Consumer Services


Special Taxi Service of the Future
Since a large segment of society is quickly growing older, there are more services now needed to be offered to this large class of consumers. If you love working with people and like to drive, this could be an enjoyable 'business idea' worth looking into. Offer to drive elderly or handicapped people to their Doctor or Dental appointments, assuring them that you will get them to their appointments safely and on time. You can choose to either charge your riders per ride or instead offer a contract with a few Doctors to transport their patients for them.

Eco Building Consultant
You have saved your pennies, bought a nice piece of land, and have been pre-approved on a home loan to start building your new house. You are committed to being as green as you can fiscally afford to be. After all, no one is perfect. However, before you can begin building the green home of your dreams, you have to figure out who to call to make this happen. After all, it isn't as if you can just look up "green home builders" in the phone book and have them build you a home. Or, can you?

Digital Memories
You will start a service that creates digital copies of people's priceless old photos and family documents. Take digital photos and scan copies of people's important aging paper items. Burn them onto a CD or DVD so that your customers will not have to worry about their family's history being lost forever. You can charge your customers a per-hour dollar amount or a flat fee of perhaps fifty dollars per completed disc.

Non-Allergic Cleaning Service
Start a cleaning service that specializes in performing cleaning services without the use of harsh, allergy triggering chemicals. You and your staff will use only cleaning products that are natural and much less likely to give your customers an allergic reaction. You can charge between $40 and $60 an hour for these services.

Photography Shopping Assistant
We all know how hard it is to choose between many different clothes - the way they look on us, the way they fit, etc. Once we have tried on many outfits we tend to forget about the first of them. Offer a service to take pictures of a shopper with each outfit they try on, for $35 per hour. Burn all of the images on a CD for your client. You'll need a digital camera, laptop computer, computer case, image software, and burning capabilities.

Look Down for Money
This may not be a good business for the weary. Offer a service where you drive to people's homes to cut their toenails. This could be a welcome service for the elderly and disabled. You can charge $20 per cutting and will obviously need toenail cutting equipment, such as clippers, files, sterilizers, etc.

Mobilized Books!
There are millions of people who love to read, whether it's books, newspapers, magazines, or comic books. Offer this service to people who can't get to a bookstore all of the time. You drop off the books for them and pick up the others while you are there. You could offer this as a monthly membership for $30 per month per member. You will need lots of books and a way to track which customers have what books. Get books from your local library's sales, yard sales, and more.

Clean the Party
Offer a niche cleaning service where you come before and after a party to clean up everything. You should charge $30 per hour for this service. You will need a variety of cleaning supplies, water, cloths, sponges, and trash removal. Put the fun back into having a party!

Animal Security
Installing security cameras in barns and kennels can provide great benefits to owners and their animals. People are already paying for these installed security cameras. The owner can keep an eye on their animals even when they aren't outside with them. They can watch their pregnant animals without constantly going to the barn, or kennel, to check on them. These cameras can be great for animal breeders, offering an option to give a copy of the birth video to their buyers, as a sentimental item with the purchase of an animal.

Shower Cleaning Service
Soap scum and mildew are problems for everyone with a shower. It is gross and not a place you want to get clean. It is also difficult to clean. Offer to do this job for others that may not be able to, or want to do. You can charge $20 and up for this job. It should take no longer than an hour, even on the dirtiest of showers.

Find a DJ
Numerous occasions call for the need of a DJ: Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. Offer a service where the party planner will contact you, giving you the date and time of the party, theme, what kind of DJ they want, etc. Then you find a DJ for them. You can charge customers a 15% booking fee.

Board it up and Sell Real Estate
Sell real estate that owners are selling themselves. Sell ad space on a bulletin board that you will place in a local store with high traffic. The seller's information should have some details about the house, a picture of the house, and contact information. You can offer to take the picture for a small fee, and even charge for an answering service where the potential buyers would contact you and you would send along the information to the seller.

Painting with Some Logic and Creativity
I am not the type of person that would know how to color my rooms in great, beautiful shades that compliment each other. However, when you bring a new approach to selling paints just as you would with cosmetics, you have solved this problem. For many people, this would be a huge convenience. Sell palettes of paints that already go together.

Relax with an Afternoon Tea
As you probably know, in some countries, it is tradition to break for afternoon tea. It offers time to help you relax and unwind before going on with your day, much as the Italians take a siesta in the afternoon. It can prove to be refreshing and reviving. How could you not sell that?

Food on the Water
My husband is an angler; fishing is his favorite hobby of choice. He loves floating around for hours in a canoe with his brother, relaxing. However, when hunger interrupts their relaxation, they pull the canoe out of the water, rack it onto the car, find a place to eat and then back to the water and relaxing. They could bring a lunch in the boat with them, but feel by choice it is a pain. What an open enjoyable opportunity! Why not offer a food service for these relaxing anglers, from your own boat? You can use a motorboat or small canoe around lakes and rivers and see if anglers would like a bite to eat. Make sure you ask your local city hall about taxes and such.

Furniture Recovery Service
Hey, it happens. Sometimes we buy our furniture used, or it just needs some updating. Sofas, beds, chairs, and loveseats - all of our furniture should be comfortable and stylish. Offer a refurnishing service where you fix your customer's furniture, update, and possibly add new fabric that they could choose. Obviously, you would charge one fee for refurnishing, one for updating, and another for adding new fabric to customize. You can also charge a fee for picking up the item(s).

It is an iPod Crazy World - So Who Needs all of Those CDs?
When you purchase an iPod, you will soon realize that you can add all or some of your CD collection to your iPod. Most people are not comfortable with doing this, or simply do not want to. That is why you offer to do it for them. You will need to know how an iPod works, how to create MP3 files, and how to put them on the iPod. You could charge (for 50 CDs) $1.75 per CD, plus $15 for pickup and delivery.

Start a Senior Citizen Tour and Travel Agency
There are so many tours and vacation spots just for seniors; they just do not know how to find them. Seniors want to travel, explore, and more. Many want to see the world, especially after retirement. Help them by finding exactly what they are looking for and take care of everything for them. Show them that they will not have to worry about anything. You will book a tour or vacation for them.

Open up a Cyber Cafe
If you love coffee and technology this is the business for you. The biggest rage in hip cafes today is for friends, businesspeople, and others to go to relax, study, and have meetings. Most people agree that the only thing better than a simple trendy cafe, is a Cyber Cafe

Restore Photographs
Start a business restoring old photographs. You will need to be skilled with a photo/image program such as Adobe Photoshop. Simply create a website for your business, and have visitors upload their old, faded, and/or damaged photos. You retouch them meticulously and return them to your customers for a nice fee. There is a very considerate profit margin for this!

Home Sitting
Just as pet owners want their pets watched over, people going on business trips or vacations want their house watched over as well. They may want their mail checked, newspapers picked up, plants watered, or just have an extra set of eyes to make sure their home and belongings are safe.

Pet Watching for Cash
When pet owners go away on business or vacation, they want to make sure their precious pets are well taken care of. Most would rather have a person care for their pet or pets than sending them to a kennel. Make some cash pet sitting!

Redesign Soon-to-be Parents' Homes with Safety
Offer a service where you completely redesign new parents' homes by taking care of every little safety aspect - cover outlets, lock cabinets and drawers, the whole nine-yards. Not only will this service offer a sigh of relief to new parents, but also baby proofing is something every parent wants to protect their new babies at home. Your business will sell itself.

Start a Picture Hanging Service
Many people are talented at turning plain, boring rooms and homes into beautiful, cozy, delightful living, sleeping, and eating areas. Are you one of those people? When people visit your home do they comment on the pictures hanging, or other accents in your home? Do you just love accenting your home with nice furniture, tables, and pictures, among many other accessories? I bet you see the room in your mind before you even begin your creations.

Offer Tent Rentals for Special Occasions
You have seen them at weddings, parties, and other special occasions. You have seen the tents set up in case of rain or other inclimate weather. Some are bland, simple white tents that cascade over a lawn or other outdoor area. Others are themed tents with beautiful designs and artwork. Rental tents can vary from really simple to fabulously elaborate.

Dogs, Cats and Reptiles ? All are my Customers
That alligator had a million dollar smile and gave me a few bucks for a quick job". This is one great business idea which involves making dogs, cats and other animals smile. It's a very simple (but unique) business which doesn't require much skill or investment and is just so much fun.

Talking to Dogs and Earning Quick Bucks for it
This is a very interesting business that involves talking to dogs and collecting big bucks for it. You can do this as a part-time job along with your full-time job.

Get $100 for Every Mile You Walk
What could be better than getting paid for leisure walks? Not only do you get fresh air and a bit of exercise but also get paid for doing so. If you like going for leisure walks, you will really love this business. If you are not enthusiastic about leisure walks, you will start loving it when you see the green bucks flowing in.

Getting Started as a Personal Concierge
While there is no formal definition of the word yet in the dictionaries for personal concierge, on the contrary, this profession is a booming business.

Its Such an Affectionate Business
This business is about enabling long distance affection. Your service offering would be different from what thousands are providing today. It's simple, unique and very compelling.

Their Loss (Of Weight) Is Your Gain (Of Cash)
Losing weight is not so easy after all; it takes a lot of resolve to overcome the inconvenience associated with it (especially dieting). This business is about helping people not to cheat on their diet.

The Door to a Treasure House
Sounds like the title of a fairy tale, doesn't it? However, this door really opens to a great business opportunity that rakes in money for you. $50 to $100 per hour is not uncommon.

People Say That He Has a Magic Wand
If you have some organizing skills and a few ideas about rearrangement of lights to control illuminations levels, using low cost theme based paintings or just simply a new set of curtains to enhance a living area then read this article for ways to make money dong just that.

Pocket Easy Cash When People have Gastric Trouble
Who wouldn't love a person who saves their outdoor party or picnic? This business is about helping people continue having fun.

Starting a Business as a Children's Party Planner
So you would like to go into business for yourself but don't have a lot of startup money. You might want to consider being the person who organizes and provides children's birthday parties.

Strip for Cash
Stripping just isn't what it used to be-stripping wallpaper, that is. Today, it's easier than ever, but it's still a hassle. After all, who wants to spend their free time, a beautiful Saturday afternoon, stuck indoors stripping wallpaper?

Dirt + Mold = A Great Way To Make Money
No one likes dirt and mold. The truth is, though, that without the proper care a beautiful outdoor concrete patio can become dirty and moldy. Yet, with the hectic lives so many people lead, cleaning the patio is often the very last thing on their minds.

Turn an Afternoon of cleaning Into a Profit
More and more people these days are taking to the road in their RVs to see North America, leisurely crossing the country, stopping wherever they want. Many others hitch their campers to the back of their cars, and head off for weekend camping adventures. Then there are those who live in their trailers-after all, many have all the modern conveniences of home.

Ready, Aim, Shoot and Make Money
Photographs capture pieces of time, preserving memories for years and generations to come. Sitting around an old photo album, laughing at pictures and telling stories of how those photos came to be can be great fun. The problem is every family or group of friends inevitably has someone who is seen in maybe one or two shots, but no others. Why? That's the person behind the lens.

Make Money Saving People Time
With the current economy, most families have both the father and mother working in order to maintain their household. Time is at a premium and there is never enough of it to accomplish all they need to.

Clean and Stain
What kind of work is satisfying to you? Do you enjoy creativity? Do you like working with your hands? Does the idea of performing excellent service inspire you? How about establishing relationships with members of your community? I know a man who owns a business where he can experience all these benefits and more.

Not Your Everyday Day Care
How are you at playing cards? And your reading skills?are they decent? Do you enjoy pleasant conversation? Are you a good listener? Can you be trusted? Finally, what do all of these skills have to do with possible employment for you?

Yes, I Do Windows!
The next time you hear someone complain at the unsightly appearance of her windows, you can offer something better than a washing-a covering. Give your client and her windows the royal treatment, and treat yourself to money in the bank.

There's No Place Like Home-For Schooling
Parents dedicated to homeschooling feel that way because they want things done right. But it can be overwhelming for a first time homeschooling parent. State and Federal laws don't make it easy and that's where you come in.

You Can Take it With You
In today's mobile society, people are continually on the move. They're going up the corporate ladder, out to the suburbs, off to college, or back home. People are heading to where the grass is greener. Getting to those lush pastures, however, can sometimes be a rough ride.

Birthdays Bring In The Dough
Every day, people have birthdays. A huge number of these are children many of whom will celebrate with family and friends. You can take advantage of this much-anticipated event to fill your pocketbook.

Making Money From Hair
There is a new fashion rage and it is not just for women, it is for men and children too! It is for any nationality, not just black or white. What does this have to do with making money? I'm not talking about putting up a porn site that shows pictures with you and your long hair! This service is completely legal and benefits lots of people.

Use Your Nerves Of Steel To Make Money
Do you have nerves of steel? Do you pride yourself for having the patience of a saint? Do you always have a positive attitude? Do you love driving but hate the way people are discourteous on the roadways? Do you get along great with kids?

Steam Your Way To A Tidy Income
Dust, pollen, pet hair and pet dander are the major causes of allergy and asthma symptoms today. New vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters to capture these particles, or use a bagless or steam vapor system. The problem is that not everyone can afford them although they may need them.

How to Make Money Dating
I'm not talking about selling your body! At least, not in the traditional sense of the meaning! How is it then that a person could make money while dating? Let me tell you a story.

Cook Up Some Cash
If you love to cook and have two hours of free time a week, this sure fire money making pursuit is just what you need.

Dollars in 3 Dimensions
Every day, you watch about 8 minutes of ads for every 30 minutes of television programming. The companies who place these ads in front of you not only pay a large sum to have their product inserted into your favorite sitcom, they also pay a handsome amount to someone with the skills to make these ads. If you are creative you may have the skills needed to design ads from your own home.

Kids + Fun = Money!
A sure fire way to turn a love for children into a money making gold mine.

Talk Your Way to a Fortune
Do you speak English? Do you like money? Do you enjoy talking to interesting people? Well you are on your way to a money making masterpiece.

Beauty is in the Hands of the Landscaper
Do you have a knack for gardening? Do you enjoy leaving people with lasting impressions? If you have free time and don't mind a little work you already have the skills to start your own landscaping business.

Make Real Money Being Fake
The great part of being a faux finisher is that you really don't have to be an artist to be a success. Many techniques are fairly simple if you have the right equipment, know-how and practice.

Good Enough to Eat
What do weddings, birthdays and retirements have in common? They are all important places on the road of life marked by the same sign post-the celebratory cake. There is a vast amount of money to be made in cake design and it's as easy as mixing a few ingredients in a bowl and baking them. Here is all the ingredients you'll need to mix up some quick cash.

Apartment Preparation Service
There's a seasonal rhythm to life in a college town. As another semester draws to a close, throngs of students head out for summer vacation. Some leave behind a messy, vacated apartment. Even though most landlords require a cleaning deposit, some students don't have the time or desire to clean up after themselves, and the landlord can't do the job alone. If you're not afraid of hard work and you don't mind cleaning up other people's messes, an apartment preparation service might be the job for you!

Sound Income
Have you ever gone traveling and found yourself separated from everyone else in your group in a crowded area? Wouldn't it be nice to find them again easily and without killing your lungs? Or what about as a businessman who doesn't want to pay roam charges on his cell, but needs to be in constant contact with his clients? The perfect solution is also a great business and one which has already been implemented in some areas. A cell phone rental service.

Pet Lovers Get Rich
Do you have any pets? If you have ever left them behind while you go on vacation, you know the big decisions that goes with leaving a pet behind. You need to find someone to feed them, play with them and walk them. Someone responsible and able to deal with your particular pet's personality and health problems.

Get Down and Dirty
Wanted: Hard working, safety-oriented, romantic, people-person. Sound like an interesting combination? Those are just the qualities needed for this special occupation that happens to be one of the oldest professions around.

Grocery Shopping Pays Off
If you have ever been an invalid temporarily, you know how difficult it is just to get to the bathroom let alone leave the house. So, what happens if you need food or medicine? This is a business particularly well suited to areas where there is a high concentration of senior citizens who may not be up to making a daily trip to the market.

A Regular Chore Turns to High Pay!
Every housewife knows how boring it gets scrubbing toilets, sweeping, washing walls and doing the many other chores that come with living in a house. But, what if it paid $15-30 per hour? Then, the hours of repeated cleaning would suddenly be worth it. You can earn this just by doing exactly what you would have to do at home, but in another person's house!

Husbands Cash In
Irving Hernandez spends a good part of his so-called 'free time' helping his wife around the house. He has recently built a chicken coop, fixed the leaky shower, and put up shelves in the bedroom. Handy guy to have around, but what if a single woman has a heavy job to do and no man in sight? Call a Rent-a-Husband service!

Let Your People Skills Earn You Cash
You probably have seen families who have a disabled member, whether it be a physical or mental problem. Occasionally, parents or caregivers need a break from their charge and will hire respite care workers. These could be specially trained nurses or aides, but many times they are just regular folk like you and me.

A Lot of Horse Cents
If you have a little horse sense, you can turn the love for this animal into a money-making endeavor. Jenny Lee Doyle, mother of four, did. Teaching horse riding can be very lucrative and you don't have to be an expert to do it. You don't even need to own a horse or stables. All you need is...