Internet Based


Fill Boomer's Residential Needs
The baby boomer generation is just now reaching the age of retirement and living on Social Security benefits. Their incomes and lives are changing drastically and they are making many changes in their living conditions. You could start a business that offers people of this age group information about the best places they may choose to live around the world. They have the freedom to choose where they live and many are looking for better housing that is more affordable and fills their needs. Can you offer a website that can direct them to the many different choices they may not even know that they have?

Help People Memorialize Their Loved Ones
If you are a computer whiz or Internet guru, this could be an appealing business idea. The nice thing about this type of business is that you could easily run your business from the comfort of your own home. It will be important that you be able to edit all of the written information posted for your clients, or pay someone to do it for you. You will make sure that your clients are able to memorialize anyone that they want to memorialize. This should allow you to make as much money as you aim for.

Make Money Surfing the Net
Are you one of those people that love spending hours everyday surfing the Net? This may be an appealing business idea for you! Why not get paid to do what you love doing anyway? You could easily make $25 to $50 an hour for surfing and compiling what you have found, that adds up to around $60,000, or more, a year for an average eight-hour workday, five days a week. Does that make this business idea even more appealing?

Get Into a Billion Dollar Market
What could you offer all of those millions of people adopting new pets? You could offer these people a site, or publication, informing them of the latest statistics on popular names given to pets' worldwide. Offer new and old names that are not as common for human names; like Spot, Scruffy, Lucky, Killer, Scratch, Bear, Squeaky, etc. This could be a fun and lucrative business idea worth pursuing!

A Home School Consultant
Home schooling is becoming much more popular now for many different reasons. If you are or have been one of these parents or students familiar with the whole idea of home schooling, you could be a very helpful source for new parents and students thinking about getting involved them selves, in this unconventional idea. Make money by consulting, guiding, and educating parents through the education system that is set up in your area.

Offer Natural Remedies
Since natural home remedies have been around since the dawn of humankind, this is an area of business worth looking into, especially if it is something you are fond of and familiar with. Millions of people are looking for alternative natural ideas and products to take care of health problems they are dealing with. Offer people an online source for these natural remedies and you could have a part time job of your own, running a busy profitable home business!

Offer Art Supplies Online
If you can offer artists and art hobbyists the option of ordering their much-needed art supplies easily online, no matter what time of the day or night, you might have a very nice online business of your own. The key to the success of this type of business is carrying the types of supplies and brands that artists choose to buy. Offer what they want, at a reasonable price, then ship it quickly, and they will be loyal customers buying from you regularly. Make a good income running your own online business from the comfort of your home.

Get Your Blog Flying
Are you one of those people that have a personal blog as a hobby but didn't really know that you could be using it to make money? There are tons of people making good incomes from their own blogs, would you like to too? Read this to find out how to make your blog profitable and you may very well find an enjoyable way to provide a good income for yourself.

Cottage Direct Sales
Have you noticed that people prefer to buy from factory direct sources because they like saving money? Shoppers know that they can pay less because they don't have to pay the middleman to get what they want. You could take advantage of this popular way to shop by opening an online factory-direct website store that offers items made by home based businesses. Offer to sell, advertise, and handle transactions for these home businesses. Make your money by charging a reasonable percentage once you sell products for them from your own website.

Online Kid's Camp Directory
Put together an online directory of all the different camps available for kids to go to all over the country and abroad. There are literally thousands of fun and exciting different camps to list on your site. You can make thousands of dollars by charging each camp worldwide a yearly, or monthly, fee to be listed on your site.

Home Remedy Profits
Since the turn of the century now, people are looking for new healthier alternative remedies for health problems instead of quickly looking for a medication that causes side effects. Not only are people tired of paying high prices for medicines but also they are tired of the possible complications and health alarms coming from many drugs sold on the market today. Work part time from your home and run a business catering to these people.

Online Art Gallery
You can display and sell original art from an online art gallery. You will need to design and build a website that professionally offers exclusive art and art prints to an earth wide global customer base. Then from your web gallery, offer a large volume of art from many different artists and photographers. Each time a piece of art is sold, you will pay the artists, and they will be responsible for shipping their art to the buyers. You will be able to make an agreed upon percentage from each sale.

The Right Name for Baby
This can be a very difficult task for some parents that cannot agree on the chosen name for their soon to be born baby. Most people have names that they are fond of and have given thought to using, but not always. You could offer help to those parents that just cannot come up with the right name that they both like. Many times the first name is easy for them but they have trouble with deciding on a middle name. So offer a fun Website or E-book that can list as many names as is possible to, for these parents of unborn and unnamed babies.

Online Content
People write articles to market their businesses and other website owners often can take them to print on their own websites in turn generating sales for both businesses. This is very common; you can use advertisements, affiliate programs, and pay-per-click services to make money at this. Every time you sell something you will make a profit, some people have become very wealthy doing this.

Kids Clothes Can Make You Money
As long as people are having children, there will be plenty of business opportunities for people providing clothing items for them. There is a lot of money to be made in offering new and used children's clothing items, so if this appeals to you, you might think about selling them from auction sites or your own web site. If you want, you can make from $100 to $500 or more a week by selling kids clothing on-line.

Experts and Interviews
This could be just the right 'business idea' for you if you understand how to create an excellent interview with experts on various popular topics. Host an online radio show, where you interview experts in a specific market to interest your listeners. You can then sell your interview content on audio CDs, video DVDs, and MP3 files.

Video Wizard Money
This industry is in its infancy and is growing quickly. If you have the knack and know-how to put together entertaining videos, you could have a fun new career in a field that is just getting established and making some people a healthy income.

Make Money Providing Information
An information broker tracks down and locates the specific information a business, organization, or client wants or asks for from you. If you choose to offer this type of business, your job will be to find, organize, analyze, and package information in a way that makes it meaningful and relevant to your clients. Offer an information broker service and you could easily expect gross profits of $35,000 to $70,000 in your first year of business.

Help Open Virtual Offices in Second Life
"Second Life" is an online game that is supposed to simulate real life. However, while setting yourself up to play, you create your own avatar; with any personal choice in how you want it to appear and act. You choose everything about your avatar, from your career to your clothing. There is even a form of money referred to as Linden dollars in "Second Life," which if you choose too, you can exchange for U.S. dollars through a Pay Pal account

Online Help
Many types of businesses need online help support centers. Some small businesses choose to have someone else to do it for them. Large corporations are seeing that they can save money by outsourcing this work too. You could offer this help center service by providing online help to large and small businesses and achieve a substantial and reliable source of income. Be your own boss and decide how much work you want to take on and how much money you want to make.

Start Some Gossip
Gossip publications are making a lot of money writing about celebrities and informing their readers about the latest gossip about them. Rumors fly around and everyone wants to know first what is true and what is not. You can start your own celebrity gossip publication online through a blog, and make money through advertising on your blog. Manage several different types of gossip blogs and you can make even more money!

Forum Posting
As a forum poster, you will be paid just for posting your thoughts to forums. You can charge about $10 or more, for twenty posts. One good place to find opportunities for this type of work is at "Get A Freelancer" and other freelancing websites. Sign up to post on many different forums and you can make a good deal of money by just posting to forums on a regular basis.

Home Study Licensing Exams
Offer home study courses for licensing exams - people need these licenses for jobs that require them. You can sell the products in a CD form, manual form, cassette form, MP3 form, EBook form, etc...whatever your buyers prefer most. Offer helpful courses in the most needed fields and you could make good money helping people obtain their needed licenses and certifications.

Ad Blogging Bucks
People all over the world are making money blogging. Many companies are looking for good bloggers to help them advertise. If you can maintain many different blogs on a regular basis, you could have a substantial income on your way, the more you put into it the more money you will make.

Finders Sweepers
There is a large market of buyers out there that you can tap into as paying customers, happy to pay you to find various items from the comfort of your home while using your computer, computer skills, and the know-how. Find those items that people are seriously searching for and walk away with enjoyable profits that may very well sweep you off your feet!

Second Life Fashion
Millions of people love these virtual games and unbelievably, you can even make money while participating in them. Design, create, and sell clothing and accessories for the avatars/characters in the games. People would gladly buy your designer clothes with Linden dollars (the currency in the game); you in turn cash this currency in for money in U.S. dollars that can be conveniently sent to your PayPal account.

Chat It Up!
Businesses are now realizing the potential income in online forums and discussion boards - even in private chat rooms. These businesses are genuinely interested in the topics that involve what they are selling, so they are happy to pay someone to keep these forums talking at THEIR website. You could make money working for these businesses as a forum manager, moderator, or as a member. A big plus is that you can do this all from your own home computer!

Get a Life Online
There has been a huge success in online games and the more real they are the more money they seem to reel in. One example is "Second Life." It is basically a stock market in a virtual world. You will have to do some research on this and others before you start your own online world. You can easily charge members at least just under $10 per month for a regular steady income of your own.

Reviews for Online Products
So many people still do not use websites to buy anything because they want to see it, touch it, and test it out before they make their final decision. One way to help solve this problem is to have videos that show someone how to use a product and reliable reviews on the products. You can market these videos to the product sellers for a good price, or for a share of the profits from the sales of the product.

Free Language Lessons Online
Learning a second language is something that has been rising in popularity for a long time. Today, many people know more than two languages fluently. Offer a website where you offer free lessons for another language via podcasts. You make profits by selling extra material for those taking the lessons.

Mixing Music
Offer a website where people can come to download songs from independent publishers. Independent publishers are always looking for new ways to market their music and people are always looking for new music to listen to regularly. Let's face it, how many times can you listen to the same top 40 pop hits? You can charge about $100 per month per publisher for this service.

Sports Fans Pay Attention
Create a website for one particular sport, so it is specialized, and offer subscriptions to your readers. Within your website, you should have articles, analysis, information about players and coaches, team stats, and a discussion board so that your members can talk about the sport and players they love. You could charge anywhere from $50 a year or $5 per month for a membership to your special website.

It Is Instrumental
Nearly all parents either teach their child how to play an instrument or get them in lessons with one. Many instruments end up abandoned, then trashed and on their way to the local dump. Start an instrument consignment business for these people. You would simply collect instruments or create a place online where people can either exchange them, or buy them through you. You would make money from a commission for each exchange that you orchestrate.

Helping Inventors
This can be an irritating task for inventors that have a great product but don't know where to go to make their invention a true product on the market. You will help them with this daunting task by bridging the gap between their inventions and contacting the right manufacturers that will work with them to make their invention a reality. Make your money per transaction, through a membership site, or sell inventors a directory that they can use to contact manufacturers.

Blog Money
Many blogs are already popular because of their content. For a different spin on blogs, you could create different blogs just for a specific client or customer's testimonials. When you receive a testimonial, just enter it into your blog for ease of organization and so that potential clients and customers can easily read it. This could turn out to be a great way to advertise for your customers. The only cost to them will be your fees that you charge them for maintaining their blog and screening content services.

One Instrument Income
Focus on selling just one type of instrument for your business. You can choose to sell via your website, blog, and/or stores such as on eBay. You could sell (for example) clarinets, and along with them, reeds, cases, cleaning materials and more.

Radio and Restaurant
Team up with restaurants and radio stations to make a profit on advertising. Get restaurants to offer price gift certificates and give them to you for no cost - they will benefit from the advertising and the new customers that will probably return. Then you contact the radio station to get them to offer these price gift certificates and you sell them from your website. You should charge a fulfillment or processing fee - usually about $3-$5 for each one.

Reviving the Archives
Have you ever tried to look something up online, only to find that the online newspaper only archives back two years? That is so frustrating! Create your own newspaper archival website for all to enjoy. Set up a payment plan for members to have access to all of your archives. What you charge would depend on how much you have and offer in your archives.

The End of Newspapers
Newspapers have made the bulk of their profits from their classified advertisement section. However, as we all know this has been true for over a hundred years - it is not anymore. The greater majorities of people today, especially those that have grown up with computers, turn to their computers for their news, and classified sections of advertising. Start your own Internet classified section for people searching or selling for whatever they have in mind. You can charge a listing fee of about $3 per ad, keeping it low at first until your website gains more traffic.

Party Themes
Create a website where you sell a wide variety of decorations and necessities for themed parties. You can easily sell everything as an affiliate, so you will not even have to deal with inventory, stocking, shipping, etc. You just put up your website, create a weekly newsletter, maybe a blog, and market like crazy.

Review Website
Start your own review website where you review a specific type of product; preferably products that you have a passion for, or interest in buying yourself. You can make money by selling related affiliate products and advertisements that will be included right along with your reviews.

Baby Bump
Numerous women are looking for ways to find information and products that will help them get pregnant - fertility products. This is now a possible huge business opportunity. You could create a website and set it all up with fertility affiliate products; so that you will earn a commission every time someone clicks through your website to purchase a product.

Artistic Sneakers
Customize your customer's sneakers or any of their shoes with your painting skills and create unique footwear for them. You could easily charge about $50-$100 for each pair of your designer customized pair of shoes.

Online Radio Station
Creating your own online radio station can be fun and profitable. Choose a topic that you are an expert on and go with your passion for your radio station's subject material. This would be a talk radio program where you inform, conduct interviews, etc. Make money with advertisements and a website where you can sell affiliate products related to your main topic.

Religious Computer Games
Any thing labeled Christian is a huge market, but there are not many computer games themed on religion to help kids learn more about their own religion. You will need a computer and software to help you create the games.

Use Your Voice
Your voice can make you money. Podcasting has become extremely popular and it looks like it will keep getting more and more popular. A podcast is simply an audio file that people can download or listen to online. Many businesses see the potential in podcasting for their business, but they do not know how to get started. You can offer businesses that are online, a podcast for pay. You could create a minimum of two podcasts per week and easily charge about $200 per podcast.

Exclusively Online
Create a website with online forums where only a certain niche of people are invited to join and where they can share their interests with those that have the same interests. It could be on anything, but one example is for those who have a passion for gardening. You could have a public website, but keep the forums private so you can invite members to join the private community, for a fee. This is where you will make your money!

Ezine Teaching Profits
Become an expert and teach others how to profit from their own Ezine by writing and promoting your own Ezine. This needs to be worked on every day. You should use a website, a blog, a forum, and even a chat service. You will make money selling relevant ads, books, courses, and more.

Solving Business Problems
Many websites help businesses solve problems. As a businessperson, you would register at the website, which is usually free. You can then see a list of problems or be contacted by various businesses (depending on your experience) to help solve a particular problem. This is professional problem solving. This can be an exciting business for the right professionals.

Ring! Ring!
Yep, we are talking about ring tones. People love to have particular ring tones to tell their phone from others and as a way to tell who is calling just by the different original ring tones. Create and sell ring tones to customers. You can sell them for about $5 per ring tone.

Customized Luggage Tags
Create customized luggage tags for customers. Luggage tags are required when traveling by plane and come in handy when just traveling in general. Most luggage tags are too flimsy and unreliable. People need durable luggage tags, especially if they travel often.

Talk In the Money
Have you ever been told that you have the gift of gab. Is there a subject, hobby, or interest that you are particularly passionate about? If so, then you are the perfect person to launch your own Internet radio station!

Niche Editor Business
While most people are aware of the tasks that editors perform for newspapers and novels, there are many other types of editors that perform tasks for other very specialized publications. Along with fact checkers, people are needed to edit documents and publications within specific genres. You could start a business that helps writers and publishers connect with people qualified to edit publications within these specific markets.

Promotional Quizzes
Quizzes and solving word problems are fun, and are a great way to keep our minds alert. Studies have even shown that they keep your brain young. With this 'business idea,' you will create quizzes and puzzles that involve specific products or promotional materials. You can charge a business that wants you to create these promotional materials around $175 a month.

Online Video Dance Classes
If you are an experienced dancer, perhaps you have considered teaching a class. Most people find the idea of standing up in front of a class to teach any type of skill rather frightening. Teaching in front of a video camera is considerably easier. You will start an online store that sells access to a video to teach people how to dance.

Tour Company Reviews
When making reservations with a touring company, you are really paying out a large sum of money for a blind product. You put your faith in their claims of an enjoyable tour but really have no idea if you are going to be disappointed or not. To keep people from being disappointed in their tours, you will create a website that provides people with a forum to review their experience with different tour companies.

Look Fido! An e-card Just For You
This is no joke. As more and more people take advantage of the Internet to keep in touch with friends, it is becoming more popular to send greeting cards online instead of through the post office. Offer people the opportunity to send e-cards to the pets belonging to their friends and family.

Doggie Itches
There are few things more frustrating than having a pet experiencing problems, that you can do nothing about. Fortunately, dogs and cats with skin sensitivities and allergies have hope. You could start an online business that sells products made specifically for these suffering pets.

Get Parents Moving
Every day of the year, someone is packing up their possessions and emptying their home in anticipation of moving to a new location. A large percentage of those moving are parents with concerns over how their children will fare in their new neighborhood. You will start a service that provides child related information to concerned parents who are considering relocating.

Proud Bloggers
Sell products created specifically for the millions of bloggers all over the world. These writers are proud of their work - they love what they do. Most create and maintain blogs for little or no profit. Whether the blog has a readership of two, or two million, every blogger is proud of their blog. You will create a product-line to appeal to these proud bloggers and it will consist of items like; mugs, T-shirts, tote bags, coasters, mouse pads, stickers, ball caps, sweatshirts, and more.

Collecting Knowledge
Are you particularly good at locating hard to find books? Does searching for hard to find items get you excited? Is treasure hunting in your blood? Then you may be the perfect person to start a business locating hard to find books for book collectors who are searching for them!

Trend Profits
Are you addicted to blogging? Do you communicate more clearly through the written word than you do in person? Have you ever wanted to make blogging your profession? Then you are in luck! You can make money blogging about trends. The real key is to figure out which kinds of trends are the most interesting to you and write about them. You will generate an income by running advertising on your website.

Dentist Employees
Do you have experience working in the dental community? If so, you might be familiar with the challenges that many dentists face when attempting to add a new reliable staff member. You could start an employment agency service that helps dental employees to find work and that helps dental offices to fill the positions that are available because they have just been waiting for the right person to come along.

Travel For A Day
Create a website where you provide lists of different kinds of travel destinations that can be completed or traveled to within just a single day's time. In addition to simply listing each destination, you should also provide as much information about that destination as possible. Can it be visited year round? Is it only open to tourists during specific hours of the day? How much will it cost for entry or parking? If you can include pictures of each site, this will increase the interest shown for the destination. After all, seeing a colorful picture of a destination is far more intriguing than simply reading a description of it. Since all of your destinations take only a single day, you should be able to travel to them yourself to provide first hand details and photos.

Web and Graphic Middleman
A friend of mine was recently starting a business venture that involved consulting with clients regarding their health. She wanted her business to be more visible to the public and to educate her potential customers on the services that she offers. She knew that to really accomplish this goal, she would need a web site to represent her. The trouble is, she had no experience creating websites and had no idea of where she should look to find someone who could create one for her! You will start a service that connects people who need web designers with the web designers that will be best for the job!

Wedding Thank You Gifts Catalogue
After the stress and anxiety associated with planning a wedding is over, a new bride and groom next turn their attention to thanking their friends and families for gifts received and support given them. You will help them in their endeavors to find the perfect thank you gifts for their loved ones. You will create a catalog filled with wedding thank you gifts that the couple can purchase for their closest friends and family members.

Cyber Detective
Are you a whiz at searching and finding information online? Some people just have an innate knack for this kind of thing. Besides, if you have even a single curious bone in your body, it seems there is always something interesting to be discovered online. Turn this passion for online digging into a well-paid profession! You will start a service that does detective work online. You can perform security and background checks on people as well as provide priceless information on people and businesses to your clients!

Golf Buddies
As people age, it can become difficult to meet new people who are outside of their immediate circle of friends. While some are happy to have a very small circle of associates, this can present a real challenge for someone who appreciates a lovely afternoon spent on the golfing green. You will create an online service to help these lonely golfers become buddies with one another!

Wedding Gifts Registry Website
Create a web site where couples planning to get married can choose the gifts that they would like to receive. This kind of registry is helpful for the bride and groom, since it prevents duplicate gifts and gives the gift givers an idea of their style and tastes. It is much appreciated by anyone wanting to give them a gift, because it will give them lots of choices, as well as reassure them that their gift will be well received. Your web site will keep an inventory of these gifts, both given and not yet received.

Gifts for the Breeds
If you have ever owned an unusual breed of pet then you have likely encountered the disappointment that follows when you wanted to buy a cute coffee mug or key chain with a picture of your loved breed on it. I have a friend who is disappointed every year at the county fair when she tries to buy a keepsake with a picture of a Saint Bernard on it. You will create a website selling items featuring specific breeds of cats, dogs, or birds.

Romance Revenue
The romance novel market is unbelievably huge. If you are a fan of romance novels, than this is most certainly the business idea for you! You will start your own internet storefront that reviews and sells romance novels. Your site will also have a newsletter and discussion forums for romance novel fans. You can charge a small membership fee to your readers or support your website with advertising.

Predicting: Baby Boy or Girl?
Down through time, one of the most exciting parts of being pregnant is finding out the sex of your unborn child. Is it a boy or a girl? Even before the advent of modern technologies such as ultrasounds, people were coming up with ways of predicting the sexes of people's unborn children. After all, nine and half months are a really long time to wait to find this out! You can start a website supported by advertisements for baby products and services that will feature different ways of predicting the sex of a woman's unborn baby.

Wealthy Golfers - It's Not Just a Stereotype
Many wealthy people enjoy the internationally popular game of golf. Cash in on this popular pastime by starting a business that helps golfers network with one another in prearranged groups. You could focus your golf networking within a specific type of profession or arrange games in specific communities or with specific golf courses. You can charge each golfer who arranges their networking opportunities through you about $100 per year to subscribe to your service, plus any fees associated with the use of a particular gold course.

What Gift to Give?
We all have them - that special person that is almost impossible to buy a present for. Moreover, to make things worse, there are many times during the year when gift giving becomes necessary. Then of course, there are those people that always seem to give the most appropriate perfect gift. How do they do it? Offer a service to help people pick the perfect gift for their friends and loved ones. You can make money by selling gift related products and by running advertisements on your website.

No More Rust
With the cost of everything continually rising, people are trying harder to hold on to the things that they already have. To preserve the integrity and value of many items in and around the home, people need products that prevent and remove rust from them. You will create a website that sells products specifically for getting rid of and preventing rust. These products could be used for a wide variety of surfaces - from vehicle bumpers to copper rain gutters or metal clad birdhouses.

Vintage Rock Tees
When it comes to clothing that reflects your own personal style and taste, nothing says individuality like wearing a t-shirt that shows the name and sometimes tour dates of your favorite band. The market for old rocker tees has never been hotter! To fill this need, you will start a business that finds great rock t-shirts and sell them online, for a tidy profit.

Sell Your Home Goods
Just as you have memories of places that you have been, people all over the world are interested in trinkets and memorabilia associated with these places. Moreover, if you live near a popular tourist location, likely other people who have dreamed of visiting it would be interested in items associated with it. You could start an online business that sells things that are specific to your location, whether it is a small town, large city, county, state, or country. It all depends on the areas that you would like to represent within your online store.

Booking Restaurants Online
You could offer a service to low tech restaurants - you create a simple interface online for their potential customers to request a reservation at the restaurant that has employed your services. The web page will simply require an interested customer to supply their basic contact information, including an email address, the size of their party and the time of day and date that they would like to get a reservation. Charge each restaurant a small fee for each reservation.

Spoiled Pets
With pets becoming the prime focus of many double income families around the world, these pets are lavished with; expensive gifts on holidays and important anniversaries, costly grooming visits, and given only the finest, high quality gourmet food. Now imagine that they want to buy a gift for the four-legged loved one in the family. Where do they find the perfect present for their; fabulous feline or pampered pooch that has everything? Your new business will provide the answer to this question.

Social Butterfly Service
Through your social butterfly website, you will report on the greatest new bistro or club opening up in your local area. You will tell your fellow city or urban dwellers about great dinner cruises, social networking clubs, philanthropic societies, discounts and promotions available to them, swanky boutiques, wine tasting, and more. If it is happening in your city, you will know about it and let everyone else know about it too!

Travel Review Blog
Does your heart beat for the sound of tires on the open road? Does your love of travel make you wish that you could somehow find a way to make a living traveling and meeting interesting people? Do you have basic writing skills and the ability to work a digital camera? Do you like to research the history of new destinations and visit new and interesting places? If you can honestly answer 'yes' to these questions, than you just may be the perfect person to start a travel review blog.

Keeping It Sharp
Most homes and businesses are full of tools that need to be kept sharp to perform the best. This is true of scissors, kitchen knives, gardening shears, paper cutters, tape dispensers, lawn mowers, and the list goes on. If the tool is not sharp, it is practically worthless. However, what can be done when the blade wears down? You are going to be their new best friend! You will start a business that will equip people to handle the dullest of situations with their tools. You will sell a selection of sharpening items to help them keep every blade and shear they own at its best!

Being Pregnant Should Not Mean Ugly Clothes
As a great 'business idea', you should design chic clothing that can accommodate a pregnant woman's ever changing body and help her feel put together and beautiful to boot. If you lack the sewing and designing skills needed to create a line of fashionable pregnancy clothing yourself, you can instead create a website that specializes in selling maternity clothing designed by other designers and maternity clothing companies.

High Tech Flipping
You will be a fresh, objective pair of eyes for web-based business owners. Start a service that, instead of flipping houses, flips websites. In some cases, you can buy the site outright, overhaul it, and put it back in operation with a new face and personality. In other cases, you will act as a consultant for a web-based business owner.

Online Success with E-Books
Find a niche topic that you like and can generate products around. Create e-books and generate an e-mail list for each niche topic. You can make nearly $100,000 per year when you stick with it and promote your e-books.

Online Temp Profits
How about a new 'business idea' that focuses on helping freelancers get gigs online? This is basically a temp agency, or staffing agency, brought online for those who work online as freelancers. You can bring together the two; the company with a need and a freelancer with the skills needed. You have the option to decide which side to charge the fee for your services.

Car Finder
It's a familiar scenario: a teenage boy saves up his pennies for a few years to buy the car of his dreams. Unfortunately, the only cars that he will have the option of buying, are the ones that he can easily locate within his local community. He searches through his local paper and pays careful attention as he rides as a passenger in his family's car to the 'for sale' signs around the neighborhood. In the end, he tries to get the 'most car' for his limited funds, but is usually disappointed that he couldn't find the car model that he really had his heart set on. Now, imagine that the teenage boy has grown up and now has an adult salary that he wishes to use to finance his upcoming car purchase.

Design Competition
Most people consider T-shirts to be a wardrobe staple. They are a form of self-expression, art, culture, and humor too. They come in every color of the rainbow and just about any size and shape that a person could dream of. Unusual T-shirts give the average person an affordable way of expressing their individuality and vision. Do you know a single person who doesn't own some sort of decal T-shirt? Of course not!

Laptop Protection
Laptops are growing in popularity as business professionals find that they need to conduct business in more than one location. Water and liquids of any kind can be a death sentence for a laptop. Moreover, the more often a laptop is exposed to environments like coffee shops and the like, the higher the probability that a liquid of some kind will be spilled on it. Even an unexpected rain shower can destroy a valuable laptop. It only takes one instance of moisture exposure to render your laptop completely unusable. There is a danger, though, that people encounter when using or transporting their laptop around town. You will start a business that creates laptop sleeves and sells them to the public for about $25 a piece.

Just for Vegans
Vegetarians endeavor to have a diet that abstains from meat. (Vegans, however, take this to a higher level.) Various polls report that Vegans make up between .2% and 1.3% of the United States population and between .25% and 2.24% of the UK population. There are also a growing number of vegans in Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands and the numbers just keep getting larger each year. When looking at total population figures for these parts of the world, you will realize that there are a large number of Vegans out there!

Custom Made Frames
Walking through a museum or gallery, you will see many works of art. Some art is centuries old and some is modern. In this formal setting, the one thing that all of the art has in common is that each piece stands out as a distinct visual experience and commands your attention. Now step back and picture each piece of art without a frame. Suddenly, it isn't so commanding. In some cases, it barely even looks like a piece of art anymore! That is the power of the perfect frame.

Publish Band Profiles
Are you growing bored with the constantly repeated songs available on most radio stations? Do you love to listen to new music from bands that are not yet on the fast track to fame and fortune? Does it often seem to you like a select number of singers and performers are being forced down the throats of the listening public regardless of their musical talent or lack thereof? This is where you come in! They need your help to market them and you can make good money doing just that!

I Will Not Say It!
Even though the words are technically not difficult to say or write, people in general have a lot of trouble saying, "I'm sorry." Provide these people with the means to express their sorrowful feelings by creating pre-written or customized letters of apology. You could charge $5 for a pre-written letter that they can immediately download from your website or that you can quickly email to them. You could charge an extra fee, possibly around $20 for a customized letter that fits their exact situation or emotional circumstance.

Vintage Garters
Garters were not originally designed to be a sexy addition to a woman's lingerie. They were actually first created to hold up a woman's stockings. Make them as they were made in the beginning (of better quality) or have someone make them for you. Sell them as a pair for about $75.

Themed Music
Have you ever had a song going around and around in your head that you just can't place? You can remember some of the words and the period of your life that it came from, but no matter where you look, you just can't seem to find a recording of it. There is nothing more frustrating than searching for a piece of music you cannot find! This is where you come in! You will create a website where you will make very specific types of music available to people who would otherwise be unable to find it to buy.

Agency for Relocation
Relocation services are a thriving business. Unfortunately, most relocation services simply help people move their belongings to a new location and that is the end of their assistance. However, you will be a new kind of relocation agent. Helping people learn everything there is to know about their new surroundings. You will provide them with the details that it would otherwise take them years to learn on their own. You will make them feel comfortable in their new neighborhood by offering information on everything their new town has to offer.

Construction Jobs
Do you have experience in the field of general contracting? Have you ever worked on a building construction site? Are you great at networking? Do you have many contacts in the construction industry? If so, then there is a great way for you to put these contacts and experience to work for you.

Hey, I am Pregnant!
When parents are getting ready to welcome a new baby into their family, it is one of the most exciting and magical parts of their lives. They just cannot wait to let the world know about their future baby and celebrate this once in a lifetime event with their friends, colleagues, and loved ones via pregnancy announcements. Instead of settling for the boring average card found at their local drugstore, they want to announce the new life in a special, fun, creative and cute way!

Keeping Kids Busy with Crafts
Create and sell kits to help parents keep their children entertained without a television! Many crafts are safe and relatively easy for a child to work with. You can create them with many different themes and design them for a host of age ranges. They can be easy for beginners or more difficult for older children or kids who are more interested in a challenge. Make sure to design kits that would appeal to very young children with limited dexterity and attention spans, as well as for older children, and teenagers that are more perceptive.

Save Pets
Emergency situations can strike without a moment's notice. Disaster and Emergency Kits are vital to have on hand and have saved countless lives. Are most people prepared when a disaster strikes? Sadly, the answer is no. And for many people, it is because either they have no idea what items they should have on hand for an emergency or they put off putting together a disaster kit and it becomes one of those things on the 'to do' list that just never gets done. For the few people that actually ARE prepared for an emergency, most forget that they will need to include necessities for their pets as well! This is where you come in!

International Health
The practice of traveling to another country to receive some form of medical care is becoming more and more popular. This travel is often referred to as "Medical Tourism" or "Health Tourism." You can perform the service of arranging and organizing travel and accommodations for these medical trips, as well as providing information to people who are curious about perhaps taking such a trip. These people may be traveling from an exotic locale or may have an exotic locale as their destination. Others may prefer to travel to multiple countries on the road to their well-being.

Natural Way to Creating Life
Pregnancy is such a special and magical time in the life of a woman and for many men. There are many busy men and women, of all ages found in all walks of life, who are hoping to become pregnant. Many find that by improving their overall health and immune system they can achieve the body chemistry needed to become pregnant. Most need additional resources that can be hard to find in many communities, such as specific herbs, teas, and supplements. This is where you come in!

Apartment Rentals for Pet Owners
Are you an animal lover with pets that you love and consider a member of the family? Then you likely know how difficult it can be to locate an apartment, condominium, or house to rent or lease that will allow pets. These pet friendly environments can be rare and some pet owners virtually give up on making a move at all because it takes so much work for them to find a suitable place! This is where you will come in! You can start a website that lists current apartments, condominiums, and houses available to rent or lease that allow pets. Your job would be similar to a real estate agent in that you would need to familiarize yourself with the many properties in your area (or your state, depending on what you would like your scope to include). You could charge about $50 - $60 from apartment seekers for 90-day access to the listings.

Sweet Bouquets
How many times have you received a bunch of flowers or some generic gift that you neither needed or wanted? People need a source for gift giving that they can be sure will be loved and appreciated by the recipient.

MySpace for Dog Owners
Create a social networking website for a certain type of dog owners - it could be a breed, size, - anything. It would be free for people to use and sign up, and you make money with the advertising you place on the website pages.

Party Planning Web Service
Are you a natural born web surfer? Love making lists and organizing favorite sites? Then you are the perfect person to run a party planning web service!!

Legos for Sale
Are you a treasure-hunting shopper? Are your fondest childhood memories of playing on the floor, building endless cities of Legos and creating completely new worlds for the little Lego folks inhabiting them? Well, if so, you are not alone. There is a huge market today for people trying to recreate the lost innocence and simplicity of their childhoods by collecting LEGO sets of years gone by. While they can be extremely inexpensive to find and purchase used, they have risen in market value as each year goes by and can bring a pretty penny to those willing to spend the time and energy collecting, cataloging, and reselling them! This can be a very lucrative prospect!

Health Facts About Pet Books
Pets are a beloved part of anyone's family. Many people own a pet - a cat, dog, hamster, bird, fish, snake, turtle, and many other kinds of pets. This is a huge business and you can get into it by writing books about the health aspects of the many different types of pets. You could sell each book for about $25 each, depending on the size of the book and how you plan to sell each.

Moving Information
People are always moving to a new location at some point in their lives and for a variety of reasons. The problem is that it is quite difficult to find detailed information on the new location so the movers know where everything is, and what is there for them. You can create a guide for these people and sell them in downloadable format, print, and DVD format. Give them all of the information they will need about the new location - schools, work stats, grocery stores, department stores, gyms, outdoor activities, local businesses, restaurants, etc. You could sell a complete guide for about $40.

Changing Bra Straps
Breasts can be quite a pain for women sometimes. Bras can cause pain and pressure and can actually be unhealthy for some women. It is difficult to find a proper size and fit, and more so difficult to find a comfortable bra that doesn't cause pain or pressure. Offer comfortable bras that make a statement. Bras aren't just worn hidden anymore, they have become a part of some women's fashion outfits. Use different decorations such as cubic zirconium, other gems, embroidery, different shapes, and designs.

Pedaling Your Way to Profits
Pedal cars look just like child size vehicles, only they have no engine; you have to pedal them like a tricycle or bike. Children love to play with these pretend cars, trucks, airplanes and more. Start your own business by selling these popular pedal cars. Get them straight from the manufacturer and you can make a good profit.

Newsletter for Entrepreneurs
Create a newsletter just for entrepreneurs and include links to helpful information online - articles, forums, and resources. You will just need to do the research to find the useful information and resources. You can make money by selling affiliate products with ClickBank and others. You could send out your newsletter twice a week, or you could choose once a week, biweekly, or monthly.

Help Kids Save on College Textbooks
Consider starting an unusual online bookstore where you help students find each other that need to either sell or buy a textbook. You could make it local - for one particular college or university, or you could make your website represent various universities across the country with different web pages for each one. Charge students for listing their books, charge 10% of the selling price and a listing fee of $3, all paid up front.

Profits from Embarrassment
When women begin to lose their hair, they are embarrassed and emotionally hurt. There are not a lot of websites out there that cater to this problem. The thing is; women would rather turn to the Internet for the privacy factor. Set up your own website to sell products that will help these women. Don't forget to add some content such as helpful articles for women suffering the embarrassment of this common problem. A weekly newsletter would be helpful too. Promote affiliate products that help with hair loss.

Baby Naming
Choosing a name for a child is incredibly difficult and some couples even fight over what the child's name will be. It is hard to choose a name, given to a little person for the rest of their lives. Parents want it to be beautiful, have meaning, etc. Offer really unique, exotic, foreign names with meanings if possible. You can even make up some names by splitting two names in half and combining them such as in Saramanda - Sarah and Amanda. One business does exactly this and charges $24.95 for six names.

Fisherman Matching Service
No, it's not a dating service. Offer a website where locals can find someone to go fishing with together. Most people don't want to go fishing alone, or may want someone to compete with, they just want some company, or they don't own a boat, etc. Charge your members $10 or more per month to belong to a fishing companion matching service.

Sticking Together
Refrigerator magnets are great for everyone, especially magnet collectors. They come in many shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and expressions on magnets can attract different kinds of people.

Helping Vegetarians
Create a website just for vegetarians and offer a membership to them. Vegetarianism is more than just what food they eat - it is a part of their lifestyle. You can offer articles, tips, ideas, affiliate products, and more. You should charge about $100 per year per membership. Offer a forum on your website where vegetarians can discuss various topics.

Do-it-Yourself Divorce
Unfortunately, statistics have shown that 50-60 percent of marriages end in divorce. Fortunately, you can tap into that market. Many couples getting a divorce want it to be quick, easy, and not so harsh on their wallets. Offer a do-it-yourself divorce kit. Often, legal professionals make all the money on divorcing couples that are fighting over their possessions and/or children. You can sell your kit for about $100 or more; sell the kit on CD-ROM with all the forms needed.

Overweight Products
The plus sized business is still very open for more businesses. You could start your own business catering to the plus sized market with more than just clothing, but everyday things, such as shoes, umbrellas, bath accessories, scales, jewelry, socks, clothing, hangers, etc.

Perfect Pets
We humans love our pets, don't we? This is a huge target market. Even I own a hamster. Create a website to help people sell their animals. Sell only known breeds of animals, they cost more money. It's difficult for people to find certain breeds of pets to buy and own. Your website can create sales worldwide. Charge listers a monthly or per-ad-fee for their listings. Make even more money by putting up affiliate ads on your site that are pet related!

Classic Art Clothing
Millions of people enjoy classic art by hanging artwork in their homes and by identifying with it. Create classic art t-shirts and other clothing to sell online. You can outsource the work. These are popular choices of clothing right now, on not only t-shirts but also many other types of clothing.

Giving the Elderly Their Voice
The elderly have no way of showing everything they have been through in their lives. You can help them fill that need by selling badges, pins, t-shirts and more. It might be best to outsource most of the work of making these items to a place such as CafePress, but you might be able to make some items like; buttons and badges yourself. Many children and grandchildren, as well as other relatives, will find these products great gifts for their elderly loved ones. You'll need a creative mind to come up with catch phrases for the products. If not, you might want to hire a copywriter to help you with that.

Farming for Subscriptions
There is nothing like homemade food made with love. Sell subscriptions for items such as; jam of the month, biscuit of the month, or any food you are passionate about making. Other businesses show that this type of business is successful and makes great gifts! Just make yours more diverse or different, to attract loyal customers.

Homeschooling Parent's Website
Parents that homeschool their children have a hard time finding good information, resources, tips, and advice. Create a website just for them - a membership website where homeschooling parents can share stories, tips, advice, etc. You could charge $10 per month per member.

Selling Yo-yos
Yes! People do buy these and even collect them. It is a market that is small, but these people can't find them in regular stores, so they will already be searching for a store online that sells yo-yos. Why not open a Yo-yo store site that offers all kinds of Yo-yos you can find to sell? Not to mention, instructions on how to use them for those that are not familiar with them as toys.

House Sitters
Create a website for those who are looking for house sitters and may need them on a constant basis. You can have a list of reputable house sitters to choose from. On your website, they can find each other. Let the house owners place an ad free on your website. Charge those looking to house sit a fee of about $50 or more per year.

Scarf Fashions
Create a woman's fashion business that focuses on selling fashionable scarves, typically worn either around a woman's neck or in their hair. A new fashion is to wear them as belts too. You could charge about $5 per scarf. You must choose to either make the scarves yourself or find a reliable supplier for them.

Show People How to Relieve Stress with a Journal
Journaling is one great way to relieve stress. I have a journal that I use when I get so angry I cannot hold it in any more and do not want to fight with loved ones. Journaling is just a thoughtful way to let it all out. It is a great way to just vent it all out and then healthfully go on with our day, with a clear and focused mind. For those who do not know how to do this, teach them!

Vintage Inspirations
Search for vintage fabrics in local thrift stores, on Ebay, and more. Use these vintage fabrics to create vintage handbags, and sell them for a nice profit. You can sell them for an average price of about $100.

Create a Website for Singles
Singles feel a little left out in this world of families and couples. Hence, that is why they are called "single." Not all people like to be single and if they do, they still may enjoy talking to other people that have common likes, dislikes, and concerns. Start a business just for them. Create a unique website that would appeal to singles, but not offer matchmaking. Make them feel at home at your website. Offer information and resources for them, along with a newsletter to keep them coming back.

Digitize Precious Photographs
Start a business saving family photographs for consumers. Safeguard their precious memories for them. You might charge about 50 cents a photo, save them on a CD-R and sell them to your customers. Everyone loves photographs of the old days, but they are often ruined, damaged, faded, or even lost over time. This will ensure they are safe forever. You will need a scanner, plenty of CD-Rs, and a great marketing plan that will certainly sell itself.

Teddy Bears with a Message
Personalized items are a great seller! You can sell teddy bears with T-shirts that have a custom-made message for each individual customer. It could be a name, a marriage proposal, anything...they make great gifts.

Create Custom Made Exercise Programs
Nearly everyone wants to workout. They want to be in better shape. They just do not know where to start. Help them achieve their fitness goals by creating custom-made exercise programs for them.

Create Yoga Clothing
Practicing yoga is a whole lot of stretching and breathing. Create special clothing for people who practice yoga. Clothing that is breathable and stretches easily because it has to be extremely comfortable. You can charge between $25 and $50 per garment. Make people look fabulous while doing yoga!

Design Clothing, Office Supplies and More with Your Own Graphics
If you are great at coming up with catchy phrases and making your own cool graphics, you are in business. However, what if you do not have the capability to print your graphics on clothing or office supplies or anything for that matter? A place called CafePress takes care of all of that for you. You just need to design the graphics, phrases, and advertising. You could have a great merchandising business.

Baby Safety Products
When parents are expecting, they want to make sure their home is safe for their baby. Just like animals, humans will do anything to protect their babies. For us, that begins at home. You can begin selling safety products by creating an account on EBay. Then, if everything goes well you can pay to create a store on EBay, maybe even other sites. Find wholesalers and distributors to get these products. Do this so you are not paying full price and able to charge a competitive price with your customers.

Make money Playing Online Games
You can make money playing massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG). Some of these games are Everquest, World of Warcraft, Star Wars, Galaxies, and more. You can buy and sell items, characters, and even your account on eBay. Search for any one of these titles on eBay and you will find hundreds of people selling these virtual things.

Dating Website for Farmers
On a dating site there are many city people looking for love. Farmers are sort of left out of the dating resources. They work incredibly hard, waking at dawn and going to sleep shortly after dusk. You could charge a membership fee of about $10 per month, or $60 per year.

Recruitment with a Niche
Websites like and are making loads of cash by connecting employers to employees. Offer a website where you do the same, except choose a particular job market to connect employees to employers in their career field. You can charge $50 for a small ad, and $100 for a detailed ad.

Blog Setup for Businesses
Set up blogs for online businesses. Many businesses online like to have their own blog setup for them, so it can mesh with the website, and have the same style. In addition, webmasters get the hits to their website from the blog, instead of someone else reaping the hits. You can easily learn how to do this, and offer this demanding service. You can charge $500 for the installation and setup. If you want, you can also charge a monthly fee to make sure everything runs smoothly all the time.

Offer a Website Service to Jewelry Makers and Buyers
You can do this locally, such as providing a search tool so people can find jewelry makers in their own city. Everyone has jewelry! You can charge the jeweler for their ad placement on your website. You can charge weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even yearly. On the other hand, you could charge after the item has sold, such as taking a percentage for commission. This might bring in more jewelers, because they know they will not have to pay anything unless the jewelry sells.

American Invention History Art
Old patents are interesting. Who created and patented the first telephone? Phonograph? Automobile? Create and sell posters, framed prints and more. You will need a lot of creativity, and be able to conduct deep research.

Find a Tutor Directory
Every parent wants their children to do well in school. They want them to learn, get good grades, and go to a prominent university. Unfortunately, it is rare for one person to be great at everything. Most are weak in one area or another. When a child needs help in a certain subject, chances are their parent and/or teacher doesn't have the time or knowledge to help them on a one-on-one basis. However, a tutor does, that is their job. Create a website that gives parents a directory for a variety of tutors. They should be able to search by area, and there should be credentials and a description of each tutor. Charge tutors to be listed on your site, say $10 a month. You should also take advantage of affiliates to make even more money off of the site.

I Quit! Sell Resignation Letter Templates
Many people want to leave their current jobs, but are unsure how. They want to leave on good terms, and that means writing a resignation letter. Not many people know what to write in a resignation letter. Do the work for them, and make some instant cash! You can charge about $5-10 per template. Make sure you create a variety of templates for your customers to choose from.

Specialize in Creating a Job Seeker's Portfolio
Create custom resumes, CVs, and cover letters for your clients. You can charge anywhere from $150 to $500 per resume. You could also target just one industry that you are an expert in. This will help make potential clients more comfortable and likely to hand over their cash. For example, if you have worked in (or had formal training in) the hospital industry, you can focus the business on that. Write resumes, cover letters, and CVs just for people who want to work in the hospital business. Even charging low, writing just one resume a day, you can make a good living.

Create a Job Listings Site for a Niche Market
For job seekers, it can be difficult looking for a job in a particular field. Browsing online job sites and the newspaper just takes too much time, because you are looking at all of the jobs available. If you create a website for a specific career filed, you can make it a lot easier on your customers. They will only be browsing the jobs in the career field that they want to work in. You can make money by acquiring advertising, or by charging your customers a subscription fee of about $60 for six months.

Create Smiles and Profits with Balloon Bouquets
Balloon bouquets are relatively easy to make, and there is little overhead. You will need various colored balloons, a helium tank, ribbons, and maybe some items to tie the balloons to. You can sell the bouquets from $20 up to $100, depending on what you put into it. Balloons are great for lifting spirits. Having a few colorful balloons tied as a bouquet adds some life and decor to a room. Many people love sending, and receiving balloon bouquets for special occasions, so why not start an online balloon delivery service.

Become an All-Around Health Advisor
Help people change their lifestyles. Give people custom plans for diets, workout programs, and more. You will need a website and newsletter to keep in touch with your clients, as well as bring in more. It would help if you have training, experience, or formal education in exercise physiology or nutrition. A concerning statistic; 60% of Americans are overweight, and they need help. You can help them by showing them they have to commit to a lifestyle change. You can charge a monthly fee for access to the website, and even give them their own page so they can track their success, and look at their plans.

Create a Local Website for Landlords
Yes, there are endless websites that list apartments and houses for rent. However, you usually have to go through a realtor with these sites. Forget that! Help property owners list their apartments for rent on your website - no realtors. You can charge monthly, say around $100 for a proprietor to list their apartment vacancy. You could make a lot of money in this business.

Go Vintage and Make Money!
Yes, vintage is popular and it is back in style. Start selling old records, vintage clothing, appliances, and more. You can sell on eBay and make a real living off it. Find items in thrift stores, junkyards, pawnshops, and more. Buy and make a profit by selling for more than what you bought it. Vintage t-shirts are back in style too. Your imagination is the limit!

Period Homes from the Past
Many people love the idea of owning a period home, one built in the early twentieth century or older. For example, a Victorian home is a period home. Many love them because of the history they carry, and the true beauty. However, it is hard to find a home like this in some areas. Many times, they are lost with the other homes on realtor's websites, and sometimes sold to those who simply knock them down and build a new house in their place. Create a website for period homes. You can charge the seller of the home $70-$100 to list the period home until it sells.

Create a Web Site for Singles
Singles feel a little left out in this world of families and couples. Maybe that is why they are referred to as "single". Not many people like to be single. Start a business just for them. Create a unique web site that would appeal to singles, but not offer matchmaking. Make them feel at home at your web site. Offer information and resources for them, along with a newsletter to keep them coming back.

Business Profile - Vintage Vantage
We are taking a look at Vintage Vantage - a thriving online business. Not only can you buy their clothing at their website but you can also buy them at their eBay store. Vintage Vantage's eBay store is thriving as well, with many customers very interested in their products for sale.

A Unique and Fun Business ? Message Scrolls
Want to make money with a unique and fun business? Scrolls were used long ago for documents and messages of all kinds. They are still used in some parts of the Asain culture.

Partner People up for Health
The diet, fitness, and health market is a multibillion-dollar industry. Should I repeat that? Multibillion! So, why aren't you in it to earn your piece of the pie?

How to Start an Editing Business Online
Do you have a detailed eye? Do you constantly catch the mistakes in other's writings? Does it just get under your skin when someone writes a simple sentence or article glittered with spelling and grammar errors? Do you buy the Elements of Writing each time a new edition comes out? Then this idea may be for you.

Utilizing Affiliate Ads to Get More Revenue from your Website
If you already own and run a website, why don't you already use affiliate ads? Affiliate advertising simply means that you will be selling someone else's products or services on your site, and when you do, you will receive a percentage of that sale.

Why Blogging is Essential to Your Business
In the 'good old days' - about three years ago - you used to keep in-touch with your customers using phone calls, email messages and face to face meetings. Nowadays the world has changed. Check out this article to see how.

Mini Web Sites Make a Great Home Business
If you are looking to earn money working from home, Mini Web Sites are a great way to run your own business.

Mini Web Sites Make a Great Home Business
If you are looking to earn money working from home, Mini Web Sites are a great way to run your own business.

The Internet Is Going Local
Use the following idea and offer hosting, web design or marketing expertise to local businesses.

10 Necessities for a Home Based Internet Business
Check out these 10 tips for any home based Internet business and make sure you're ready before getting started.

15 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog
There are many factors that make blogs much better than normal WebPages including the speed at which blogs are indexed, ability to submit to blog directories & normal directories, pings and track backs.

Internet Marketing Time Management
Earning an income on the internet is a process that in broad terms involves three stages... Getting your product, Developing your product presentation and Promoting the product.

5 Secrets to Building a Successful Internet Business
Success on the Internet is possible when you know how to build it and drive targeted traffic to your website. This article will walk you through the process.

Expansion with Ebooks
Businesses of all sizes are expanding with ebooks. An ebook is a paperless book in digital format that you can download to your computer, handheld or other reader device.

Niche Marketing - How to Contact Your Audience
Whether you are following the advice of top Internet Marketers or if you just happened to have a business that caters to a very specific target audience, you must be able to find them, and they must be able to find YOU.

Is Your Website Designed to Sell?
Why do some websites sell better than others? Do you need a marketing degree to create a website? Does design have much impact on sales?

Starting an Online Business - Affiliate Programs Make it Easy
If you have been longing to start a business online you may be coming across terms you've never heard before. You may also have found the opportunities available are overwhelming. Where do you begin? Many affiliate programs have information on how to market and give you tools such as banners, product feeds and more.

Find Your Niche - the Internet Marketer's Goldmine
If you haven't heard the word 'niche' being batted around by Internet Marketers then you haven't been listening. Finding a niche has become the antidote to competing in overly saturated online markets.

How To Profit from Google Adsense
If you are a webmaster, then you may have heard about Google's Adsense program from another happy webmaster earning thousands of dollars from it. I was one of the happy webmasters that found the Adsense program to be a great source of revenue. You are either thinking, what in the world is Adsense or how in the world can I successfully profit from it.

Does Your Business Need a Newsletter?
Newsletters provide an effective tool for collecting interested visitors' email addresses and converting them into buyers. They also are a great vehicle for keeping in touch with your most valued contact - previous customers.

Vlogs and Wikis and Pods, oh my!
Perhaps you've heard about blogs - the hottest communication story of last year. But have you heard of Vlogs, Wikis or Pods? No... then read on and consider the Internet based business opportunities available.

Car for Sale: Show a photo, make a buck
1988 Mustang. Less than 80K miles. Good condition. $1000 OBO. It's the typical classified ad from some guy trying to sell his Mustang. Those few words say a lot, but they also leave prospective buyers with a whole lot of questions. What color is the car? What does good condition mean? If it's in such good condition, why only $1000?

Baskets, Buckets and Bundles
Are you looking for a home-based Internet business that can bring in the bucks without building up stress?

Hidden Support
Do you have great administrative skills? Do you want to run your own business? Do you want to work for more than one client? Do you want to run your own business? If so, then working as a Virtual Assistant, the new version of an Administrative Assistant could be for you.