Quick Cash Ideas


Scoop for Money
This may sound like an odd job for anyone to purposely choose, but when you find out how much money that you can make, it may sound much more appealing! Offer to pick up after people's family dogs and be paid well for doing it. Yes, I am talking about cleaning up dog droppings! Clean up peoples yards for an average price of $10 a week, find 650 customers that live relatively close to each other for a total of about $26,000 a month.

Cleaning Under Pressure
You can have a successful and profitable business using a pressure washer to wash other people's items for them. It seems the more busy people get, the less time they can find to do these cleaning jobs themselves, they will gladly pay you to take care of it for them. You should easily be able to make up to $50 or more an hour!

Gutter Cleaning and Tuning
Most people put this chore off because they hate doing it. Why not offer your own service company that is happy to take care of cleaning gutters for those that are just too busy or don't want to do it? Charge a reasonable fee and they will call you regularly!

Stripping is Profitable
There are businesses that collect copper wire to recycle the copper in them. You can start a business that just strips these wires down to nothing but the copper. The official name for this type of business is a wire processor.

Stump Space
Tree stumps cause a problem for homeowners and business owners alike. Sure, the tree that was in the way or causing problems is now gone, but often left behind is a stump that takes up needed space and often can be dangerous. Offer a service to get rid of these nuisance stumps by grinding them down and hauling them away. No more unsightly trunk or tripping hazards! You could charge about $3 per square inch, with a minimum charge of about $150.

Building Trash
So much trash needs removal when any building goes up and the builders do not have the equipment, or time, to do it themselves. Offer a dry trash removal service for builders. You should charge either an hourly fee or a set fee for each job you take on. Make sure you are ahead of the competition in your area - that would be anyone who offers trash removal of that size.

Make Money - Help Businesses
Help businesses get the word out about their new or old business - by offering consumers discount certificates. The only costs incurred are the printing costs of the certificates. You can sell the certificates on your website for half of what they are worth, to make a good profit.

Sparkling Windows
All businesses need clean windows and this can be a job, or 'business idea', you can do without an office! Your success may depend on the competition in your area. You can also get residential customers to keep your business going, although your big bucks will come from businesses. Since the turn of the century, we have much more emphasis on ecologically sound cleaning products, so you might also offer a 'green' way to clean their windows!

Competitive Swimming Gear
Start a business that specializes in selling competitive or other swimming gear from a booth at swim meets and competitions. If you have ever attended any kind of swimming competition, you will likely be familiar with the kind of excitement and that these events generate. Even people who have never spent more than an afternoon in the water will imagine themselves slashing through the water in pursuit of a medal. Your business will cash in on the enthusiasm and excitement that these kinds of competitions generate.

Make Wooden Blinds Shine
Since wooden blinds are generally exposed to direct sunlight, not only do they get dusty, but they also start to fade and lose their warm glow unless they are lovingly cared for with conditioning oil and a little gentle wiping. You can offer a service to people cleaning and helping to restore the beauty of their wooden blinds.

Are you in good physical shape? Do you love riding your bike around town? Do you know your city like the back of your hand? Do the sites and smells of your city and the rush of seeing the ground fly by beneath you bring real exhilaration into your life? Do you wish to work the hours of your own choosing in a profession that lets you be out of doors for a good majority of the time? Then you are the perfect person to start a bike courier business!

Getting Away From Nature
As the weather turns warmer, people open up their windows to let in the warm spring or summer air. Once the holes appear, what is a homeowner to do? You can offer a service that repairs these window and door screens!

Bird Poop
On a warm sunny day, have you ever rejoiced to find the last parking space under a shady tree knowing that your car will not be a furnace when you return? If you have, then you likely also know the feeling of emerging from your home, office, or the store that you had popped into for just a moment, only to find that your car had been assaulted by a flock of birds that had also sought refuge from the heat in the very same tree over your car and your once beautiful shiny car is now covered in bird poop? If it hasn't happened to you yet, it is likely only a matter of time. You are going to be a car owner's new best friend. You will begin offering kits to car owners that they can keep stored in their car to remove these nasty bird droppings before they even have a chance to do permanent damage to their car's surfaces, because let's face it, when it comes to bird poop 'an ounce of preparedness is worth a pound of cure'. You should be able to sell these kits for an average of $30 each.

Take a Vacation? Really
While some people have the time and financial resources needed to take a vacation, they are just too afraid of leaving behind a beloved pet or group of animals. They may have a dog that is too large or fragile for a kennel or a cat that needs daily insulin shots. For these people, the idea of taking a vacation is just an unattainable dream because they cannot find any way to care for their responsibilities and leave town at the same time.

Attention Tourists!
There is a man in Hawaii that stands on a main street with seven colorful and bright parrots on his arms and shoulders. As tourists pass, he offers to take their picture with the parrots on them for $15. In just one hour of four photos, he makes $60! He uses a Polaroid© for the pictures, you could also use a digital camera with a portable printer. You could do this too with any type of tame exotic animal or animals.

Carpet Removal
Carpets simply do not last forever and many wealthy people like to replace them right away to fit their home décor. Start and run a carpet removal service to take out the old carpet before a new one is installed. You can also team up with businesses that lay carpets to get more business. You will need a box cutting knife, carpet grabbers, pinch bar, floor scraper, and a vinyl lifter machine.

Bike Servicing
Offer a mobile service to fix and adjust people's bikes by going to their home or office to fix them. Many people would rather have the service delivered to them than doing it themselves, or bringing it somewhere to have it fixed. You could charge $20 per visit and adjust the fee for whatever service you may perform on their bike.

Fertilizing Lawns
Offer a service where you fertilize people's lawns for them. You will need the fertilizer, then spread the fertilizer on the lawn and then water the lawn after. Many people do this every year, or more often, and some people would like to fertilize regularly, but forget or don't find the time to do it. You can save them a lot of time and frustration by offering this service. You could charge about $20 per hour.

Screen Supplies and Installation
One thing that makes our homes cozy is that we do not have to worry about small animals and insects getting into our homes all of the time. That is because we have screens in our windows and on our doors. The problem is that these screens can be fragile and break, rip, or are somehow damaged and need replacing. Most people do not want to do these needed repairs themselves, so offer a service where you install/replace their screens for them. You could charge about $50 per screen.

Sparkling Bathrooms
Offer a cleaning service that specializes in cleaning bathrooms only, for regular and business customers. You could charge $30 per bathroom for this job, depending on how many toilets there are. You will need lots of good cleaning supplies: durable gloves, mops and buckets, spray bottles, SOS pads, sponges, paper towels, toilet brushes, and commercial grade cleaning products.

Bachelor Laundry Service
Let's face it, many single men are messy, lazy, or simply don't have time to bother with laundry. Offer a service where you wash, dry, fold, and iron clothes that need it. You could charge $10 per load and extra for ironing by the piece.

Tough Cleaners
We have all learned over the past decade or so how harmful cleaning chemicals can be, and that there are businesses that sell perfectly safe cleaning products. Offer a cleaning business where you only use non-toxic cleaning products. You can educate your clients on how healthy it is to clean with non-toxic cleaners. You should charge about $40 per hour for this exciting new type of business.

Make Money Walking Dogs
Walk dogs for cash. If you have a dog you already walk everyday, this would be a great business for you! Why not add a few more dogs to your walk and make some money while you are walking your own?

Pick This Up At Yard Sales for Quick Profit
I tested this idea out last week and it works like a charm. This is a common item you can find at yard sales and turn around for a quick profit...

This Company Pays Top Dollar for Used Cell Phones
Got a used cell phone you no longer need? Turn it into cash fast...

Cleaning for the Riches
Professional cleaners now make anywhere from $20 to $50 an hour. If you have had experience, such as cleaning at a hotel, restaurant, etc. you need to get in on this! Place business cards and flyers for your cleaning services in affluent areas of your locale. Most wealthy people simply do not have the time, or do not want to, clean their own home. You can clean once a week, which would usually take about 3-6 hours, depending on how large the home is. If the latter were the case, and you charged $20 an hour, you would make $60 in just three hours. Add clients for each day of the week, and you are in business!

Buy Products Cheap and Sell for Profits
Many people are catching onto this increasingly popular business. You simply buy items for very little and sell them for what they are really worth, thereby making a profit.

Making Money with Your Camera
One of the easiest ways of making extra money is with a camera. More people own cameras than radios, and photography is the fastest growing hobby in the world.

Need Cash Fast? Shovel Snow, Cut Grass, etc.
Here are some simple ideas you can do to earn some quick cash for gas, maybe some baby formula, diapers, food, rent, etc.

A Recycler That Makes Good Money Doing Nothing
John doesn't like to work; rather, he doesn't need to work. He owns this business that runs all by itself, so he doesn't need to work. He recycles something precious that some people don't need but others would love to have. The profits just keep piling up all the time for him.

Celebrating Multiple Christmases for a Fee
Ever thought of celebrating more than one Christmas at the same time and getting paid for it too? Well... Maybe you should.

Need Quick Cash? Time to Clean House!
Take a look around your house, right now from where you are sitting. Take note of things surrounding you that you never use, don?t like and are just sitting there collecting dust. These items are taking up space in your home that you could utilize for other useful things.

Scoop poop & rake in the bucks
Ask any dog owner why he loves his dog, and he'll probably give you a laundry list of reasons ranging from companionship to unconditional love. But, ask what he doesn't like about being a dog owner, and you're probably going to hear: cleaning up after the dog.

Customize the handwriting that will sign your paychecks
It's a common scenario: you receive an important document via email that needs signed and sent back immediately. You download the document, print it out and sign it. Now, you have to scan it back to the computer (if you even have a scanner). Then, after it's scanned, you can finally send it back.

Make Money on the Go
Diamonds are a girl's best friend. At least, that's the common notion. In fact, women spend thousands of dollars every year purchasing jewelry. It's no surprise, then, that jewelry is big business. In 2004 alone, Americans spent more than $57.4 dollars on jewelry and watches, a rise of almost seven percent from 2003.

A Business You Can Start in 10 Minutes for $0
Looking for a business you can start right now with $0 investment? Here is a quick little no risk business you can start right now. You won't get rich doing this but it could turn into a nice monthly residual profit stream. Here is what it's all about...

Help Your Neighbors Earn You Money
Everyone has a garage or basement full of junk they don?t need or want, although they might not have enough for a proper yard sale. You can take advantage of this knowledge and use it to earn big bucks on your weekends.

Sunshine and Dollars
Imagine this. It is a hot, sunny day at the kids' soccer game and everyone is cheering on the edge of the field. As the sun increases, sweaty, thirsty kids pour off the field, running to their parents for drinks and snacks. A well-organized parent will probably have a bottle of water and the team might offer orange slices, but what about when those run out?

Living and Getting Paid for It!
I spent several years of my life with no fixed address, living in other people?s homes and receiving money just for living my daily life. How did I do it? Read on to find out.

Holiday Cash
Think about Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween. The beautiful decorations everywhere, the sense of holiday spirit you feel just walking down the street. Imagine cashing in on every major holiday and a few in between, too.