Seasonal Ventures


Spring Forward Profits
Are you interested in a part-time business that might lead into a full-time business? Well, it is that time of the year again and if you are able to jump into this business idea, you should be able to make healthy profits well-into summer, if not right into fall. What is the idea? Start planting seeds in small individual containers, once the plants get to about two or three inches high then you will have seedlings that you can sell for much more money than you spent on the seeds, containers, and soil. Rake in your profits quite easily for most of the year.

Get Rich in the Bird Real Estate Business
It is that time of the year again; we will soon be listening to birds singing with joy because it is spring again. We know that they will be building their little nests and looking for special places to lay their eggs. The best places they may choose can often be well-made birdhouses that appeal to the birds that you would like to see in your yard, or balcony. If you are skilled in working with wood or any other materials, and would enjoy making birdhouses to sell, you could make a very nice little business for yourself.

Take Care of That Problem
This is a great way to get started with a simple garden maintenance business in your community. Depending on where you live, it may very well be a seasonal business. You will be taking care of people's unwanted leaves in their yards or around businesses. This type of work is in high demand so you should not have much trouble finding customers while they are fighting with their unwanted leaves.

Concrete Money
During the spring and summer months many people love to work outdoors working on and fixing up their gardens and yards with fun decorations. Why not take advantage of this time of the year to offer a variety of outdoor decorations. Make your own and offer your creations for a great deal of profit.

Hello from the Easter Bunny
Kids do love the fantasy of a large Easter bunny leaving them gifts and eggs on the Easter holiday. They would even more so love a custom letter from the Easter bunny. You can offer these personalized letters from the Easter bunny for about $10 or less per letter. You will need the children's names, address, gender, good deeds they have done so you can praise them, and activities they can look forward to in the near future.

Santa Mail
Open a business that offers "letters from Santa" to parents, obviously for their children who will feel very special receiving a letter from Santa. Your aim will be to offer a customized letter, written by you, to each child. You could charge $10 per letter, with very little overhead costs, since you can do this job right from home. This obviously is a seasonal item, but an excellent way to make some extra money at the end of the year!

Holiday Decorations in a Box
Every year people decorate their homes for the holidays. The decorating is fun, but the digging out of the stored decorations can be a real pain. It would be nice if they were all in one box and could be kept year round in that same box. Offer people an alternative, a really good storage box that could hold all of their holiday decorations, and would be easy to store and find.

Tiny Coffin Novelties
Create and sell tiny cardboard coffins. They can (and have) been used to send Halloween invitations, birthday party invitations, trick or treat holders, mystery dinners, public relations, etc. You can design them in any way you want. These spooky little items can definitely grab people's attention.

Holiday Spray
Offer spray-on window decorations and the removal as well. This should sell well with local businesses. You can spray on the decorations for them and offer to remove them when they are ready to have them removed. You could charge about $30 per hour for each job, but take into consideration the number of windows. You could also charge a flat rate per window. That decision is up to you!

Christmas Decorations for Rent
Rent out decorations to stores and hotels so they do not have to waste space storing them away most of the year - only to use them for a month or two. Some businesses can even deduct the cost of renting decorations during tax time! For a business, this should seem like a very good option, it would save them money, time, and space. You should be able to charge approximately, what they would have paid to buy the decorations.

Stockings Just for You
Christmas is a popular holiday and a good one for business. Offer personalized stockings for sale. You could charge $30 or more per stocking. You will need a sewing machine to construct them, preferably one that can embroider initials and names, for the stockings too!

Customized Christmas Stockings
Offer customized Christmas stockings with the family's names on them. You could sell these custom-made stockings for about $20 each.

Decorations for You
Every year there are holiday decorations hanging as early as late October and taken down in January. Who does this? You could! Offer a service where you hang up the decorations and then take them down when needed. For small jobs, charge $30 and larger ones, $30 an hour. You could offer this service to businesses and homes alike. You could even charge extra if someone wants you to get the decorations for him or her. You will probably do best if you use bulk-mailing flyers as your marketing strategy, since this will be a local service.

Cool Down Summer Heat:
It is very common for temperatures to soar to great heights in the summer. Sometimes, the heat goes up to 100 degrees, which can cause discomfort and irritation to those living in the house. Moreover, with the increased heat, air conditioners are forced to work harder, which in turn leads to an increased electricity bill. Sometimes this extra heat can also cause the insulation in the ceiling to reduce. In such cases, it proves rather beneficial to have whirlybirds installed in the homes, to fight this additional heat. Whirlybirds are instruments installed on roofs to cool down all the heat that comes down from the ceiling. With a whirlybird, or turbine, cooling costs can be dramatically cut down in the end for the customer. You could start a whirlybird installation business, which will prove to be rather beneficial to you.

Selling Genuine Good Luck
Have you ever gone searching in a patch of clovers to find that one four-leaf clover? If you have, you may not have found one, because you did not have the patience. They are out there. You just need to keep looking. Sell these genuine good luck "charms" to your customers. You should have a few on hand to begin with, fresh or dried and pressed. If you run out, take your customers' names and contact information so you can contact them again when you find more. You can sell each four-leaf clover for about $50 or more.

The Search for the Four-Leaf Clover
On the same idea as selling four leaf clovers, you can sell expeditions. Find a place where there are fields of clover. Let groups of people search for their own four-leaf clover for about $20. This would be great to sell to schools, daycares and the like. Children love to search for things!

Painted Pumpkins to Celebrate Halloween
Everyone loves a great jack-o-lantern to celebrate Halloween. If you can paint, go with painting fantastic images on pumpkins and sell them - right from your home! You can charge anywhere from $3-$30 per painted pumpkin. Use your imagination and come up with many designs!