Hot Product Ideas


Wallet Fever
Here is a great new trend that has been growing slowly for several years now. It took a while for this idea to be accepted especially by men, but young men are showing real interest in this new nonconformist idea. The new idea is fancy practical men's wallets. Grandpa's typical black or brown leather wallet is not what young men are interested in these days. They want fun colorful wallets that express their personalities just as women have for hundreds of years.

What is that on the Building?
Here is a very old idea that is becoming more and more attractive to individuals and businesses that are fighting with high-energy bills and want a better earth friendly alternative. This business idea can be run from home and can be very appealing to anyone that loves gardening and wants to start out a green business that is growing quickly with environmentally conscious people. The business is a green roof business, meaning that it builds and installs a very different type of roof that has living plants growing on the buildings.

Bounce Business Bucks
Have you noticed that most kid's parties include a fun inflatable bouncer these days? Especially when the parties are held in the spring and summer. You could rent out these popular additions to kid's parties from a home business and make respectable profits while doing it. There is even the opportunity to make this a full-time income for you.

Wonder What This Used To Be?
Here is a fun new business idea for a brick-and-mortar, or website, store that sells only items that are "upcycled, recycled, repurposed, or reused". A creative mind could take these items and rebuild them into something appealing to another group of consumers. You could encourage others to sell their items through you also! What a fun, whimsical, practical, and ecologically sound business idea!

Working Slippers to the Rescue
Here is a great product idea that could open a door for those of you that like to sew and would like to have a unique product to make, market, and sell. If you sew, design and sew special slippers that people can use to dust, scrub, wash, rinse, or dry floors. You should be able to make these slippers quickly, sell them for three to six times more than you spend in materials and time, to make them. If you can convince people to buy your slippers, you could enjoy a very lucrative income for quite awhile.

Make Money Outsourcing Here!
The word 'outsourcing' lately has been considered a dirty word in many affluent developed countries. The reason is that the offshore outsourcing of jobs sent to developing countries has caused a huge unemployment problem in the more developed countries. Offer companies the ability to find and train affordable workers right here in your country that live in rural areas and do not have job opportunities of any kind or expensive living requirements. A low paying job with reasonable benefits is much better than no job at all. Help the economy by offering your services to companies and workers alike and your profits will not only be good money, but you will also find your work very pleasing and fulfilling.

Where Did You Put It?
Here is a fun and creative idea that you could accomplish from your own home and make good money selling. As you know, coming up with a product that would be sought out by others can be tricky. This could be an easy product to make inexpensively, so you will not have to charge a lot and yet make a good profit selling. What is the idea? Make secret hiding boxes out of recycled and used books and sell them to people that want to discreetly hide important items in their homes and offices.

Make the Toys They Want
Here is another fun business idea that would appeal to someone that loves creating and making fun toys for kids. You could easily start this business and run it from your home. The toy market is vast and always open to new fads and old ideas. Make old-fashioned simple toys that appeal to kids and adults and you could enjoy regular profits while doing something you love.

A Chocoholic's Dream Business
If you are a lover of chocolate and have a discerning palette when it comes to a fine chocolate experience, this could be a business idea that you might enjoy giving some thought and effort to. Are you comfortable in the kitchen and willing to learn more about creating your own brand of chocolates? You are the right type of entrepreneur that this business idea should seriously appeal to. Provide addicts with a super fine and yet totally legal product and be prepared to rake in the popularity and money.

I Told You to Stay Home!
Here is a fun business idea that would appeal to people that love pets, want to set their own work schedule and be their own boss, love being outside, want to work from home, and help people keep their pets safe and happy. How would you like to sell and install invisible fences that will keep pets in their own yards? If this sounds appealing, read on!

Make a Run for the Money
If you enjoy working on simple building projects, this could prove to be a profitable business idea for you. What is it? This is a business that designs and sells prebuilt dog runs for all those people that care about their dogs and want to install a convenient way for their dog to exercise safely in near their homes or businesses.

Build it to Grow
Here is a fast growing business idea that you could take advantage of while it is becoming more and more popular. As the world is returning to more natural methods and choices in their everyday lives, offer to build greenhouses for ecologically minded people. You could easily make a comfortable income of about $50,000 or more, per year.

Sit all You Want!
This is a great business idea for someone that would like to sell a product that should sell quite well today and even better in the future. The baby boomer generation is quickly reaching old age in phenomenal numbers everyday. With this huge consumer market, comes the need to relieve the age-old problem of nagging back and hip pain. Offer people that are suffering and yet still stuck with commuting regularly, a product that can offer them relief, by selling specially designed automotive medical seat cushions for use in their vehicles.

Unique Calendar Business
Calendars are an important and necessary tool in most people's lives. Making it possible for someone to personalize a calendar to fit his or her individual needs could prove to be a very successful business idea. Whether you are an artist, photographer, or just enjoy doodling, many people may enjoy your work.

Encourage a Green Solution
If you would like to offer people a green and less expensive decorating or building solution through a website and encourage more people to think about a green solution when making repairs and redecorating, this might be an excellent way to accomplish both and allow you to make money at the same time. Make your money by helping people find or sell these reclaimed treasures and feel good about what you are accomplishing.

What is Growing in Your Garden?
Here is a great business idea for those of you that would like to ride the wave of the new green movements affecting us worldwide. Since this is one of the fastest growing business segments now, it could be worth looking into and getting involved in, if you have not already. How do you feel about worms? This is a possible business idea that is green and involves the profession of worm farming for profits, very promising profits at that!

That is a Crafty Idea!
This is an idea that should appeal to business types that also enjoy and understand a unique type of craft. Many successful businesses get their start by providing a product or service that is often hard to find and then offering it to the public. Finding a need and filling it is a key to a successful business idea. If you think you can truly make a profit with your craft idea, you will have a successful small business that should provide the income you aim for.

Mega Coupon Money
Most people get a great deal of pleasure in finding and taking advantage of a good deal. This business idea has to do with this very point, offering special coupons to those people that love getting a better deal. Appeal to this large market and you could have a very profitable small business of your own providing you with a very comfortable income.

Make Children's Dreams Come True
If you are already familiar with the construction trade, and are a kid at heart, this could prove to be a lucrative 'business idea' to get involved in. Design, build, install, and sell high-end dream come true children's play centers for businesses, communities, and homeowners alike. These popular custom made and designed play-centers are selling very well. Once you get your business started and it becomes well established, you could easily generate a yearly six-digit income from a successful business in this field.

Piņatas Full of Money
There are thousand of children's parties taking place every week, you could offer a colorful and popular party item, a piņata, and make a good profit from your sales. This would be a very easy product to sell from a website store. If you are able to make these items yourself, you will be able to make even more money on each one you sell. You will be able to sell each filled piņata for about $75 to $100.

Fun Rides for Cash
This is a great 'business idea' for someone that would like to make money in an unusual but fun way and enjoys entertaining children. Offer fun rides for children in your local area. You can charge from fifty cents to a dollar a ride and enjoy what you are offering your community while making a sizeable income. If you are offering simple, safe, and fun rides in a popular area, you could easily make from a thousand to two thousand dollars a day!

Help People Save Money on Gas!
Do you have a love for motorcycles? You could open your own motorcycle sales and rental business and enjoy working with motorcycles and other people that enjoy them too. Offer used motorcycles to people that would like to either rent or buy them to ride. You could make a very good income, possibly in the six figures with a successful business like this.

My Taxi is here Mom!
If you love driving and enjoy working with children, you could offer a special taxi service just for children. The main goal of your business will be to give safe rides to children, for their parent's sake. Children are so busy with school and private classes now that if both parents work during the day it is very hard for their children to attend special classes, sports practices, dentist appointments, dance lessons, language classes, and more after school. Help parents with your specialized taxi service and they will pay you well to take good care of their children.

A Drive-Through What?
Have you ever noticed what a hassle it is to finally find a parking place, then pick up, and drop off your clothes at the Laundromat or dry cleaners? Wouldn't it be great if you could just drive right up to a window and take care of this task? Why don't you offer a service like this to the many people that feel the same way you do? Find a convenient location to run your business from and you could have a very profitable six-figure business!

Slate and Natural Stone Money
If you love creating furniture with your carpenter and stonework skills, why not start an exclusive furniture business offering beautiful handcrafted slate items to people that love the statement, look, and feel of slate furniture? You can provide home and business owners with a functional and eye-catching alternative to traditional tables, desks and more. This business should assure you a very comfortable living.

Water! Water! Where?
We are looking at a future, as near as 2025 when some countries will not be able to provide enough clean drinking water for all of their citizens. This is a real concern for our future, if you can offer answers for people to implement themselves, you will assuredly be in a lucrative field. Water is a necessity and the price of it is quickly rising in parts of the United States and other countries worldwide. Offer consumers products that are increasingly needed and your income is sure to soar.

Going Solar
Now that people are becoming better educated about how our planet is dealing with our living on it, people are very interested in searching out better products that don't damage the planet. Offer a better way and you are on the right track to a popular business adventure. These ecologically correct businesses ideas are called 'green business' opportunities and if you start one now you will be a leader of a huge new era of businesses. Solar energy is a great new industry to invest in now.

Emergency Supplies
No matter where you live, there is some sort of natural disaster that can hit you whether you are forewarned or not! Why not put together emergency kits for people to buy from you, so they can be prepared for any types of disasters.

Home Technology Specialist
We all know those people around us that have to have the latest and greatest gadget as soon as it hits the marketplace, no matter what the expense. Be prepared to offer an innovative idea that has been implemented by the very rich for some years now, but will soon be made available for the masses of moderate incomes. You could start a business that installs and maintains home automation systems.

Boomer Market Bust!
This nation alone has 78 million baby boomers right now - people born between the years 1946 to 1964 - and at the rate of about 8,000 senior citizens a-day, they are entering their 60's. That is a phenomenal market that you could tap into right now and know that the potential for your business to grow will only get better each day. If you can offer a product that you know would appeal to seniors, get started right away before someone beats you to it and rake in the profits!

Open a Doggie Bakery
If you are a true dog lover and love to bake too, you could combine the two loves and open a homemade dog biscuit bakery. Making and selling gourmet dog biscuits and treats is easy and a lot of fun! No matter how bad the economy, people that love their dogs will treat them to special dog treats; this will mean a sizeable profit for you too!

Dying May Make You Money
This relatively unknown skill could bring you many appreciative customers if you are willing to learn it before others become aware of the untapped market in your area. Learn how to dye people's carpets and you may be able to make a healthy income while doing it. Customers would much rather pay you hundreds than spend thousands on a new carpet or alternative flooring.

Eat Healthy Bandwagon
You may have noticed that this new century has brought us many new ideas including an ever-growing awareness of eating differently for health reasons. We used to call this dieting, but now it is more like a health trend. Some very popular new trends in eating are the Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and Raw Food diets. If you can tap into these trends in various ways, you may be able to make a substantial new income.

Boxer Bucks
Create fun and exciting boxer shorts that will appeal to all different age groups and more than just the guys. And you thought that all the money to be made was in the special t-shirt industry! Sell your unique designer shorts for $9.99 a pair, or more, and enjoy the substantial income.

Green is Hot!
If you would like to sell popular items that are selling well, look into selling products that are environmentally friendly. A moneymaking catchword for this century is 'Green', so offer green products in various ways and your chances of success are pretty good.

Find a Trainer
Time is money - we all know that! None of us seems to have enough time and this is why nearly anyone is willing to pay for services that will help save them time. One service that you can offer busy people is to match up personal trainers with those who need their services. You can charge a basic fee from each trainer that receives a client from you and charge each client for finding them the trainer that will work with their schedule and personal training needs.

Religious Smells
To offer your scents of religion, you may have to do some in-depth research, but it should pay off well. You will try to create these fragrances with products such as candles, incense, sprays, perfumes, lotions, and more. Candles will probably be your main source of profits and you should be able to charge about $20 or more per candle, or any other item you choose to offer.

No More Slipping
Tiles are great for areas in homes and businesses that get wet or soiled often. However, tiles can be slippery and can be a serious hazard or a liability if someone slips and falls because of them. Shopping centers have taken care of this liability by replacing their floors with non-slip tiles. Most people though, don't know they can actually make their tiles at home safe, or not slippery. You can offer to provide this service to homeowners and be able to charge about $50 per room, depending on the size of each room of course.

Specialize in Insulated Batts
There are many different types of insulations to choose from these days and with everyone trying to cut back on the rising cost of utility bills, investing in insulation is becoming more attractive. Become a specialist and offer to install the insulation of your customers' choice.

Location, Location, and Scents
Create scented products such as candles and soaps that remind people of specific locations they may have lived or visited. This would make a great tourist's product. If someone visits a place and loves it, they will love your products that will remind them of that place. It will appeal to people who have moved from their home country as well.

English Dialect Skill
Most people learn English through an academic route, but there are so many different dialects it is almost like having different languages - United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, Australia, United States, etc. all speak English differently. Teach online English to business people who want to be able to understand anyone from anywhere.

Gourmet Salts
Yes, we can even turn salt into a popular gourmet product, can you believe it? Our typical table salt can be rather boring, but gourmet salts are quite tasty and are becoming quite popular. Why not start a business offering these different tasty salts to the public and to restaurants that take pride in their use of exotic and unique flavors.

I Do
Perform commitment ceremonies for couples who want to commit to each other without all of the paperwork, time, and money the government charges for a marriage. You could have a new meaningful vocation and easily charge $150 for your services.

Do It Yourself Auto Selling
Many people at some point in their lives need to sell a vehicle. Create a do-it-yourself car selling kit. As long as you keep the cost of your kit, or kits, at a reasonable price you should have many buyers looking forward to using your helpful kit to sell their car. You could start the price of your kits at about $20 and climb from there, depending on the type of kit they choose to buy from you!

Customized Wine Bottles
Offer to help businesses stand out from their competition this holiday season with a top-notch gift idea. You will help them design their own attractive wine bottle labels. This is an original corporate gift idea that will remind clients of who gave the special gift to them and show how much the company appreciates them. The clients will feel special and the company will benefit from the promotion. Your promotion technique will pay off!

Reducing Risks
Everyone these days is worried about being sued for one reason or another. Many businesses need to reduce their risks of lawsuits and need help in doing so. One very risky business is in the construction trade. You can help them by creating a catalogue full of safety equipment including items like hard hats, steel-toe boots, brightly colored vests and jackets, protective goggles, gloves, and much more.

Wedding Props
Offer a - wedding props service - and rent products out for weddings and receptions like; bushes, large flowers (fake), arches, red carpets, etc. People are usually willing to spend lots of money for their weddings. Why not offer your services and make good money year round while doing it?

Baby Dolls for Collectors
Sometimes the old-fashioned dolls and even modern dolls are just not enough for collectors, they also like dolls that are very lifelike. If you can make (or find) and sell dolls like this you could make some good money. A sale on EBay once showed a doll like this that sold for nearly $20,000. While most do not sell for this much, they can sell for hundreds of dollars per doll.

Designer Leather Is Rocken?
Create and offer leather guitar straps for specific customers. You can sell custom designed guitar straps, artist designed straps, and more. You could charge anywhere from 50 to 100 dollars per strap, depending on your profit margin.

Decontaminating Asbestos
This is a large and growing market with plenty of demand for specific supplies needed to protect workers while they decontaminate dangerous asbestos from home and business buildings. As a supplier of these much-needed products, you can make good profits. You should market your business specifically as a supplier of asbestos clean up supplies.

Profits from a Fairy
Which Fairy might we be dealing with here, since there are so many? This one leaves money under a pillow in trade for a 'just lost tooth' that a child has placed there for the fairy, before they go to sleep at night. In the morning, they will find that the 'Tooth Fairy' took their tooth and left money in its place. How about expounding on this old custom, by creating a special pillow just for those 'tooth fairy times'!

Wired Names
Create pieces of great art that is also jewelry by bending silver plated copper wire into people's names for custom designed badges, necklaces, bracelets, and more. Sell these unique items for anywhere from $10 to $50 a piece.

Short Term Stays
Many business people find themselves in a new city for a meeting, convention, speech, or other business events. Compile a booklet of all of the places that offer short term stays, such as motels and hotels and include an estimate of their charges and phone numbers. Sell your helpful booklet to these business travelers for a small fee of $5 or $10, depending on the size of the booklet.

PDF Formatting
Offer a service where you convert word processor documents into PDF format for people online. Many people don't know how to do this and would rather have someone else do it for them. You could charge $10 or more per page.

Fun Maps for Tourists
Tourists nearly always buy maps, but you can make your maps stand out from the rest, hand-draw your maps with cool locations to visit. Create the illusion that you have been there and drawn the map with experience. Plan several days of fun activities for your tourists and sell it with the map. You could sell these fun maps for about $10 each, or more, depending on the type and sizes you decide to offer.

The Big Apple
Apple has done an amazing job selling their iPods. If you use iTunes, you can only burn the music files to a disc, or iPod. No other mp3 player will do and that is because Apple protected their files, so those customers who have already bought music through iTunes, are more likely to buy an iPod. It seems like everyone has an iPod now. Tap into this market by selling iPod accessories: cozies, and more.

Sing It Loud
Offer personalized and custom songs for your customers. It could be a song for an occasion or just a way to say what someone wants to say. Get a professional singer to record the song on a CD and sell it to your customer. These customized songs can make great gifts. For completely original music and songs, you could sell them for about $200 or more.

Too Slippery Equals Too Dangerous
Offer your services to homes and businesses to make their floors less slippery. You could charge $50 per room and much more for larger rooms such as dining areas, lounges, basements, and warehouses.

Competitive Intelligence Specialist
If I had to name one thing that businesses worry about, it is losing their customers to their competitors. Approach your local businesses and offer to learn about their competitors that are doing well, if they choose to hire you. You could charge a flat rate of $500 or alternatively, you could charge a monthly retainer of about $100 per month.

Boat Security
Offer a service for boat homeowners and boat owners that gives them peace of mind with a security system that will sound off if anyone boards their boat. An alarm should sound inside and call your home, or cell, to let you know so you can go help. You could charge $30 per month, including the cost of the alarm system.

Rug Problems
It seems that every rug owner has problems with their rugs frilling. (This is the fringe on the ends or edges of rugs.) You can help them fix this problem with the product "Perfect Rug." You could easily charge $30 per rug for this service.

Selling Tropical and Exotic Items
I know of a man that makes money selling embroidered items from different cultures and countries. He collects them on six-month trips he takes around to different villages in various countries. His profit margin is high and this is his actual lifestyle. The idea is to collect and sell traditional items from different areas of the world!

House Auction Tours
You will start a service that takes potential homebuyers on a tour of foreclosed homes that are going to be up for auction. You buy or rent a tour bus or minivan to conduct your tour takers from location to location, charging anywhere between $20 and $100 per person, per tour.

Time Really Is Money
Most employment agencies place office workers in business environments where their skills are needed. What about people that have experience as a personal trainer? Whom can they turn to when they need employment? You could start a business that refers personal trainers to people needing their assistance to get in shape or to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise.

Disguised Advertisement
Have you ever been shopping alone and were relieved to find a friendly stranger who was willing to give you an honest opinion? Likely, you would trust that stranger's opinion over a store clerk's opinion. I know I've gotten great shopping tips on deals to be found and stores to check out from complete strangers. Strangers can be an excellent resource. However, what if that friendly stranger was really an undercover employee who was paid to encourage customers to make purchases? You will start an agency that hires out these types of undercover advertisers to local businesses.

Customizable Pinbacks
Lapel pins (or Pinbacks), are small pins usually made of metal, that express a personal statement of some kind. Most pinbacks are created and worn to promote causes, express amusing statements, or they may have symbols with spiritual or political significance to the wearer. You could start a business designing and selling pinbacks, for about $5 apiece.

Tech Change Opportunity
Many individuals and businesses out there have their products or valuable one-of-a-kind recordings on audio tapes or on CDs. Offer these business owners and individual consumers your services. You can start a business that will convert these recordings to a format that uses modern technology. You will convert the recordings to WAV or MP3 audio files so that they can store or upload them to their computer, the Internet, or onto their own MP3 player. You could charge $35 per hour of audio, or $50 per CD.

Used Software For Sale
As anyone with any kind of computer knows, software is expensive. And everyone with a computer also knows that to make the best use of your hardware, you will need software. This is true for business organizations as well as individuals. Without software, a computer is just an unusable metal box! You will create an interactive website that allows people to purchase and sell their used software through you, saving people hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars and providing you with a tidy profit.

Apartment/Rental Finder
Most people who are ready to move out of their current rental into something more to their liking have almost no time to search for one. They might browse through anything advertised in the local paper on their lunch hour but searching for a great place to live really takes time and effort. You are going to start a service that comes to the aid of people in this situation.

Make the Old Look New
Have you ever experienced the satisfaction that results from working hard at refinishing a piece of furniture? If this is a hobby that you have enjoyed in the past, you may want to try to turn it into a business! If you have never refurbished or refinished a piece of furniture before, maybe you should give it a try and see if it is something that you might enjoy as either a full-time, or part-time occupation!

Astounding Resumes for New Workers
With the job-market the way it is, many people don't want to take chances with their resume. They want it written by someone who knows what they are doing. Because of this, there is a growing market for resume writers. You, though, will specialize. You will write resumes for people who are brand new to the job market, trying to re-enter the job market after a long time away from it, or who are attempting to seek a job in a market that is new to them.

Find an Office to Share
Most small businesses do not have the resources to rent a large space to conduct their business. To deal with all the tricky aspects of business ownership, many smart business owners are realizing that sharing a space with another organization can be a successful venture, benefitting all parties. The owners of the building do not have to lose money on empty spaces and the occupants using the space can afford the rent and yet still represent themselves well. These small business owners must first conquer one final hurdle. They have to find the right space.

Safe Paint
Most people are well aware that lead paint poses a health hazard. Unfortunately, regular latex paint can be unhealthy as well. Many people experience allergic reactions or develop terrible headaches from latex paint. This is usually due to the harmful VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) that are released from normal latex paint. You could keep people from having to be exposed to these dangerous VOC by providing them a painting service that will paint their homes and businesses with paint that is free of these harmful ingredients.

Take Out the Bathroom
Whether it is a homeowner or a contractor, bathroom or kitchen renovations always create a specific kind of hassle. The old materials, fixtures, and appliances need to be disposed of. Offer a service where you come in and take out whatever is being replaced - cabinets, tubs, showers, sinks, etc.

Money Growing on Plants
Organizations are popping up around the world that save and sometimes trade heritage seeds so that they will not be lost to future generations. You could take advantage of this growing interest and sell these heritage varieties to an ever-growing market of people who are in need of them. You might even sell the seeds and bulbs for these varieties online or you can grow heritage varieties of small plants for the landscape and garden and sell them to people locally who will appreciate their benefits to your local ecosystem.

Mobile Bait Shop
You will begin a 'business idea' that will help your local fishing enthusiasts out. Since many stores that sell bait are usually too far away from popular fishing sites and are only open a limited number of hours a day, you can provide them with the easy and convenient access to the bait that they sorely need to continue their cathartic day of fishing. This 'business idea' can be literally started overnight and carries with it virtually no overhead. With a little hard work and a small bit of education on the habits of your fellow fishing aficionados, you can turn a tidy profit very quickly.

Will You Marry Me?
Newly engaged couples love to tell the story of how they met and how the proposal took place. The more elaborate the proposal was, the more romantic the story will seem to anyone listening. Since the way a man proposes is such a big deal, it can be an extremely daunting task to a man who wants to get it just right. This is where you will be able to save the day! You will start a business where you will help a potential groom to plan and execute the perfect proposal to their girlfriend; one that creates a memory that she can cherish for a lifetime. You could charge around $300 dollars for your services and an additional hourly fee for any time you spend helping your customers arrange the perfect setting and circumstances to carry out his proposal.

Alternative Energy for Gardens
As more and more people turn to more economical sources of energy and more ecologically aware methods of performing everyday tasks, the idea of lighting a garden, walkway, or landscape using solar lamps becomes a logical choice for many people. This is where you come in! You will start a business that specializes in the installation of solar garden lighting.

Crumby Mats
Restaurant eating mats are perfect for advertising! You can create custom-made restaurant placemats for restaurants, or for advertisers. You can make money by selling the advertising space on the place mat or by selling custom made mats to restaurants.

Two Wheels for Rent
Seeing a new city flying by the windows in a car is not most people's idea of an ideal vacation. This is why many tourists prefer to rent a bike and see their destination close-up. This is especially true with the growing popularity of health conscious and 'green' tourist vacation packages. You will provide tourists with the bicycles they need to get around in the city they are visiting. This will allow these travelers to bike around a new city or even mountain biking. If you love bikes and know how to work well with them you can start a business renting out bikes to tourists or anyone interested in having a healthy travel experience!

Real Flower Bouquets
There is an increasing demand for organic foods, drinks, clothing, and yes, even flowers. These flowers are grown without the use of pesticides and other chemicals.

Cover the World with Fur
Over a hundred million furry pets are owned in the United States alone. Now, imagine how much cat and dog hair is covering each and every piece of furniture across each of these pet owning countries. There is no denying it. That's a LOT of furry furniture! While completely covering every piece of furniture with a washable, removable cover may be an option for some households, most people do not have the time or resources to do this. It just isn't a practical option. This is where you come in.

Dirty Rugs
Everyone needs their carpets cleaned professionally at least once a year, however, carpet cleaners are a dime a dozen. You will set yourself apart from other companies by offering to clean carpets with 'green' ingredients. Since more and more of the general population have environmental allergies, they cannot have their carpets cleaned with regular commercial chemicals. These people are a huge untapped market that you would do well to take advantage of! Another advantage to offering this service is that the ingredients used to clean carpets the natural way are more healthful for you. You will find that, compared to commercially prepared carpet cleaning solutions, natural alternatives are quite a bit cheaper too! You could charge about $10 per square yard!

Designer Dolls
Are you a treasure hunter by nature, always on the hunt for some specific item that no one else recognizes the value of? There are dolls made worldwide that are created almost exclusively for collectors and not generally available to the mass market, they are made as limited editions - only for a short period. This is what makes them valuable. Other dolls have simply been made so long in the past that they are almost impossible to locate at all in this modern day. As a treasure hunter, you could make the finding, collecting, and reselling of these dolls to collectors a very profitable business. Most people who have the resources to collect these dolls as a hobby lack the free time to search for them. This is where you come in!

Adventure Gifts for Those Who Have it All
You could create adventure gift packages, arranging travel and accommodations and coordinating guides and any needed equipment, so that the gift giver would only need to contact you and purchase the package. You would be the intermediary, arranging things with vendors and sorting out the details to bring these adventure gifts to those who want to buy them. You will be a booking agent and should charge around 10 percent of the total cost of your adventure package. All you will need are a computer, a phone, and good people skills.

Mahjong Game Jewelry
This is an ancient Chinese game with tiles, which have characters or pictures on them. Many people love the tiles because of the exotic designs on them. You can find and purchase these games with missing pieces for little or no money. Who wants a game with missing pieces? Then you take the tiles and turn them into jewelry. You can charge from $10 to $30 for your pieces of jewelry, depending on what kind you are selling.

I am Pregnant!
When a woman is in her early stages of pregnancy, it can confuse others and potentially embarrass her as well. Is she pregnant or just gaining weight? Help these women announce their pregnancy with bold t-shirts that let the world know she's carrying a baby, not extra weight.

Motivate with Cards
People have always searched for motivation and inspiration in many ways. You can help motivate people with a few words in greeting cards. These can even be quotes from other people, especially famous people. Some quotes to lift someone's spirits and make them laugh or quotes that show compassion and caring. You could charge $10 for a package of six cards.

Kids' Art
A great way for parents to remember their kids fondly as small children is through their own kid's artwork. Use a child's artwork to create jewelry that can be worn by their proud parents and/or grandparents forever! You could sell each piece of jewelry for about $125, depending on your costs.

A Pet's Dream
Sell pet beds and pet mats - anything that will help dogs, cats, and any other pets sleep well. You can also sell personalized beds and mats with a pet's name on them. You can create them yourself if you have the experience and sew well (or want to learn). These pet beds and mats will also make a great gift for people who love their pets

Hot Tub Parties
Almost everyone loves hot tubs, they are so relaxing and inviting. Rent out hot tubs for parties or for whatever people want one for, it could be for an anniversary, birthday, wedding reception, romantic celebration, and more. You can charge about $200 per day and give a discount for those who want it for a full weekend (Friday to Monday morning). Offer to set up the hot tub for your customer and make sure you have a power washer to clean it out between renting appointments.

Bamboo Dollars
Bamboo is an incredible plant and you can make cloth from it for clothing and other products. Get a wholesale source for your bamboo products. Set up a website to sell from, market, and advertise your products. You'll need to inform your potential customers about bamboo clothing, so have lots of helpful information about bamboo cloth on your website.

The Wonder of Vinegar
Vinegar is a product that is good for so many different things: stomach problems, cleaning, salad dressing, pickling, etc. The best thing about using vinegar for cleaning is that it is not a harmful chemical; it is a natural product. Sell simple and tasty herb vinegar for salads, meats, and more. Find boutique shops online to sell your products. You'll need bottles to store your dressing in, and a nice label design - something people would be proud to give as a gift. Sell on eBay, create your own website, and even go to your local stores to see if you can sell your vinegar items there, too.

Taking the Danger Out of Pools
Pools are fun, but for parents with children that can't swim, it can be a little scary. Offer to install a pool sensor that will sound as soon as a wave or ripple is sensed in their pool. You could charge $10 per month.

Organics For The Bottom
Many people are asking for, and demanding organic products now and you can offer them organic diapers. Disposable diapers do not biodegrade very well, but organic ones would. Many will be searching in the future, if not already now, for such a product.

Mobile Tanning Safe
Offer a spray tanning service for people who do not want to expose their skin to harmful sunrays that can cause cancer. Wise busy people do not want to lie out in the sun or go to a salon or tanning booth. Many people simply do not want to put themselves in the danger of the sun's rays or tanning booth rays for too long. However, they still want a healthy looking tan. You can help by offering a safe spray-on tan and you can provide this for them in their own home or office. You could charge $20 or more per person. You will most likely get repeat customers if they are happily satisfied!

Jokes On The Hunter
Create and sell novelty-hunting permits, people will have fun and a good laugh at them. You could sell each one for at least $5. Make sure you have a long list of all the things people could hunt, (fake of course) so you can offer a variety of novelty hunting permits. For example, you could have a "Unicorn Hunting Permit" or a "Beanie Baby Hunting Permit," etc.

Map for Your Head
Create maps of specific and popular outdoor adventure locations and place the maps on bandannas. These unique bandannas would be popular hiking, biking, and walking places that outdoorsy people love doing. These products would be unique, helpful, and also make a great souvenir idea. You could sell each item for $20 or more.

Funeral Programs
During a special event, you will usually receive a program of what will be taking place during the event. Offer this service for funerals, or memorials, so people attending can be made aware of what will take place during the services, and possibly after. You can hand these programs to people as they enter the church, or other funeral service location.

Decoration with Imagination: Window Peepers and More
We always decorate our homes, even if it is in the smallest way. Curtains, for example, always look nice. However, the nice sides of the curtains face inside your home and the backside out. Add some interest and decoration to your home and your customers' homes with window peepers and door hangers that can be seen on the outside of the home.

Novelty Playing Cards
Nearly everyone loves playing cards. Create your own playing cards for custom markets, such as fishing, shopping, golfing, etc. Your market must be large enough to allow you to sell many decks of cards and have repeat customers. You can set up a website that sells many different types of playing cards. Try selling playing cards for sports lovers, pet owners, married couples, singles, holidays, kids, and more. These cards can also help people find a great gift for that person who has everything.

Prenuptial Kits
Everyone needs a prenuptial before getting married, especially when there are large assets involved. Offer an alternative to hiring a lawyer to write this up for clients and offer prenuptial kits that the couple can use right away together. You could sell the kits for about $100 each, plus shipping and handling, on a CD-ROM.

Japanese Names
You can start a business where you paint, print, or write someone's name in Japanese characters or symbols, their English name under it, and top it off with a nice frame. You could charge each customer $25 or more, for this product. You can sell online, in fairs, in a mall, etc. You could also do a variety of other languages, or just focus on one. You will probably sell more if you use more languages.

Photo Processing Delivery
Getting your film to a printer and then back again to pick up the photos is a huge pain and inconvenience. Yes, there are still people who use cameras with film and it is a hassle for them to get their photos processed. Offer a service to these people to pick up their film, get it processed, and deliver their photos to them in person. You could charge about $10 per delivery. You might even get some clients who are professional photographers, which would mean a very regular client for you!

Zoo Tours
Many people love going to the zoo, but often find that they want to stay longer and learn more, but are unable to because of closing times, other obligations, etc. Kids would especially love an action tour. You should have a large van or mini-bus with custom paint for your business. Offer the zoo(s) a cut from your profits. You could charge $15-$30 per person. Choose a specific route for your tour. Get to know everything about the zoo. Get a map and information (names, facts, etc.) on all of the animals there. Give a good two-hour tour for your customers.

Getting the Creepiest
If you love insects (and/or other creepy things) this can be a great career for you. You can breed and sell insects; worms, ants, spiders, or reptiles; snakes, turtles, lizards, etc. Alternatively, you could specialize in one in particular. Many people can't have the usual pets because of allergies or lease rules. You can sell them for a variety of charges, depending on the rareness of their species.

Environmentally Friendly Garden Tools
Remember those small push mowers that didn't take gas? You had to use your muscles to get it going to cut the grass. Using a push mower is much better for the environment than using the numerous gas mowers on the market today. Create a website, and merchant stores, where you can sell push mowers and other environmentally friendly garden tools.

Wedding Kits
Create and sell a variety of wedding kits that include pre-written vows, speeches, wedding checklists, and toasts. Make sure you offer the products separately as well. You could sell the kit for about $50 each. When you are able to offer a product people need; you have a great product to market.

Chemical Free Cleaners
While it has become popular now, it wasn't so that long ago. Even today, you can walk into a store and see that all of the cleaners they sell are full of chemicals. We know these are bad for us in many ways. Finding chemical free cleaners can be difficult and this is why you are going to bring them to your customers. These are perfect for those (especially kids) with allergy problems and skin sensitivities.

Goats for Your Land
When a homeowner has weed problems it can be frustrating, especially when they have finally bought their own land or home, want to landscape, but can't because of the stubborn weeds. Offer a natural solution, by providing them with a small herd of goats that will eat the weeds and turn the soil at the same time! They will even fertilize the soil while they are there clearing. There are increasing amounts of consumers who demand a more natural approach than chemicals and this provides just that. Some people even own one or two goats because they are like natural lawn mowers. You could charge $1 per day per goat plus transportation and fencing costs

Preemie Profits
Many parents of preemies worry about their baby for a long time and often can't find good preemie clothing for their baby. Offer a website that sells great preemie clothing. Offer all of the typical needed items for a new baby, only in preemie sizes.

Wiping away Wedding Day Emergencies
People who are going to have a wedding are usually pretty stressed-out. There is so much that goes into that one special day and no one wants anything to go wrong. That's a lot of pressure, take away some of that pressure by creating and selling a wedding day emergency pack. You could include things like hair products, a small sewing kit, nail products, makeup products, cotton swabs, antacids, aspirin, super glue, straws, toothbrush and paste, checklists, etc. You can even create some for the groom! Include black socks, fake wedding rings, etc. You could sell each package for about $100.

Foot for Sale
Selling mannequins can be a surprisingly lucrative business. Some customers will want the whole thing, or maybe just a body part. You can sell the parts for $50 and up and a full mannequin for around $200. You can find out what stores are going out of business and offer to take their mannequins off their hands. What a great way to recycle needed items that are still valuable to others.

What Has Happened at Home?
It's great to buy a used car with a service record, so you know about every tune-up and repair. How about a service record for a new home? You could sell logbooks to homebuyers that have the spaces required for certain types of upgrades and changes to the home, so the homeowners can enter every detail. You could sell the logbook for about $10 each. You could sell them to real estate agents, home seekers, etc. Let the real estate agent put their ad on the front page for an extra fee. You will need desktop publishing software to create the logbooks and a good printer to print them.

New Student Starters Pack
Students going to a university or college away from home may not know where local stores are, where to get groceries, where the police station is, the local library, cafes, etc. Sell an information pack just for these students that contain a guidebook, a local map and coupons/discounts they can use. You could sell them for $5 - $10 per pack.

Butterfly Celebrations
If you enjoy butterflies, you will certainly enjoy the job of releasing them during a special occasion. Many cultures see butterflies as good fortune. You could release them during weddings, engagement parties, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, and even funerals. You can sell the butterflies for about $10 each for a dozen of them. Ultimately, you should try to breed your own butterflies so you can have them on hand when needed for these occasions

Love Coaching
Life coaches have helped many people become better humans, and find their true self therefore, they find true happiness with themselves. This is similar, as you will be helping people become the best they can, and the happiest they can. However, they will come to you as singles looking to settle down with a romantic partner. You can start with how they appear, how they come off to others, body language, etc. Then go deeper with the person to find out what they want and need in life. Many people have never even given these important questions a thought before.

Novelty Ironing Board Covers
Let's face it - ironing clothes is boring and so are the ironing board covers. Ironing boards are usually covered in an old-fashioned flower design or some other unsightly design. What about those stylish singles, not so into the old fashioned designed ironing board covers? That can be embarrassing and annoying. Create ironing board designs to please everyone, not just old-fashioned home making moms! You could charge about $30 per cover; just make sure you are making a large enough profit.

Family Genealogy/Tree Research
Researching one's family ancestry is difficult and mostly time consuming. Offer a service to people wanting to do this who do not have the time. You could charge $500-$1000 per month. You will need to use the Internet, public libraries, and a lot of patience. Start with the person's mother's and father's names, dates of birth/death places of each. From there you have a good start.

Parent's Work Agency
When a person becomes a parent they often want to spend more time at home, many leave their professional careers to stay home. However, eventually they will want to return to work, create a staffing agency to help these parents get back into the workforce with the hours they need as a responsible parent. You will charge the businesses about 20% of the fees. Get a reliable accountant, discuss the business you want to create and start from there.

Nanny Surveillance Service
Offer to create a surveillance service to parents who hire babysitters, or a full time Nanny, for their children. They can watch the footage later to make sure a childcare giver does not mistreat their children. You could charge $25-$50 per day for your services. Market your services with fliers in areas where parents will see them.

In Home Portraits
Many people have to go out and get portraits taken. Bring the photos to them by offering to come to their home to take their portraits. You will need photography equipment and a way to safely carry it all with you. You could charge about $30 per photo taken.

Kitchen Resurfacing
One thing every home has, no matter how small or big, is a kitchen. It might even be the second most used room in the home, after the living room. You can charge $25 per linear foot. If you have adequate experience with this type of work, you can make the sale and do the work yourself. If not, or if you want more manpower, you will need to hire experts in this field.

Growing Gifts of Life
I remember receiving one of these as a bookmark after my nephew was killed in Iraq. The bookmark had a prayer on it and seeds inside. It was not real paper - the idea was to plant the bookmark and grow flowers from it. I found it a memorable and kind gift idea. The paper decomposes naturally and whatever kinds of seeds imbedded in it will grow with the proper care.

Unique Handbags
I hate handbags, but I have to have one! I have to have something that will safely keep and carry my keys, cards, identification, medicine, and other things wherever I go. The problem is, I cannot find a handbag that works best for me. Create a business that designs customized handbags for your customers. When you do, let me know!

Sandwiches on Delivery
Imagine if you could order a freshly made sandwich with the fillings of your choice from home, work, or anywhere. This is a smart business idea: start a mobile sandwich delivery service. Charge $1 or more per sandwich and people will jump all over this idea.

Safer Mailboxes for Everyone
Brick mailboxes are wonderful. They are safer, last longer. Offer this service to potential customers who have worn down mailboxes. Get yours done by a bricklayer, and take a before and after photo to show to your clients. Take photos of nice, brick mailboxes around your neighborhood to show your customers what you can offer them. When you get some jobs, you can take before and after photos of their mailboxes. Since this is a one-time deal, you could also offer a repainting service to your customers.

How to Become a Tattoo Artist
Thousands, maybe millions of people, or more, have a tattoo. It is a way to make a statement, be different, show your love, and more. It is an art form. If you are great at drawing, you could become a great tattoo artist.

Offer Workshops on Matchmaking
There are many single people in the world, who are always on the lookout for the perfect partner. They try online dating services, offline dating services, and get to know as many people as possible so that they will eventually find their life partner. It is to cater to the needs of such people that there are many matchmaking services available on the Internet today. You can offer workshops online, via email, and/or mail. You could charge $50 per workshop.

Create Your Own Game
One man in Australia made a game called the iQube. He tested it out on his kids and they loved it. He decided to get it patented; it now sells for about $40!

Create a Better Faucet
Ouch! I have done it plenty of times - stuck my hand under the scorching hot water when I did not know that it was hot at all. Create something, such as a faucet that tells the temperature of the water flowing through. I do not know if one already exists.

Jigsaw Puzzle Madness
Many people enjoy relaxing with a jigsaw puzzle and putting the pieces together. It is a hobby. However, when finishing one you want a new challenge. Putting the same puzzle together is just boring for most people. Create new jigsaw puzzles for your customers. You could even custom make some of them. Use your creativity to come up with your own.

Reverse Beeper Service
Reversing into a parking spot is hard enough. It is hard to see where you are going, and you certainly have to hope no one is there unknowingly. Offer a service where you install a beeper system that beeps every time your vehicle is in reverse. I know I would feel safer with something like this, because there are children in every apartment at the complex I live at. You could charge $100 or more per installation.

Vintage Photos for Sale
Old is gold, we all know. Similarly, old photos can prove to be a gold mine to you if you know how to use them wisely! There is a great demand for vintage photos; and why not use this demand to start a lucrative business for yourself!

Yummy Chocolate Fountains
Chocolates have been a fantasy with practically everyone for a long time now. More over, what more can satisfy a craving and fancy for chocolate than a chocolate fountain! Chocolate lovers are sure to swoon at, and love a chocolate fountain; this provides you with a great idea for a lucrative business.

Popcorn on the Cob
Back when Native Americans ate popcorn, they popped the kernels right on the cob and ate it that way. This is a great venture for fairs, circuses, and the like. Make a little extra cash with some popcorn on the cob.

Medieval Middle Age Shoes
If you can sew, you can make a substantial profit making and selling medieval shoes. Many people enjoy these types of shoes, and will pay a hefty price for them. Some use them in weddings, some in conventions, and some just for fashion or comfort. Sell on your own website, on eBay, wherever you can. You can charge up to $80 for one pair of shoes! If you can make just one or two pairs of shoes a day, you have just made yourself a wonderful, lucrative business.

Digitalize Biographies by Becoming a Professional Video Biographer
There are many people wanting to document something about their lives. It could be a video tape that loved ones will watch after they die, or an informative documentary of someone's life, video for their children or future generations, a promotion for a business, and so much more. You will need a digital video recorder, someone to interview the client, video editing software, a DVD writer, and DVD writing software, the ability to print covers for DVDs, good lighting, etc. You can charge $200 and up for a video that ends up (after editing) running up to about ten minutes, or thousands for a more extensive video biography.

Make Wedding Bouquets that Last Longer
Wedding bouquets are always special for the bride. However, they never seem to last very long after their big day. Make bouquets that last longer - years longer. You can charge anywhere from $30-$75 per bouquet, or more. Make sugar flowers.

Sell Products to Help People Save on Fuel!
Yes, you can make your own car fuel with apples and potatoes and a little gasoline. With a mixture of gasoline, you have just created ethanol, a fuel for your car at a cheaper price than at the pump. You can also buy and sell wood pellets from Pellet Mart. You can also resell their ethanol products. With gas prices reaching $3 per gallon and more, indeed this business is in high demand.

Blend Your Own Spices
Who cooks without spices? Who doesn't have a wide variety of spices? I know my Italian husband loves to cook and he is always on the lookout for the next "to die for" spice blend.

Custom Welcome Mats and Rugs
People are crazy about their hobbies. As a writer, I have a lot of books on writing, humorous quotes, and other items to show off my hobby (career)! If you can make rugs, you can create custom mats designed for specific hobbies. For example, a notebook, paper, or pen shaped welcome mat would be perfect for me! There are so many, art, reading, stamps, etc. Think of all the mats and rugs you could design!

Perfumes from the Past
Offer a service where you locate scents that are hard to find, less expensive or are not produced anymore. You buy at wholesale prices and sell higher to make a profit.

Design Candles
Nearly everyone loves candles. They make your home smell nice, they look nice, and they make wonderful, inexpensive gifts. Make your own, unique homemade candles. Start your business and sell online, as well as in local stores! Everyone loves designer candles.

Style up Your Business with Trendy Hair Accessories
You have seen the new hair products - ponytails with hair attached to them, fuzzy hair ties, and more. Kids, teens, and more are getting into this trend of new and unique hair accessories. Get into the business with your creativity and style. Get funky and unique with your products - that is what the girls want!

Design and Build Custom BBQ Centers
The view of a family barbequing becomes a frequent one as the weather becomes warmer. In addition, let's face it, most men love to BBQ! They also love to show off their new BBQ grills and accessories. Offer those men a custom-built BBQ center. The business is there. All you will need to have is some knowledge and experience in the construction of custom built barbeque centers, a popular choice of homeowners.

Making Money Selling Your Own Hooked Rugs
Though this had started many generations ago, the rekindled interest of rug hooking has motivated many people, especially the wealthy. So starting a business making such kinds of rugs, and selling them, would seem quite a formidable and profitable one!

Create Attention-Grabbing Cell Phone Protectors
People love all sorts of covers for their phones, from flashy to conservative. Some like the covers just for the protection alone. Offering these could be a great business for someone who loves to create things, and enjoys arts and crafts. This is still a great market, and could be terrific for an eBay store, website, etc. This business could also have a weekly newsletter about cell phones - news, new covers, etc.

Help Hopeful Couples Create Life
Now more that ever, many couples have trouble conceiving. Selling ovulation kits to these consumers might be a way to help. Including also in the kits, you can add such items as a thermometer, ovulation calendar, a small pamphlet, etc. By creating nice looking boxes or baskets for these kits, they will be more appealing, while being practical too

Forget the Shoes! Women Love Purses
Sell your creativity with selling an assortment of purses, handbags, wallets, etc. Most women buy a new one every year! You can create your own and sell them or use a distributor and resell theirs (or both) You'll need a website, catalogs to mail out, newsletter, business cards, etc.

Microwave Heat Bags & Clothes
The benefits of microwave heat packs are three-fold. They can be used for pain and stress relief, to heat a bed, as well as to aid sleep. Recently modern technology has been utilised to bring the concept of the hot water bottle in to the new millennium. Heat-retaining gel has been used; however this has a limited lifespan. Many people are turning to tried and tested methods ? while heated water carries a risk of scalding, microwaved wheat and dried pulses retains heat safely. Just two minutes in the microwave can bring pain relief, a warm bed and - with the addition of aromatherapy oils - natural healing.

Make Big Money Installing Custom Putting Greens
Golf is a big game. With big names in the sport over the years making names for themselves, everyone wants to play. It's a game of skill, demanding that the player uses the right club, and hits the ball correctly, depending on varying conditions such as the weather, the landscape and what deal he is trying to break.

Building a Business Around a Slogan
A catchy phrase for your business can make the difference between little sales and a lot of sales. A sleek, precise, and to the point slogan should stick in your customer's minds.

How to Start a Jewelry Business
Ah, the jewelry business: the fine art and creativity of creating beautiful pieces of jewelry.

City Travelers Love You
Book shops and stores are full of travel information. There are maps and guides - some drawing out the routes and others recommending the places to visit. However, they all have a critical piece of information missing. This information is especially important for people visiting a busy city and its unavailability can ruin their trip.

Green is the Word
Grass is always greener on the other side - is an old saying. However, if it's not green, you have a business opportunity (make it green). This is an easy business accompanied with a lot of satisfaction.

A Different Way of Enjoying a Holiday
Here is a business idea that talks about changing the way you enjoy your holidays, getting you an extra buck in the process.

A Unique Money Making Kit
The other day I saw a guy sell something that immediately caught my attention (and of a lot of other people). There was nothing unique about the stuff he was selling. What was unique was the way those small things had been made.

Business Never Smelt So Good
This business really smells good. It smells of success and of wonderful green bucks dying to get into your pockets. There isn't a business with a better work environment than this.

Create a Community Business Directory
Creating a community business directory is a perfect way to earn some good extra cash. Businesses always want new ways to get the word out about their business, and sometimes simply getting listed in the yellow pages and occasionally mailing out flyers isn't enough.

Treasure Hunting
My grandmother owns about 200 owls. The lady down the street lives in a house filled with angels. My sister-in-law has a china cabinet overflowing with porcelain clowns. My neighbor's obsession is for anything bearing the Coca-cola logo. In every neighborhood in every town all around the word, people are collecting every imaginable thing under the sun.

A Little Beady Business
For as little as $175.00, I can take a class that will teach me skills to start a new at-home business. It is a business that combines creativity, hands-on detail work and a little bit of salesmanship. It is fun, fashionable, and financially satisfying.

Customized Wine as a Wedding, Anniversary, or Birthday Gift
Do you know how many people are out there searching for a good wedding gift? Or a good birthday or anniversary gift? A lot! This article plots out an ingenious strategy on how to make a large return on a small investment.

Snapshots Grab Cash
Pictures of loved ones aren't limited to the wallet anymore. People all over the world are sporting t-shirts with their pets, kids, and grandkid on them. Here are the secrets to starting your own custom photo business.

It's In The Bag
The essentials to designing, making, and selling custom handbags.

More Than Just A Lot of Hot Air
In 1976 Joe DelVecchio created a new industry. Today, almost thirty years later, there are more than 20,000 of these businesses and still more room to rise in the ranks. There are now trade journals and trade shows and even certification programs for the serious entrepreneur. And the best part about this business-you can become a success from you own home.