Business Services


Pick Up the Money
This is a business idea that is not terribly hard to do and if you can acquire enough customers, you could easily make thousands of dollars a month. Offer to pick up litter as a regular service for business owners that are running their businesses from a building with an attached parking lot, lawns, flowerbeds, patios, or sidewalks around their businesses.

Clean It Don't Park It
Since there is so many more business buildings popping up these days, think about offering a service that they will gladly pay you to do for them. Most companies are required to keep up the maintenance of the inside and outside of their buildings, paying for full time maintenance workers is expensive. Offer to clean their parking lots on a regular basis for $80-$100 an hour.

Restocking for Pain and Business
Businesses need assistance in procuring and maintaining first aid kits and other emergency kits. You will start a service that will take stock of a business's current level of preparedness and let them know which kinds of items that they will need to have on hand to insure the safety of their employees and any customers that may be on the premises. After all, no business owner wants to be in a position to be sued because they lacked the basic supplies needed to handle an emergency situation.

Raising Money from Home
For a charity or non-profit organization to exist and grow, it must receive funds and support from the community and businesses. Since you will be performing as a consultant to raise money, this would be a 'business idea' that you could perform with almost no overhead costs.

Legal Courier Service
In this type of service, you would be working for lawyers. You'll need to be able to bring documents various places to be signed, bring them back, file paperwork with a court, etc. You could charge$100 per day, or $500 a month. You will need a police clearing check. Just contact your local police station and they'll let you know what you need to do. Get a lockable box (fire safe would be even better) and carry your client's documents in this box.

Collect Late Payments
The most important part of running a business lies in collecting and receiving payments from customers. However, this aspect of businesses is usually overlooked. Its need is realized only when customers fail to pay up their bills on time. They sometimes wish there was someone who could take over the tension of collecting payments instead of the businesspersons running after these people

Franchising Made Easier
Many business-minded people want to open their own franchise. What is appealing about opening a franchise is that you already know the business should be successful, because it has been elsewhere. It is like an 'insta-business'. However, the expenses and investment can be outrageous! There are also so many franchises to choose from. Offer a service that offers to help the franchisee choose a franchise. Use a website to give them all of the information they need so they can make a well-informed choice. You could make money by getting a commission from the franchiser or by charging your future franchisees. You can also offer a sort of coaching service to your franchisees for a fee to help them one-on-one.

Get the Tenant Out
Nearly all property owners have run into one or more tenants who will not pay rent or leave the premises. They do have state and federal laws to abide by, but they may not know them well enough and are scared to do anything for fear of getting in trouble. Offer a service where you guide the landlord through the eviction process. Charge about $100 for your services. A flat fee is best. You will need to know and memorize your state's eviction laws and regulations. Assure the property owner that with your help there should be no mistakes.

Shining Advertising is Important
Light-boxes tend to look dirty and grimy from being outdoors all of the time. Light- boxes are boards in which for example, a business' name is on, and can be lit up at nighttime. Offer a light-box cleaning service and offer to clean the light-box once a week/biweekly/monthly for $10 per cleaning. It does not sound like much, but it takes about 10 minutes to clean, and you will have repeat customers if you do the job well. You will need a good window washing cleaner, squeegee, broomstick, stepladder, bucket, and rags for cleaning. You could also offer to clean other signs as well to make more money.

Show and Tell Service
Offer a service to businesses to show their product in action. This might compare to a TV infomercial, but this video will be online. Instead of just telling potential customers how great their product is, you can help show them. You can charge an hourly rate, or a flat rate of $1,000 or more. You will need a digital camcorder and a video software program.

Hand Deliver Bills for Businesses
You can charge about $2 per delivery, depending on how far you must travel. Businesses will know that their bill will not get lost in the mail.

Office Space for an Hour?
Yes, since more and more people are becoming independent contractors, they no longer feel tied to a desk. However, sometimes we do need some space to ourselves, even if it is just for an hour or a day. The idea is that you rent or buy an office space, and then you rent it out to freelancers (or anyone else) who needs it, even if it's for as little as an hour.

Gift Certificates for the Business that Does not Have Them
Yes, some businesses do not even offer gift certificates! This is important to almost all businesses, especially around holidays and gift giving times. What if you want to surprise your loved one with an exciting experience, such as a hot air balloon ride? It will not be much of a surprise if you have to book it. Offer companies without gift certificates, the ability to sell gift certificates. You can make 10%-25% commission on each sale.

Order Fulfillment Services
For this one, you will need some extra storage space. You would hold a company's products, and mail them out as they are ordered. They could send you order forms as they come, daily, or weekly. You just distribute their products for them.

Coupons for Past Due Accounts
We have all experienced someone owing us money. For businesses, this is a common problem. Offer a service to help businesses keep on those people. Sell a coupon for about $10. The coupon will be a form in which they can provide their information, the past due account's information, and the money owed. They send the coupon to you, and you write the person a letter. By acting somewhat like collections, or a collection agency, of sorts, you are reminding the person that they owe money, and need to pay up. You could offer to send up to three letters for that $10. Each letter will increase in importance, urging the person to pay their dues.

Become an Interior Design Specialist
If you are great at designing rooms, getting themes together, and being creative and thrifty with home items, you could be a great Interior Design Specialist. You probably have all of the glossies on Home, Home Design, etc. You know just where to put things to make a room come together and shine. Everyone who enters it has probably complemented your own home so many times. So, use this passion of designing to make money and enjoy it.

Forget the Shoes! Women Love Purses
If you are looking for a new and exciting business venture there is one very prof-itable avenue you could take, selling women's purses. Now you may be asking how this could be profitable. Well, the simple fact is that women love their purses just as much as they love their shoes. In fact, women typically purchase just as many purses through their lifetime as they do shoes. There is a wide variety of reasons that a woman will buy a new purse, such as for a special occasion, to match the perfect dress or outfit, they are out-growing the current purse they carry, a new purse may have more features than the one they have, or just because they like what they see. A woman really does not have to have a "reason" to purchase herself a new purse.

Good With people? Become a Marketing Executive
If you feel you are someone with excellent selling skills, great ideas and are looking for an outstanding career opportunity, you should consider becoming a marketing executive. Within this career, you have the exciting and important responsibility of helping a company succeed. A marketing executive can work with a variety of different types of companies, as long as they sell a product, service, or idea; they need your experience, expertise, and ideas. Basically, a market executive position entails creating and managing the relationship that exists, or the company wants to exist, between the companies' services and products with the marketplace.

A Mobile Child Care Provider
This is not about the baby sitting jobs that you know of. This is a unique service which provides a lot of convenience to people who are very mobile in their day to day life.

Assist Them in Their Business Without Knowing Anything About It
You provide a needed service to business owners but you don't need to know a thing about their business to do it. And other business owners will help you. Making money couldn't get easier than this.

Shooting Concrete and Getting Paid
This is about a business idea which requires no initial investment, has almost zero running costs and earns big bucks for you. This one doesn't require you to invest much time even. A golden goose really.

Will You Marry Me?
There is huge demand for such a service and if you are the first one to capitalize on this business opportunity, it will be your's to monopolize.

Watering Your Way Into Money
If you?ve ever been in an office, especially cluttered with little cubicles, you know how dark and dreary they can be?no matter how much light is pouring through the windows.

Take out the trash for cash
Taking out the trash can be an inconvenient hassle for apartment and condo dwellers, especially those who have to lift heavy bags down flights of stairs and drag them to outdoor garbage bins. It becomes a downright treacherous chore in the heat and humidity of summer and the ice and snow of winter.

How to Make Money Stopping Germs
Everyone knows that germs spread disease. This happens when we shake hands with someone, touch things other people touch, sometimes just breathing the same air as a sick person we can get the germs they have. When our kids go to school, the doctor, to church, almost everywhere, they are exposed to germs. But what can we do about it?

Call My Agent
Besides Mom or Dad, who is the one person Oscar winners always thank? Their agent. While nothing can beat the pride parents must feel when their children grow up to be award-winning actors, the agent enjoys one benefit the parents don't. The agent gets paid!

Stuffing on the Side
Wouldn't it be great to make decent money on the side? Especially if you could do so easily, quickly, and without much thought?

How To Make Money By Staying Up At Night
Are you one of those people who have trouble with sleeping at night? Would you rather sleep during the day? What if I told you that it was possible to make money by staying up at night or just by being a light sleeper? Would you be interested in having a company pay you for your sleeping problems?