Start Up Manuals


Public Domain Reports
Learn how to find and publish Public Domain information. These reports were written by Dave Vallieres and they sell all over the internet for $29.99 -- $69.00. For a very limited time you can get them for free as part of your membership. As an added bonus I've added some additional material that was not included in Dave's original work included Online Resources and an important update that greatly simplifies the process of determining the copyright status of a work. Be sure to download these now -- they won't be available for long.

How To Turn Someone Else's Trash into Your Cash
Quick and easy way to make extra money recycling common everyday items. In this Start Up Manual Debbie Wright tells you how she got started making extra money recycling and how you can do it too.

"How I Made $1,447 Profit Online, In Just 16 Days, Using 100% FREE Advertising!"
Very creative idea that shows you how to make money from 100% Free Advertising.

The Wonderful World Of Podcasting!
Is a fear of technology leaving you and your business behind? If you have heard about "Pod Casting" and wondered what all the buzz is about, you are one step ahead of many online marketers. But, many people are scared off when they hear the term "podcasting." If you would like to get the no risk, straight scoop and learn just how easy and profitible it can be, at the very least you need to take a look and make an intelligent decision before you sell yourself short!

Insider Secrets to Real Estate Investing
Have you ever wondered about investing in real estate? Maybe one sleepless night you tuned in to one of those infomercials that promises you the moon. You know the ones we're talking about. They always show "Joe Slick" and his blonde wife and 1.5 kids basking by their Olympic sized swimming pool behind a mansion that makes the Taj Majal look like a chicken coop! They go on to tell you how you can do the same thing almost immediately and all it will cost you to find out is five thousand dollars! Yeah right and there's a bridge for sale too! Well, here's your chance to get the real deal. Real Estate Investment for Beginners is written by a successful veteran of real world Real Estate. Get the answers to all your questions and do it without "Joe Slick" and all his phoney garbage. If you've ever wondered whether it's really possible to make money in real estate, here's your chance to find out.