or bus tours to learn more about it and what makes it special. You will offer tours of your city that will point out places where significant crimes occurred. This kind of 'crime tour' would be fun for locals and tourists alike. Likely, because of its educational value, you might even be able to attract school groups!

Beautify Parties!
Every host, or hostess, wants to throw a party that the guests remember for being well decorated and beautiful. In addition to tasty food and drinks, the person will want the surroundings to be festive as well, especially if it is going to take place in their home. You will offer to decorate and offer advice on the best way to make the premises fun and welcoming. You could charge an average of $25 for the initial consultation and $15 per hour thereafter, not including fees for the actual decorations

Keeping Up With Correspondence
During certain seasons of each year, a workmate of mine consistently complains about the size of her huge extended family. For her, and so many others, it is a huge hassle to get their hands on enough greeting cards for their long list of family members and friends, write each of these cards out, and then get the postage put on them and get them out into the mail on time. Offer a service where you will do all of this for your customers. Customers will provide a list of names and addresses and you will take care of the rest!

Morning Boost Profits
Did you know that coffee, according to some statistics, is the most popular beverage worldwide with over 400 billion cups consumed each year? With all of this coffee drinking taking place, the most obvious need for coffee in our society is by office workers needing their mid morning boost to keep up with productivity. You can address this need by offering a mid-morning coffee and snack delivery to offices in your area.

The One-Dollar Question
Many websites can offer you generalized information on any number of topics. There are also many other websites that allow you to access specialized information for a subscription fee that usually ranges between $30 and $120, depending on the type of information offered. However, what if you have only a single question that you want answered and despite your best efforts, you cannot seem to get a satisfying answer to it? If there were an inexpensive easy way to get the answer, wouldn't you jump at the opportunity to get it answered? Most people would!

Young Tourists
If you are of legal age to drink and have a clean driving record, then this is the 'business idea' for you! You could create a service that safely drives young travelers to great places to dance, meet people, and explore the local culture at night. After they have spent the night having a great time, you will drive them safely back to their hotel.

Find the Key
Have you ever gotten behind the wheel of your car, only to discover that you forgot your keys inside the house? And of course; your house keys are on the same ring as your car keys, so how are you going to get back inside? Almost everyone has done this once or twice. It is extremely embarrassing and in locations where the weather can be drastic, it can even be dangerous. They have to call information and locate a locksmith, and then once they locate a locksmith, they have to find one that is available to help them right away. Locking yourself out of your house can be an all day fiasco. No one should ever have to be in this predicament!

Art Show Promotion
Art needs to be seen. How sad to think that wonderful creative expressions lay gathering dust somewhere because it has no venue to be shown in. Artists yearn for their work to be shown and appreciated by an audience, be it a coffee drinking college student, or a wine and cheese connoisseur who needs something to decorate their multimillion-dollar loft dwelling. Yet, many artists' works go unseen and unappreciated, because they have no idea how to go about getting it shown.

Doggie Sleep Over
This new 'business idea' will be a godsend for pet owners everywhere that are going on vacation and can't take their dog with them. You will create a service where dog owners who are in need of pet care can contact you. You will then temporarily place their pooch with another dog owner who will give their dog the love and attention that their animal deserves; this will also provide a playmate for them to play with while their owner is out of town

Ink and Toner at Your Door
Have you ever been printing up a large document, only to find as you went to pull your completed document off the printer tray, that the majority of the pages were completely illegible because your printer no longer contained enough ink or toner to finish the job? If so, then you are also familiar with the frustration and impatience that follow. People rarely have the time to jump into their cars, deal with traffic, and go from store to store searching for that one specific type of ink or toner that their printer needs, hoping to find a store that has it in stock that day. Moreover, for people that decide to order the ink or toner that they need from an online source, they are obligated to shell out extra cash to pay overnight delivery fees and are still obligated to wait until the next business day for their ink or toner to be delivered!

Renting Out Baggage
You could start a web-based business that allows people to reserve specific pieces of luggage for the dates that they plan to travel, for a reasonable fee. You can either deliver the luggage yourself, allow them to pay a delivery fee, or have a storefront location that allows your customers to pick up their rented luggage at a time convenient for them. You can charge an average of $20 per piece of luggage, per week.

Decorating the Waiting Room
Do you have an eye for decorating and interior design? Do you have a degree in interior design or real world experience in the decorating community? If so, then you are the perfect person to take on the job of decorating the world's waiting rooms! As in many other fields, finding your niche is often the first step toward career success. You will start a decorating service that specializes in decorating, redecorating, or renovating waiting rooms.

Casual Networking with Friends
While there are many groups in existence that help people of various professions network with others who are in the same profession, groups that help people to network in a more casual atmosphere are almost unheard of. Since women can be highly effective networking partners, they are often even more skilled at creating new networking partners, communicating their needs, and often have a wider range of networking partners. Unfortunately, after a long workweek, the idea of getting back into your power suit, nylons, heels, and then diving right back into a stressful business environment to do some networking hardly seems like an appealing prospect. This is where you come in!

Rent a Boat
If you have recently become the proud owner of your very own boat, you are probably learning all about the many expenses related to maintaining and enjoying the use of your boat. Most people do not have the free time at their disposal to actually use their boats during much of the year. So, to take advantage of this time and to help defer these costs, both for yourself and your fellow water enthusiasts, you can offer a boat rental service where you help boat owners find persons who are interested in renting their boats for a day, a weekend, or an extended period of time.

Aquarium Design
Aquariums are a great addition to any room, whether it is a business waiting room or a living room in your home. This type of landscaping is an art form and is referred to as 'aquatic gardening' or 'aqua-scaping'. You can create and maintain beautiful aquariums for your clients. You could charge about $150 a month for the cleaning and maintenance of these aquariums.

Fitness Boot Camp
If you are a self-motivated people person who loves spending time at the gym, listen up! Does putting in the time needed to make your body look better and run more effectively, really make you happy? Then you are the perfect person to open a fitness boot camp for men and/or women. You could offer to whip people in to shape for a few hours every morning for a period of 4-6 weeks.

Breaking-Up Money
Are you a 'people person' with great communication skills? Do you have the ability to deliver bad news with compassion? Are you good in a crisis? Then you may just be the perfect person to start an innovative service where you can help people dissolve their current romantic situations gracefully. Imagine it as a dating service in reverse!

Restaurant Designated Driver
Provide a designated driver service getting people home and helping them to avoid endangering themselves and others behind the wheel of a car, after a nice meal or party at a restaurant or drinking establishment. Charge your riders, bars, or restaurants, a prearranged fee to keep you on hand to drive inebriated people safely home.

The Pet's Playground
Our pets need exercise and playtime just as much as humans do, if not more so. This definitely includes our dogs. You could own your own pet playground where you would have a dog daycare that emphasizes the benefits of a large play and exercise area. If you have a love of dogs and own the space to offer a playground for other peoples' pets, this may be an excellent 'business idea' for you to look into.

Puzzle Art
Have you ever sat at a table on a dreary, rainy day and enjoyed the calming pleasure of piecing together a puzzle? Do you have fond memories of piecing together puzzles with parents or grandparents? Remember the excitement and joy you experienced when you found those vital corner pieces and the feeling of accomplishment you felt when you put that final piece in place? Well, chances are that many other people have those same fond memories too!

Pack It In
If you have ever packed up your home and moved to a new location? You know that the process of packing is the most labor and time intensive portion of any move. You will come to the rescue of these people facing the challenge of relocating. Offer a service where you pack up a person's home for them. You could charge around $200 for the average home, spending up to eight hours packing up their belongings. Since unpacking is a much quicker process, you could charge about $100 for that. In some areas of the country, you may be able to charge a larger fee.

Immigration History Tours
Do you like to do research on people and places in history? Do you excel at taking careful detailed notes and records? Every city, be it large or small has an interesting history, starting with stories of the people who first immigrated and settled the area and ending in recent events. Usually a city's original settlers were of a specific ethnic group as many immigrants settled with people who originated in the same country as themselves. You will research the history of a city's immigrants and lead tours to show people who are interested in history and their ancestors how these people came to travel to the area and why they settled here.

Backpacking for Beach Goers
When people visit any type of beach, there is a huge danger they are facing - the sun. What if the beach goers forget to pack their sunscreen or sun block with them? Create a business where you go to the beach and carry a backpack full of sun block and sunscreen that you can sell to others. Offer a spray-on type, so you can spray the sun protection right on people, this way you don't have to touch them. You could charge $5 per application or sell them their own to apply.

Shiny Money
Offer a service to go to your customer's homes and polish their brass and silver items for them! You can offer to polish everything on site or offer to pick it up, polish it, and bring it back to them all gleaming and ready for use!

Filling Canine Stomachs
Do you love to pamper your pooch? Are you experienced in the kitchen and unafraid of pots, pans, and of mixing up a tasty treat or two for your furry friends? Then you may be the perfect person to teach other dog owners how to cook for their beloved dogs and puppies! You could charge between thirty and fifty dollars per person, per class and have a class of between five and thirty students; depending on what the class location can accommodate, (most schools and community centers have large kitchens available for such purposes).

Yes, You Can Have a Hamster!
You will rent out a hamster and all of the accompanying equipment for a set price per week. If the child decides they indeed want to keep this hamster permanently (and the parent agrees), you can sell it to them. You will likely want to charge at least $10 per week for the hamster and decide on a price at which your customers can pay to purchase the hamster later. You will likely want to have them sign a basic rental agreement and include a clause to address sickness or loss. If they lose their rented hamster, they will need to compensate you.

Arts And Crafts
If you have friends with children or are a parent yourself, you know how much children love arts and crafts. Moreover, you know what parents love? Keeping kids busy while they are also having fun and more importantly, out of their hair!

Teach People how to Make Cigar Box Purses
Cigar Box purses are a chic accessory that everyone should have. While they can range in price from just a handful of dollars to hundreds of dollars at a boutique, they are not too difficult for the average people to make themselves. Unfortunately, most people have no clue how to even get started creating one of these personalized works of art. This is where you come in! You will teach a class to teach people how to make their very own cigar box purse!

Cut, Grind, and Remove
During construction, renovation, and demolition projects at residential and commercial sites, many metal waste materials are generated and need to be removed. If you have the know-how and equipment needed to remove and haul off this waste, you are in the perfect position to offer your services to these businesses by offering to cut and grind any metal that needs to be taken out and to dispose of it. These metals may appear in the form of iron, bronze, brass, steel, tin, copper, aluminum, pipes, siding, fencing, doors, appliances, furniture, fixtures, and more. While the contractors involved in a project may view these materials as trash, for you they are valuable commodities!

Town History DVD
Do you like to travel and meet interesting people? Are you handy with a video camera? Do you have video editing and filming skills or know someone who does? Are you a savvy film director at heart? Do you like to do research on people and places in history? Then you are the perfect person to create a series of Town History DVDs!

Kid Entrepreneurs
Starting a business is a great way for kids to learn real life skills and build confidence. Kids are becoming more and more likely to begin their own businesses when they are young, especially now that they have the Internet readily available. Teach entrepreneurial skills to kids! You could give a two-hour session for $15 per session, and have a group of students of up to 20. Decide ahead of time if you would like to set age limits on the students in your class. You will be pleasantly surprised at just how many great ideas people of a very young age are able to generate!

Postcard Profits
Postcards are a great way to get someone's attention, whether you are planning to play a practical joke on someone or are looking to be hired by a new employer. Offer a service where customers pay you a fee to have you fill in and mail real or electronic postcards to the people of their choice to anywhere in the world. You send them to the person they ask that they be sent to, write the message of their choice, sign their name, and apply postage (obviously, with e-cards, postage is an unnecessary step).

Ads With Art
Kid art that is! If you are creative and artistic, you can make money by creating ads with chalk outside of businesses on their sidewalk. You get to use your passion and talents to make money and the business gets promotion through your work! You will need a hefty stock of pastel colored chalks, a broom, masking tape, some cardboard, gloves, or rags for smudging, kneepads, large sheets of plastic, and a digital camera so you can add your works to your own portfolio.

Late Meals at the University
So many students are up late cramming or studying for a test or project. They get hungry, but do not have time to prepare a meal for themselves, nor can they order out late at night, every place is closed. You can offer these students a solution by offering to deliver hot food to their dorm rooms, during off hours, as a service. You would need to find a restaurant that is open late in the area. Offer the students menus, but keep it small offering about five popular foods. Everyone must have their orders in by 11pm and you will deliver it to them at midnight. You will need food warmers to keep the food hot. You could charge an extra dollar to three dollars for each food item that you deliver to them.

Changing Seasons
We all go through the necessary but dreadful wardrobe changes as the seasons change. Unfortunately, many of us forget some things as we leave home. Create and sell warm hats or other small winter items, and then also simple summer sunshade items, that people can buy at convenience stores and gas stations as an impulse buy. You will need some racks to display your items and then get them into stores.

Old Newsreel Profits
Since the copyright is not usually renewed on old newsreels and training film reels, you can copy and resell them. Turn them into DVDs and start selling.

Workplace Art
Locate artists who sell artwork that would look great in a workplace. Offer to lease their artwork out to business offices and you will both profit from the business. A piece of art, for example, that would sell for $2,000 could rent for $20 per month. Go 50/50 with the artist for the profits. Your target customers will primarily be banks, doctors, dentists, hotels, fashionable bars, legal firms, governmental departments, elite restaurants, etc.

Separation and Divorce Parties
There is always a great celebration when couples join in marriage. However, when they break up or get divorced there seems to be nothing. Create complete, divorce or separation, parties for those who want to celebrate their new beginning.

Put Your Car to Work
In large cities and communities, many people don't own a car. Or, they only need a car to commute to work. Offer them a deal they can't resist - something that saves them money. You can charge $50 to join and a $150 deposit refundable upon cancellation. You can also charge a daily rate of $80 for 37 miles and 15 cents per mile on top of that. Rent out your car to make some huge profits!

Construction Photographs
Take photos of the various stages of a construction of a building and offer to sell them to the builder and the buyer. You will probably end up with around 100 good photos you can sell. You could make about $200 or more per set of photos.

Business Products Needed Urgently
During evenings and weekends restaurants and other businesses can run out of important materials needed, which could shut down a business for the day, lose customers, and more. Offer a drop off service for these businesses where you get a call and bring them what they need: register paper rolls, ribbons, pressure sensitive labels, thermal sensitive paper, printer paper, and other necessary products. You'll also need a cell phone, voice mail, and market to local businesses with flyers.

Pampering Puppy
Many dog owners hate to leave their dogs in a kennel while they are away. Create a luxury kennel for these owners. The dogs will have a great experience, the owners will feel much more comfortable, and guilt free. Dogs will stay in their own suites and only well behaved dogs will be allowed. Have small, medium, and large play areas for different sized dogs. Get proof of vaccinations, too. You will need to supply food, shelter, play, etc. Mark up your charges to create your profit.

Finding a Niche Market
Create a good way to sell products via mail and the Internet, using only sales and marketing techniques. You could choose a niche, such as computer engineers, or men and women over 50, or those that are part of a religious minority; the niches are endless.

Celebrity for a Night
Nightclubs are extremely popular and a great fun night out. However, there are those who can't get in the door and others who can't get in the VIP sections. Offer a service where these people can purchase a package from you and get to visit a few different nightclubs in a limo, have security personnel for them, and even paparazzi to make them feel like celebrities for a night. Drinks should be included. You could charge $900 for four customers. Offer the limo, paparazzi, bodyguard, and a personal stylist all for an extra $250 - $300 per additional option. Of course, you will need to negotiate with the nightclubs to let your customers in and they will want a piece of the profit you make.

Changing with the Times
Many people still own records - you know, those big round black things that play music. Unfortunately, they probably don't have a record player to play them on. Offer to convert these records into CDs, so they can easily listen to their favorite old music. You'll need a record player, a method to record the songs to your computer, and the ability to burn them to CDs.

Women's Mystery?
Create and run a mystery tour for women only. You should leave on a Saturday and return on Sunday night. The mystery is that the women will have no clue as to where they are going! You could charge about $150-$200 per person, which includes meals, snacks, hotel accommodations, and any other fees. Plan everything well.

Photography Shopping Assistant
We all know how hard it is to choose between many different clothes - the way they look on us, the way they fit, etc. Once we have tried on so many outfits we tend to forget about the rest of them. Offer a service to take pictures of a shopper with each outfit they try on, for $35 per hour. Burn all of the images on to a CD for your client. You'll need a digital camera, laptop computer, computer case, image software, and burning capabilities.

So Many Bottles of Water
Do you drink bottled water? There seems to be an increasing number of people opting for bottled water. How about selling free water for a profit? If you live in, or near, a tourist area, you could sell neat little vials of beach water, spring water, river water, lake water, glacier water, etc. You could sell each one for about $5-$10.

Speak to the Bag
We often find it difficult to vent our anger and confess our wrong doings. You might think about selling paper bags with something creative printed on them, which people can speak their confessions or anger into, then dispose of, so they are able to completely let go of those unhealthy feelings. It would be cheap to make and you could sell them in bunches.

Bandannas and Profits
Today, most people call them Do Rags. They like to wear them for fashion and to protect their head, or hide on a bad-hair-day. Some use them as a safety device on hiking trips or other outdoor adventures in case they need a tourniquet. There are many different reasons why people buy them and use them. You can create a variety of these types of Do Rags and sell them. Your price per Do Rag will depend on materials needed and how you construct them. You will have to set your profit margin.

Moving Help
Offer a service where you help people move, without taking everything with them. Usually this is best when someone is moving to a smaller place. Help them figure out what to keep and what not to keep. Help them pack up everything appropriately. Then, you can help move all of the kept items into the new home, even putting things in their places. Movers only move large items. This kind of business will help fill that gap. You could charge about $50 an hour for this service.

Roof Cleaning Service
A home's roof is one of the most visible parts of the house. Some people want it to look nice and clean and some people need it to stay clean for health reasons. Offer your roof cleaning services as an ongoing job so it won't just be a one-time deal. You will need a pressure washer, and possibly some cleaners for exceedingly dirty roofs. You should charge $25 per hour or more.

Dreamy Pillowcases
Most people dream to travel to places they have never been before and to explore new places. Create pillowcases that have scenic pictures of different dream vacation areas. You could hire a photographer, buy the pictures, or take the photos yourself. You could charge at least $10 per pillowcase.

Game Night Profits
Adults need to get out and play games, too. Offer the space, tables, chairs, and refreshments, and then charge a fee for those who want to play. If you have a store, you could offer it right in your store, if not, that's all right. You can hold it in a local caf? and charge a little more, so you can give the owner a cut. You will also need a variety games - board games, card games, dominoes, etc. Game night will not only be fun, but profitable too!

Bookstore Tours
Offer a service for bookstore tours. It could be a daylong event where you travel from your current residence touring the bookstores there and ending up in a nice place with many bookstores. Of course, your target market would be anyone who loves books and reading! You should charge about $99 per person.

Sell Your Voice
Many businesses need a great voice for voice-overs, books on CD, television and radio advertising, customized answering machine tapes, and more. If you have a great voice that others find appealing or different in some way, this may be the 'business idea' for you!

Senior Computer Training
Let's face it - most seniors do not know how to use a computer, but would love to learn. My husband and I are currently teaching my parents how to use their computer and it takes a lot of work and time. You could easily turn this into a successful business. You could charge about $25 per hour for this service.

Old Tires Don't have to be in a Landfill!
Make planters and other creations out of old tires. Customers will love that you are recycling and reusing. You can cut them, paint them - just be creative. Auto service and parts stores will gladly let you remove their old tires, and probably even pay you for it!

Pet Burials
Create caskets for people who have lost their pet, so they can bury them. This would be especially good for parents, but also for any pet lover. You will need to cater to all of the different sizes and types of pets. You could charge an average price of $100 per casket.

Mobile Hair Washing
Offer a service to those who can no longer wash their own hair. Include a 10-minute head massage as well. You could charge $20 per washing. Charge an extra $10 for a head massage.

Create Travel Kits for Kids
There is nothing more annoying than traveling with bored little ones! Keep kids happy and entertained with this product and the parents will be happy too. You could collect a number of things kids can do in a vehicle at your local dollar store or a warehouse store online. Make different kits for different age groups. Put them together in age groups such as; infants, toddlers, 4-5, 5-8, and so on. You could sell each kit for about $50 each. You can also create separate kits for boys and girls.

Unique Art Galleries
Let's face it; it can be difficult for an artist to get into an art gallery. Help artists get their work hung up (with price tags) in caf?s, restaurants, and more. Hang the artist's work on consignment. If a painting sells, you pay the business a commission, take a commission of your own, and pass the rest on to the artist.

Office Bouquets
Many businesses decorate with real or fake bouquets to add to their office or waiting rooms. Even homeowners love to have fresh flowers in their home. This is a great business opportunity for repeat profits from loyal customers who love your bouquets. You can specialize in real or fake flowers, or both. Begin a floral subscription service, ensuring customers a regular bouquet of flowers with an average fee of 20.00 per bouquet once weekly.

Customized Stuffed Toys
Everyone loves stuffed toys, but what is even better is learning you made it yourself. Let customers order custom kits for their stuffed toys. You can offer a variety of fabrics, animals, dolls, stuffing, thread, needles, buttons, ribbons, and more. Let your creativity and imagination take off.

Jazz up Pets with Jewelry
Yes, that is right. Jewelry is not just for us anymore, pet owners love to spruce up the little lady with jewelry too! Is this reminding you of Paris Hilton for some reason? Anyway, there is a market out there for this.

Bookmark the Occasions
We all have bookmarks in our homes, even people who do not read! Create and sell bookmarks for all occasions - weddings, anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, and more. You can also offer customized bookmarks for your customers.

Smelly, but High-Demand Business
Mariners need to go to the restroom just like the rest of us. However, you do not really want to be floating around with it, do you? Not likely! All you need is a pump and a bilge water tank on board your boat and you can be in business.

Office Party Designated Driver
Offer a service where you would transport people home from an office party who have been drinking. You can charge a per-person fee and/or an event fee. For example, you could charge $10 per person or $200 for 20 people. There is an open market for this type of business. I do not know of any existing.

Provide Nursery Designing Services
Create beautiful rooms for a soon-to-be parents' newborn baby. You can even offer to design from scratch, getting the essentials for a newborn's bedroom - crib, rocking chair, etc.

How to Create Custom Scrapbooks for People and Make Money
Scrapbooking has become one of the biggest hobbies in America and overseas! It's become so popular that scrapbook supply stores have been popping up on the streets, online - everywhere! There are so many different things you can do with a scrapbook, there is no telling where you could begin or stop!

Do You Like to Party? Then Make Some Money Doing It!
Many years ago there wasn't a career choice that included choosing cakes, placing flower arrangements and dealing with caterers, but now there is. It's called Event Planning!

Their Remembrances are Dollars for You
Sounds a bit strange, but it's true. The personal remembrances of others can transform into a business opportunity for you. Your service offering will help create an emotion-filled asset for them.

Studio Portraits... Without A Studio
Your dream studio may be a large, airy building with natural light streaming through the windows, backdrops of every imaginable color and huge amounts of lighting equipment? But this is not a practical way to start a small portrait studio on a budget. Find out what you really need in this article.

You Too Can Draw Caricatures
Whether or not you?ve always aspired to become a caricature artist or are just now, for the first time entertaining the idea, once you understand a few of the basic keys, you too can draw caricatures.

How You Can Draw on Walls and Make Money
Some people look at a blank wall and see just that-a blank wall. Others look at that same blank wall and see an artist's canvas. If every wall you see is a blank canvas, then paint yourself into business by creating spectacular wall murals for clients.

Confuse people for fun and cash
Scenario: You've just walked into the grocery store, your shopping list firmly in hand, and you grab a weekly flyer, ready to maneuver the crowded aisles. You glance down at the flyer and notice there is a word search on the front page. Hmm, you think. The headline says find all the words in the puzzle, and you'll learn all the weekly specials and get $5 off your order, if you spend $25 or more.

Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth While Ringing Up Sales
On Valentine's day over $1.145 billion worth of candy is sold. How would you like a piece of that sugarary prize. This uniquely sweet idea will help you stir up some serious profits with very little capital.

Share Your Passion and Make Money
Adult Web sites use passion on a daily basis to make more money that any other type of Web site. Passion is a part of our daily lives. I don't mean just sexual passion; I mean passion for life, shopping, historical houses, wildlife, and even books.

Just Write
Here's a riddle for you. What age-old craft has survived into the 21st century, despite all technological advances? Hint: It is an art form enjoyed by the learned scholar as well as the average Joe. It requires no special education, although training is a must.

Stitch Your Way to a Great Income
Donna needed a gift for her mother who seemed to have everything. She decided to search on the Internet to see if she could find something unusual she could make. She searched for hours and was finally ready to give up. Everything she found seemed like just a waste of time making or her mother would just have another knickknack to just sit around her house collecting dust. That is, until she found this one site. They offered a software product that solved her problem.

Art Skills Rake in Dollars
Can you paint? Draw? Sculpt? If you have any artistic skills, you could be earning up to $100 per hour! Sound incredible?

One Woman Quilting Party
What do you get when you cross a 1000 year old tradition with modern technology? A wonderfully fulfilling pastime that almost anyone can make money doing.

Make a Fortune On Talent
If you or someone you know can paint, sculpt or draw well, you can earn a lot of money. It's easy, fun, and you will be doing exactly what you love to do. So, what is this mystery business? An art gallery. Even if you yourself have no talent in the arts, you can find those who do and open a gallery, selling their work on commission.

Candle Maker
In the Northern Hemisphere, as the nights grow longer, many homes begin to glow with the subtle light of candles?tall, short, simple, complex, made of paraffin wax, soy wax, or gel, and in every possible combination of color and scent. Imagine making and selling some of those candles yourself, and collecting a tidy little profit. If the thought sounds intriguing, consider candlemaking as a start-up business.

Furniture Facelift
Jane takes plain pieces of furniture and turns them into beautiful works of art. Then she takes the art and turns it into cash.

Turn Boredom Into Cash
Have you ever bought a pair of gorgeous pants, only to find that they were made for someone six inches taller? Or received a skirt from your grandmother that falls just below the knees? Do you adjust the hems on these items to suit you? If so, why not start doing it for money?