Momprenuer Ideas


Create your own Jewelry Designs
Jewelry is something very popular with both men and women today. There are a variety of styles and colors of earrings, pins, necklaces, and bracelets. If you enjoy designing and making jewelry and would like to earn extra money while doing it, this is the business for you! Work from your own home designing and making your own jewelry creations. You can decide on your own work hours and have control of your income according to your own set goals!

Start Your Own Cake Decorating Business
Cakes are regularly enjoyed to celebrate almost every occasion known to man and excuse to get together. If you enjoy baking and creating unique edible works of "art" for these special occasions, then why not start a cake decorating business? This is an enjoyable business that you can perform part or full-time, whatever you choose and you can work from your very own home if you want to.

Healthy Foot Massage on the Move
This is a typical massage that people will ask for when they visit a spa along with other massage options open to them. We know that there is a lot of profit to be made in offering personal massages. However, you are going to offer something different, a foot massage when people want them the most. Easily make around $50 an hour providing this unusual service, while people are at work!

Party-On Agent
Parties are always happening for one occasion or another - birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, divorces, and much more all year round. If you love parties and really enjoy putting them together, why not get paid for putting them together for other people that hate planning parties, but love having them? Become an exclusive party agent where you coordinate parties for each person that hires you for your expertise!

The Party Planner for the Young and Rambunctious
For many parents, planning and organizing their children's special party or celebration should be an enjoyable and happy time to remember. Unfortunately, it is much more stressful than they would prefer. You could offer an elite party planning service just for children ten years old and under. Set up many different packages from $200 to $2,000 or more. Cover all of your costs and make sure you make a sizeable profit!

Customized Bath Accessories
As women, we often get bath soaps, lotions, beads, and more as gifts. The problem with this is that they are usually not our style, choice of color, and we may not like the fragrance either. Create a business where customers can customize their own soaps, lotions, and more. Give your customers a choice of products to choose from; usually what you can make yourself. Then custom make each and every one for each individual customer.

Consult for More Secure Homes
Offer a service that will help make homeowners feel more secure after they know how secure their home truly is, or isn't yet. You can make appointments to visit their homes and let them know how they can make their home more secure if it is lacking in anyway.

Frozen Baby Food
Make baby food by just using fresh organic fruits and vegetables and a blender. Many parents would love to do this, but simply do not have the time or energy. You should boil the foods lightly to rid it of any bacteria. Find a wholesaler for your jars, and get started.

Selling Ingredients
You can literally sell ingredients to help your customers to make homemade goodies. You will start a business that provides customers with gift jars that contain all the dry ingredients that they will need to make cookies, brownies, skin care products, and more. You can sell them online as well as in local stores. You should be able to create at least $5 of profit per gift jar.

Coffee and Snacks for the Office
You can start a service that helps the average working person to make the most out of the time that they spend at work. Your service will deliver coffee and snacks to offices on a scheduled route around the city. You need to schedule your deliveries to specific departments, or floors, of multi floor office buildings so that they will know just when they can expect to receive your much-needed wares. Since these deliveries are pre-arranged beforehand, you will know exactly how many servings of coffee, soda, snack cakes, muffins, Danish, or whatnot to bring for each location.

I Want One Too!
Would you like to help parents survive the endless expenses their children require when it comes to spending money on toys? Offer to rent out toys to parents and grandparents that are trying so hard to make ends meet and still keep their children happy. Charge a percentage of the retail price of each item on a monthly, or weekly basis, whatever the parent decides is most convenient for them. You will be a very popular business with all age groups!

Emergency T-shirts for Kids
By its very nature, most emergency situations are unexpected and most people are unprepared for them. Emergency situations can be even more dangerous for children who are unable to explain their medical condition or serious allergies to adults who are trying to aid them. You can create T-shirts and other garments such as fleece jackets and hooded sweatshirts with words or designs that alert others to a child's medical condition or allergy.

Sitting on Beans
Beanbag chairs have officially made a come back and many people are buying these cozy, inexpensive chairs. They are perfect for kids, teens, college students, and an extra seat in anyone's room... Since anyone can find standard beanbag chairs in a variety of colors just about anywhere you need to stand out from the rest. Offer custom made beanbag chairs for your customers - the color they want, the size they want, the fabric they want, the design they want, etc. You could make up to $100 or more per custom made beanbag chair.

Safe Wardrobe Keeping
Do you have extra storage space that you want to make a profit with but just cannot think of a way to do it? This may be a way to make use of it!

Get Some Sleep
Most parents would agree -- the most sleep deprived people in the world are new mothers (second, of course, would be new fathers). You can offer them the help they so desperately need as a baby sleep consultant!

A New Spin on Good Old Fashioned Home Parties
Pets are part of our families and are usually treated so. Instead of the fun of the famous Tupperware parties, you can hold pet parties where you sell products specifically made for pets!

Movies and More Drop-Off
Start a business where you rent out your own movies, games, video games, books, etc. to customers and deliver these items right to your customers when they want them. They get to keep what they rent for a week, charging the same price as your local video stores. You pick them up when the week is up and drop off their new choices. One person does this and makes over $1,000 a week doing it. You just need a van to keep all of your products in and possibly a security system and insurance for your business.

Closet Organization
Offer a service to help organize closets for people. You would need to take everything out of the closet, clean it thoroughly, and then put everything back, in a neat and orderly fashion. You could even offer a premium service and add shelves or bins for a higher fee.

Free Time for Parents, Less TV Time for Kids
Create activity kits for kids such as costume kits, various toys, games, magic tricks, easy science experiments, math experiments, seeds to grow, model car kits, beginning sewing kits, etc. Offer very popular books that other children love to read also and then include reward items that can be given to the children when they have read each book.

Going Back to School
Become a tutor. If you excel in a certain subject, you can help students with their schoolwork. You can help them understand something that they wouldn't be able to understand without you and you can make money doing it. The topic could be anything from basic classes kids have to take at school to creating a website. It all depends on what you know and what you can teach to others. You can make from $20-$55 per hour

How to Ride a Bike
Many working and single parents simply do not have the time or energy to teach their kids how to ride a bike. Often, this is a kid's only form of transportation. Offer to teach children how to ride a bike. You could hang up flyers in local businesses, apartment buildings, etc. You should charge about $50 per hour and arrive equipped with a lot of patience.

Voicemail Customization
You probably know what it is like trying to record your outgoing message on your answering machine or voicemail. It is daunting - what do you say? What if you live alone and don't want anyone to know? What if you simply don't want your own voice on the message? Wouldn't it be great if you could have someone else do it for you, or buy a CD with stock messages you could use? That is what you can offer your customers. You could charge $30 per CD with stock messages on it and more for one customized message - about $50 per customized message.

Mail Order Teas
People love tea, but only if they have a wide variety of teas to choose from. Make and sell your teas from your home and even create your own teas! Tea has antioxidants that help prevent diseases and boost one's immune system. Tea is quite healthy and the second most consumed beverage, water being the first. The key is to offer a wide variety of teas; otherwise, your sales will not be as high as you want them to be.

Start a Vet Transportation Service
Many pet owners simply do not have the time to bring their pets to their Veterinarian's office when needed. Most people would be willing to pay you to do that for them. Of course, you would need a cat and dog carrier. Maybe some toys and treats, too. You can charge $20 per transportation - to the Vet and back home, even charge more if it is farther away. For example, you could charge $20 for a trip within 3 miles, and another dollar for each additional mile.

Shop and Drop
Offer a service where you go grocery shopping for people who do not want to or cannot themselves. You go to their home, or accept a list online, and deliver their food. You can charge $5-$10 per delivery.

Teddy Bear Fanatics
Hey, cater to them. They love teddy bears! If you can sew, you can do this. Create custom made, handmade teddy bears for customers. Of course, you will need a sewing machine, a wide variety of threads and colors, a variety of fabrics, etc. Sell your teddy bears at a good price. You need to make a good profit from this. Figure out your costs, and analyze what the price per teddy bear should be.

Something New, Something Unique
Create something unique for customers. Create clothing, shoes, and purses, whatever your passion is, for customers. Women love to know the fact that no one else in the world owns what they have. Create something unique - only one - and sell it!

Parent's Making Cash: Product Inventions
Parents have a unique chance to create product ideas every day. The little minds of children are imaginative, creative and wide open to the possibilities of what could be. Parents only have to listen and take action. Sometimes a great product idea comes from parenthood itself. Products can always be better and more convenient. Here are three parents who took action on the opportunity to create a product that's in demand.

Book Indexer
Where was that one figure you needed? You know it's in this book, but you can't remember exactly what page. You could leaf through the whole text, or cut right to the chase and consult the index in the back of the book. Indexes, particularly for nonfiction books, are extremely useful - but rarely does anyone stop to think that indexes must be created by someone. If you have high reading comprehension, a keen eye for detail, and accurate, methodical work habits, you might consider becoming a book indexer.

Project: Memory Access
Pam VanBebber is a lifesaver. At least that is the name many clients have bestowed upon her. These people pay her to assist them in accessing their own memories. She loves this job because it is low stress and she sets her own hours. She can work in solitude or surrounded by friends and family. When she finishes each assignment she is awarded with a pocketful of money and a book full of smiles.

Change is Good
Did you know you can help people make a change for the better and get paid for doing it? If you know a little bit about sewing, you can make a decent amount of money doing alterations.

A Medical Transcription at Home Career.
As a medical transcriptionist, I do get asked several times a month, how I got started in this business. So many people nowadays want to work from home, especially mothers with young children. It˙s really not hard to start a medical transcription business. The start-up costs are low compared to many other home-based businesses