Weird Stuff


Make Hoarding Profitable
Okay for all of you hoarders out there thinking that you can make some money by hoarding, sorry this is a different type of hoarding. This a different form of hoarding than the type recently made known by the media as a psychological problem. We are today talking about the hoarding that goes on around a construction site. Hoarding is the term used for the temporary plywood fences that are placed around a construction site, to keep people safe and out of the way. You can make good money by advertising legally on these temporary safety fences

Worm Charming
Sell expeditions to groups of people on worm charming. Yes, worm charming! You can teach people (and yourself first) how to "charm" worms out of their homes in the ground. You could even hold a competition! You can charge $40 per person. This would also be great for schools, daycares, and anywhere else, children are.

Bloody Work
Most people are aware of how crime scene investigators handle a room filled with blood or other evidence of a crime. In addition to the biological evidence that they collect, they add to the mess with fingerprinting dust and other chemicals. However, what happens after they leave? It has to be cleaned up by someone. You could start a business that specializes in cleaning up these sorts of messes and make from $100 to $600 an hour.

Organize Moves
Every day of the year, somebody somewhere is packing up their belongings and relocating to a new town or city. This is usually an overwhelming task that most people would love to avoid if they could; this is where you come in. Offer to take the stress of a move out of the movers' hands and take on the task for them. Most people will gladly pay you well to take care of the numerous decisions and tasks required for a smooth move.

Chance for a Prize
Offer businesses a way to easily hold a prize drawing by helping them orchestrate a contest. You supply the business with the prize and the tickets; also offer to record the customer's information. Brainstorm and have several contest ideas in several price ranges charge each business so that you will turn a respectable profit. You may also want to draw the random winner name to keep the contest fair.

Clipping Cat Claws
It's just a fact of life; cats are born with claws, just like people have fingernails and toenails. Clipping a house cat's claws is a hassle for any cat owner. Do you have a natural affinity for cats? Would you like to turn your love of these furry fellows into a profession? You could do this with your new business! You could charge 20$ per cat whose nails you will clip.

Out With Linoleum
This will be your new business! When the linoleum flooring has outlived its usefulness for a building or homeowner, you will remove and dispose of it! You can charge between 15 and 40 dollars an hour, per job, for the removal of their existing linoleum flooring.

Itchy Patch
With the close contact of children in schools and day cares, outbreaks of head lice is a common occurrence. Once a parent discovers these horrible little creatures on their child's scalp, they usually also discover that other members of the family are also infected. You will offer your services to help them remove the lice and decontaminate their home to prevent any future outbreaks. You can charge up to $50 per hour for your services.

Painting Fun for Kids
Offer the paints and canvas for kids to use for painting, only they can throw the paint, use their fingers, and even roll around in the paint, to paint with their bodies. Find the most inexpensive paints you can (since kids tend to use a lot of it). You can offer this painting fun at fairs, flea markets, and any type of kids' show or event. You will need to figure out how much your costs are and figure out the best fee for each child. You could probably charge about $50 per child.

Stories from the Grave
Offer cemetery tours, tell the stories of those who have passed and are buried in that particular cemetery. You can take up to 10 people and charge $100 per hour. The tour would usually take about 2 hours. Any longer and it could get boring or tiresome for the group. You will need to research the stories, memorize them, tell the stories well, and be great with people. You'll probably want to get permission from the cemetery's local administrator first. Market to tourists!

Here Comes the Bride...and Groom with no Religion in the Way
Start a business marrying couples without a religious preference. Many people believe this is not possible, but it is! You will need to get an instant ordination, which will allow you legally to marry couples. You can charge about $250 for the ceremony, and $150 for the reception.

Prison Presents
Unfortunately, it happens. Someone you care about receives a prison sentence. Start a business that sends gift packages to the ones they care about in prison. Customers would call you or order online. You get the items together and send them along to the prisoner.

Video Taping Service for Funeral/Memorial Ceremonies
Some people do want something extra to remember their loved ones passed on. Offer to video tape a ceremony. You can charge about $200 per service and tape or CD/DVD, and then extra for additional DVDs. You will need a digital video camera and a tripod.

Pet Worming Service
When a cat or dog needs medication for worms, you can bet that the owner would rather have someone else do it. Most people will take their pets to their vet to have them do it. That can be expensive. Offer a service that goes to the pet owner's home and does it for them. You can charge $10 for the service plus whatever the cost of the worming medication is. You must be an animal lover to do this job. Treat the pets with respect, and you will earn your customer's respect. Remember to use disposable gloves each time.

Teach New Age Topics
There is such a large market of people who want to learn new age material. This could be about a variety of magic, folklores, myths, angel, astrology, Bates Method, color therapy, creative visualization, dragons, dunes, tales, and more. You can teach via mail, email, audio CDs, videos, etc. Once you have completed the course and it is ready to sell, there is not much work after that but selling it.

Teach People to Breed Earthworms
Earthworms have so many benefits, especially for fishing-bait and gardens. It can be an inconvenience, and costly to go to your local store to buy them. If you can find avid gardeners and anglers, you can teach them how to breed their own earthworms through DVDs, Videos, Books, Internet Classes, and more.

Getting the Cats Ready for the Catwalk
David has given an altogether new meaning to the term "catwalk." He thinks of catwalks as cats walking down the ramp. And he thinks of not just catwalk, but also dogwalk, horsewalk, etc. David is not an event organizer nor does he work for a zoo. He just runs an interesting business that is hugely profitable.

When People Turn Their Backs on You, They Have to Pay You
And they pay you very happily indeed. If they don't turn their backs on you, you make them turn their backs on you.

I Am On Sale
We are not suggesting any kind of slavery here. What you sell will still belong to you completely and will still remain with you always.

Get Paid for Adding Garbage to Their House
People have started buying garbage - that seems like an impossible thing, however, that is happening in New York.

An Exotic Way of Money Making
It's a strange way to make money. Rather, it's a way to make money selling something strange. This is a business where you don't need to think about creating a niche for yourself since the business is a niche in itself.

An Overnight Celebrity of a Kind
John has become a celebrity for the tourists. They flock around him for pictures. These pictures are not the scenic views but something unique which is not even characteristic of that place.

How Your Dog Can Make You Money
Let's face it. Geese aren't the friendliest of all animals, especially if you've got something they want; i.e. food. Plus, they tend to leave their waste behind (one goose makes about one pound of waste each day!) wherever they go-golf courses, parks, cemeteries, schoolyards. In short, geese can be a nuisance.

Greetings by the Yard
There's a fun business spreading throughout the nation faster than the dandelions in my neighbor's yard. It combines surprise, celebration, and undercover operation. But be forewarned. This opportunity isn't for just anyone. You must be willing to brave the dark of night and deceive unsuspecting victims. Even more importantly, you must love a good practical joke.

Once Upon A Time
Have I got a story for you! It's about a guy who traveled the Midwest meeting hundreds of people, having loads of fun, and making money in the process. Sound like a fairy tale? Well, it's true. You could lead such a charmed life, too. And it's easier than you might think.

Making Money from Your Closet or Storage
All your life you have loved purses. Big ones, little ones, unique ones, designer ones, it did not matter, you just had to buy it. Now you have a closet full of purses, boxes stored in the attic and even some in a storage area. After all, you just can't bear to part with them!

Prophecy for Profit.
Have you ever been thinking about someone only to have the phone start ringing and for it to be them getting in touch? Have you ever thought that you might be just a little psychic? If so, then a career in the fascinating field of fortune telling and prediction might be a possibility.

Getting into Character
Eleven years ago, motivated by a need to supplement his income, Larry Greer made an amazing transformation. He became Abraham Lincoln. It seemed a natural offshoot for this professional actor who already had a healthy interest in the Civil War. But you don?t have to be an actor to impersonate historical figures. And you don?t have to impersonate someone as famous as Abraham Lincoln.