Auction Profits


Turn Your Clutter Into Money
This may sound impossible but it isn't! You may be surprised that the items that you don't use anymore could be considered treasures to other people that will gladly pay you good money for. Once you get a feel for what people are buying, you could search those popular items out at thrift stores and yard sales and sell them regularly.

Business Bankruptcy Profits
According to one statistical source, during the 2006 fiscal year, almost twenty thousand businesses in the United States filed for bankruptcy. In 2007 that number was up to 28 thousand and as of April of 2008, more than two thousand more businesses had already filed for bankruptcy. More than six thousand Canadian businesses filed for bankruptcy in 2007. The U.K. businesses are not faring much better. They reported almost twelve thousand bankruptcies during the year 2007. While these bankruptcies may be bad news for the business owners, they are good news for you!

Help Sell Instruments on EBay
Do you have experience with any area of the music industry or have any experience selling musical instruments? Are you able to play multiple musical instruments? Are you familiar with the inner workings of the auction site, eBay? If so, then your services are in demand!

Childhood Memories and Cash
Remember those toys you used to play with when you were a child? Most people do and love to collect them to remind them of their childhood. You can buy and sell novelty toys from the past. Sell them through your own website and through auction sites like eBay.

Create An EBay Store of Your Own
Many people do not like the hassle of listing their items on eBay, and then mailing out their items. Maybe they do not have an account; maybe they are not technologically astute. Whatever the reason, they often prefer to pay someone else to do it for them - you! Allow people to drop off their items, fill out a form, and then list them on eBay for them. You ship the items. You take a cut of the earnings, and send a payment to the original customer. You can do this from home, but if you do not want people coming to your home, you can offer to pick up the items for them.

PC & Video Games - Buy Cheaply on EBay, Sell at a Profit on Amazon
The power of selling on eBay is well known. There are markets for just about everything. Usually we only buy on eBay for pleasure, convenience, or to enable our online business to run smoothly - jiffy bags or other supplies, for example. But eBay is an excellent source of cheap merchandise that can be sold on through other online and real world marketplaces.

Hot Selling eBay item: Windows 98 Upgrade
You might think that selling CDs of a PC operating system that was first released 9 years ago was clutching at straws. You might also think that selling a PC operating system that is no longer actively supported by its manufacturer was nothing short of plain daft. However, you would be quite wrong.

eBay - What You Need to Know To Get Money Coming In
Over 724,000 million people either make a full time or a supplemental income from working eBay. And another 1.5 million say that eBay gives them additional income throughout the year.

Taking Your Ebay Home Business to a New Level
Over the last few years the number of people using eBay has grown rapidly. While many eBay users are just buying and selling for some extra cash or as a hobby, there are many people out there taking it to a new level. You could be one of them.

A Recycler That Makes Good Money Doing Nothing
John doesn't like to work; rather, he doesn't need to work. He owns this business that runs all by itself, so he doesn't need to work. He recycles something precious that some people don't need but others would love to have. The profits just keep piling up all the time for him.

Finding Products to Sell on eBay
One key for business success using eBay is sourcing products to sell. The first questions eBay sellers should ask themselves are: "What can I sell?" and "Where can I buy?"

The Very Basics of Ebay - Getting Started
So you want to sell stuff on eBay, but you have two minor problems: you don't know how and you don't have stuff. Not a problem. Keep reading for some tips to get you pointed in the right direction.

Selling Children's Items on Ebay
Selling for a profit on eBay is easy when you have kids. People are earning hundreds of dollars a month by selling kid related items.

Why Should Advertisers Make all the Money? Sell Old Ads and Make Money!
With more than 25,000 positive ratings, ebay seller, '237', knows what people want and knows how to keep them returning again and again: by finding and selling all the best vintage ads.

Here Is a Product Anyone Can Find Locally and Sell On eBay
Who else wants to make a few extra bucks on a part-time basis? Here is how you can you can make extra money by buying a certain niche product that is readily available in your area and reselling it on eBay.

How To Profit from a Little Known Source of Buried Treasure in Your Area
Here is a little-known technique for finding low cost merchandise to resell on eBay for huge profits.

Turn Your Snapshot Into a Jackpot: How to Sell Vacation Photos on Ebay
Every one has the potential to turn their snapshots into extra cash.

Odds and Ends: Combining Items for Successful Sales
Have you ever bought a portable cd player, a toy, or other similar device and forgot to buy batteries. Well some items should just be sold together. This informative article shows you how to know what items work together and how to sell them on eBay for much more than you paid for them.

Strange Sales: Cashing In On Bizarre Books
Ah, eBay, the world's biggest yard sale. You never know what you'll find among its millions of auctions-everything from solid gold statues to dryer lint. But it's so huge! What can you do to get a bidder's attention?

Making Cha-Ching on Chow: How to Sell Regional Food Specialties on Ebay
When travelers visit other states and cities, one of the most popular ways to take in the culture and ambiance of the destination is to sample the regional cuisine. New York style pizza, Chicago style hot dogs, Maine lobster, and New Orleans Cajun gumbo are famous dishes for visitors and natives alike. And even though it may not be possible to sell a hot dog or slice of pizza on ebay, certain more shippable and less perishable food items can be sold on ebay that will well represent your region and will delight customers with a little nostalgia for home or longing for a place once enjoyed. Food is very powerful, and knowing how to properly sell it on ebay can make you some real money.

Handbag Heaven
Custom desinged handbacks are in demand! This article tells you how to sell your one-of-a-kind functional art on eBay.

See Spot Sell: The World of Old Textbooks
Some naysayers claim that books don't sell well on eBay. They say book buyers always go to online bookstores like Amazon and Alibris, and that eBay is their last resort. When it comes to most new or used books, they may be right. But there's another area where eBay excels: in sales of nostalgia items. People go to eBay first to find toys from grade school, discontinued perfume from their teen years, rare LP albums they remember from college. Few items bring back childhood nostalgia more readily than an elementary school textbook.

Prep Work: Cleaning Items for Sale
Say you are wandering through your friendly neighborhood thrift store and your eyes lock on a real find, something you know you could sell on eBay if it were only in a little better condition. Good news!if you're willing to give it some TLC and a proper cleaning, it may be eminently sellable.

Turn News Into eBay Profits
If you are quick enough, sometimes news items can turn into healthy profits for you on eBay. People collect just about everything, and during election years, political junkies and historical enthusiasts are ready to dish out cold hard cash for what they perceive will be a collectable or an historically worthy item down the road.

eBay Sells Dead People
When Bob Hope passed away on July 27, 2003, hundreds of new 'Bob Hope' auctions appeared on eBay within hours. Crass? Maybe. Capitalistic? Probably. Profitable? Definitely!