Misc. Services


Offer a Popular Play Center
There are many different occasions that call for parents to look for temporary childcare for their children, why not offer a convenient play center at your local shopping center or mall, which parents would love to take advantage of while they are shopping nearby? Charge an hourly rate for the children to stay and play in your play center. There are businesses around the country doing this now and making well over six figures a year. Start a play center in your area of the country and enjoy the profits!

Concrete Profits
Have you ever thought of working with concrete? If you already have some experience with it, or would like to learn, this is an excellent skill to use in making money. Offer to repair cracked and unsightly concrete on residential and business properties. Whether you live in a city or small town, there should be plenty of work for you, if you are willing to offer your concrete repair services to those that need them.

Moving and Relocation Help
When people move to another home they often find themselves in an inconvenient situation - their home is not ready for them to move into, but they need somewhere to stay until it is ready! You can help solve their problem by offering a 'moving accommodations service' that will save people hundreds of dollars and you will receive a nice fee from the agent you are working with.

Whatever It Is You Need
The concierge business is booming, and is even gaining popularity outside of the large cities in places that would be considered by some to be sleepy little small towns. People in all walks of life are looking to take advantage of a concierge type service in their community. These people include busy professionals working in offices as well as the elderly and the soccer mom down the street from you. You can make anywhere from $200 to $500 per day.

Foreign Students Tour
You can start a 'business idea' that offers campus tours to visiting students. For most students, they want to see as many campuses as possible. For those students who are living in another state or another country, a tour guide of this nature can make all the difference. You will provide transportation as well as printed information on each institution of learning.

Send Me Home
Yes, there really are home finders. These professionals help home seekers find the home they want. It's not easy finding a home when you are ready to buy. There are so many different realtors, so many different things to consider. You would also activate the utilities, schedule a meeting with the school(s), find doctors, get a cleaning company in before their items are moved in, hire movers, and stock shelves with food, toilet paper, and other necessities.

Keeping Senior Citizens Healthy
No one wants to face the giving up of his, or her, future independence due to a significant and preventable injury! Isn't it more reasonable to do all that we can to prevent these falls from ever happening? This is where you come in. You can help people prevent situations in their everyday environment that can easily lead to falls and spills and potential injuries!

Office Chair Repairs
In every waiting room and every office, there are office chairs. These chairs are quite expensive and those buying them surely don't want to simply throw one away just because it's slightly broken. Offer a service where you repair office chairs. Offer to pick up the chair, repair it, and drop it back off. You can charge what you prefer; hourly or a flat rate. If you are going to go with a flat rate, $20 per chair should be good.

Saving What They Need
Offer to scan people's documents, images, whatever they want saved and save them on a CD ROM. This will help people cut down on their office paperwork. Eliminate their piles of paperwork with CD ROMs. Charge about $1 per scanned page. The CD ROM comes with the package.

Roof Cleaning Service
A home's roof is one of the most visible parts of the house. Some people want it to look nice and clean and some people need it to stay clean for health reasons. Offer it as an ongoing job so it won't just be a one-time deal. You will need a pressure washer, and possibly some cleaners for exceedingly dirty roofs. You should charge $25 per hour or more.

Sore Feet Relief
Offer a service to come to people's homes to give foot massages, or hire others to do it for you. You should charge about $50 per massage. You will need a small seat for yourself, a cushion for the customer's feet, a foot tub, towels, and various scented lotions and oils. Who could turn down such a wonderful idea if they have the money?

Fan Away Mold
Fans and air conditioners tend to be breeding grounds for mold, which is why you need to clean them (or get them cleaned professionally), especially after they are taken out of storage. Offer a ceiling fan cleaning service. It's hard to clean ceiling fans because of their height and many people forget too. This can become a repeat service so you should offer to come back in a month or so and make the appointment before you leave. Market your service with fliers. You'll need a ladder/stepstool and cleaning products. You should charge by the fan, for example, $10 per fan.

Grout Cleaning Service
Anyone who has tile flooring or molding around your floors, then you know how tough and time consuming it is to clean. Offer a service where you would clean grout for people. Offer to clean the stuck-in dirt, mildew, mold, and grime. You will need a steam mop and steamer to do the job right. You can charge about $50 an hour or more for this type of business.

Offer Waxing in Home
It is a stress to go to a salon to get your legs waxed every week. However, most women prefer this method to shaving. It is more convenient, but it is expensive and time consuming. Eliminate both of those problems by offering in home waxing services. You could charge $20 per customer plus the cost of travel. You could even hold waxing parties where more than one woman (or man) is waxed at a time. You should take a beauty class, which you can find in your local yellow pages, but it is not necessary.

Food Waiting for You - Service for Hotels and Vacation Spots
Celebrities always have their favorite foods and beverages waiting for them when they reach their hotel room. Offer this service to people for a fee and work with hotels. The hotel will have a nice addition to their accommodations, and you will be making some cash!

Provide a Service for Those Passed On
For those who have expressed the choice of cremation when their lives may end; they usually have requested to have their ashes spread over an ocean or a certain piece of land. Sometimes, this is not possible for the family to provide. Maybe it is many miles away, or loved ones just do not feel right about it. Offer to transport their loved one's ashes to that special destination for them. You can start your charges at $100, and then add transportation fees. You may need a car, boat, and/or the ability to fly overseas. Most of the time, the loved ones may want to join you, so make sure your vessel is large enough to hold a few people safely.

Sparkling Walls can Make a Home Cleaner
One thing many people miss when doing regular cleaning in their homes - the walls. Especially if you have a smoker in the house, pets, or children, your walls will be dingy, dirty, and have who knows what on them. I know this is one thing I hate about cleaning my home, especially since my walls are all white. I have to do one room a week, or it is just too much work, and takes too long. I would certainly pay someone to do this for me.

Bike Hauling for Cash
Lower the cost of moving items by using a bike instead of a big truck. You can move many items, and fit through places that big trucks cannot. It is cost efficient, and you can make some great money. You will also be working for yourself, which means flexibility. You will have to invest in a bike trailer.

Pool Cleaning Service
Start your own pool cleaning service. You will need a pool vacuum, a skimmer, and knowledge of pools in general. You will also need a PH levels tester, and the items needed to balance the PH levels in the water.

Prevent Pests in the Home
Sure, you can call an exterminator when things get buggy in your home and spend a handful or two of cash, or you could prevent pest problems. Provide a service in where you help people prevent pest problems. Offer professional weather stripping on doors and windows. This will also keep the warm in when winter comes!

Earn a Living Studying the Competition
In sports, a team will study their opponents' previous games to see where their tactics lay, weaknesses, and so on. If you love to be behind the lens, you can make some good money by taping a sporting event, and selling it to an opponent.

Daycare Travel Provider
So many parents are rushing to and from their jobs, just barely making it to work on time, because they have to drop their children off at a daycare center before work. In turn, after work, rushing to daycare to pick up the children before daycare closes. Why not offer a travel service for those frazzled parents in need of help? By providing travel services for younger children to and from a daycare center, you will reap many benefits.

Become a Dog Trainer
If you know all of the ins and outs of training dogs, no matter what the breed or age, then you could be in business. You will also need to understand the different types of training fully. Be prepared with desirable treats, collars, leashes, resources, and marketing ideas. If you love dogs, this could be a fun and lucrative business for you.

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation
Relocation, no matter how hard you try, will always be a hassle. The term "Relocation Consultant" is an all-encompassing business that involves everything that has to do with transferring people.

The Omnipresent Relaxer
This is not magic but a great business idea where you not only earn money and appreciation but also make great friends. People feel relaxed the moment you meet them.

They Learn as You Earn
Tom is different from other teachers. What he teaches is different. The way he teaches is different. He enjoys imparting knowledge and earning from it. He is happy and so are his pupils.

Be Cinderella and Make Money at It!
It might sound like a fairy tale to be Cinderella, and it may even seem intriguing and fantasy-like. Well, throw that out the window! I am talking about the Cinderella in the beginning of the tale where she is a slave to her Stepmother.

Pocket Easy Cash When People Have Gastric Trouble
Who wouldn't love a person who saves their outdoor party or picnic? This business is about helping people continue having fun.

Make Money While Beautifying Your Neighborhood
Graffitti is an eyesore in the community, but for those whose property has been vandalized, it's even more. It's a stress-inducing hassle, trying to scrub the offending paint off of walls or buildings. Oftentimes, removing graffitti is virtually impossible, resulting in permanent damage.

Teach an Exercise Class!
Are you in great physical shape? Do you workout 3-5 times a week, or on a consistent basis? Is physical health and well-being an important part of your daily life? Do people call you a health nut, or compliment you on your physique? If you were nodding your head through this you might have fun earning a living as an exercise instructor!

Dive Right In
A pool maintenance business is a great moneymaking opportunity. For one thing, you can be of service to others and enjoy the outdoors at the same time. The secret to success in this business is professionalism and reliability as you work your way toward pool maintenance expertise.

Speak Up
Last year my writers' group was looking for a new, refreshing, dynamic speaker who would appeal to men and women writers of all genres. We spent days searching the Internet for someone who matched these qualifications and also fit our budget. It took a few more weeks to find one available on the date of our workshop and who would be willing to travel to our town. How nice it would have been to contact one source to do this job for us.

Out With the Old
With little more than a pick up truck and some physical work, you could make money off what other people used to throw away.

Good Hair Day
Ever have one of those hair days? Not just a bad hair day, but bad hair on a day when good hair is a must? Just like kids in a grocery store, hair seems to become unruly frequently just when you need it to behave.

Clean Up and Make Money
This very lucrative service business is needed in almost every city. And the best thing about it is you probably have everything you need to get started in your home right now. If earning up to $100 an hour interests you, then read more.

Party It Up And Earn Big!
How many times have you eagerly grabbed your packet of freshly developed photos of your son's birthday party or a friend's wedding and been disappointed to find that they are all blurry or tilted? This happens to people's memories all the time, because they choose to preserve their own memories when hiring a pro would have been a better choice. You don't have to be a professional photographer to make money, these tips show you how you can capture the moment and some cash.

Squeaky Clean/Filthy Rich
Okay, so maybe this business won't make you filthy rich, but it can make you a pretty penny. Are you looking for a business with low start-up costs, where you can set your own hours and pay scale? Perhaps you'd like to build a career where you can eventually move into a managerial position. The home and office cleaning business could be your answer!