Specialized Skills


Create Beauty for Profits
Are you one of those people that love to help others look their best? Do you have a natural flair with cosmetics? If you know how to create magic with powders, lipsticks, and shadows and you like transforming Cinderellas into princesses, then being a makeup artist could be the business for you. Makeup artists can turn a plain face into a work of art with just a flick of the wrist. Typically, makeup artists' will charge $25 to $100 per hour.

Save Lives with CPR
Have you learned how to administer CPR? This is the art of providing 'Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation' to help people in life-threatening situations, which have caused their hearts to stop. Many public school systems now require their students to learn this procedure before they can graduate. There are also many jobs that require their employees to be certified in CPR, before they hire them. Could you start a small business that provides the teaching of CPR? If you can, you could easily make from one to two hundred dollars an hour teaching classes.

The Money is in Creativity
This is one of the oldest professions in the world, carried on since the dawn of man. No it is nothing illegal, it is the profession of designing, creating, and selling beautiful and useful pottery items. Handmade pottery has been selling successfully for thousands of years; join in on the profits yourself. If your pottery is of good quality and unique, you could easily make a nice living selling your wares.

Catering Perfection
One of the main highlights of a party or celebration is the food provided. The food selection reflects the host, the occasion, and the importance. It can either make or break any business meeting, fundraising gala, or wedding event. The host has a lot on their plate and they like to make party planning as easy as possible, one-way to do so is by hiring a caterer.

Maintain and Encourage Green Options
Are you already skilled in basic vehicle maintenance and repairs? Here is a refreshing new business idea that you could start, it will most likely grow quickly for you. This is a new twist on an old service that has been offered successfully for decades. Everyone needs routine maintenance on their vehicles, year round. Could you offer something more appealing to vehicle owners? Show them how they could save money on their vehicle's routine maintenance and usage costs, and they should respond very positively to your company services.

Golf Lessons
If you have a love of the game of golf, you may very well be able to instruct newbie's in learning the game of golf and the needed techniques. This would not require you to be a professional golfer; you just need to remember what it was like for a beginner and help them out to the point that they can feel more relaxed playing an enjoyable game with friends and business associates. You could easily make $20 an hour or more!

Perfect Party Profits
If you have an eye for details and enjoy creating an enjoyable bash, you may want to look into a career in event planning. People hire planners to guarantee that all of the details of their event are taken care of properly. It is your job to ensure that the event runs smoothly. If you have the persistence and willingness to make a client's dream event come true, you may be the right person for this type of career.

Let Me Manage Your Project
This is a great business idea for those of you that are seriously organized, blessed with analytical thinking abilities, and very detail oriented. These are the qualities needed for a professional project manager. Share your skills by starting your own business offering project management to businesses and people that need your help.

A Dream Come True Planner
This type of career encourages a sense of creativity and resourcefulness. If you like to work with people, enjoy planning big parties, and are good at negotiating and networking you might consider becoming a wedding planner. Wedding planners help happy couples to enjoy one of the most important days of their lives and make wedding days as stress free an experience as possible for happy brides and grooms. For about 30 to 40 hours of work, you can plan to make from $1,000 to $3,000 per wedding.

Mural Madness
Here is a business idea for those of you that are artistic and love creating impressive art on a large scale. Murals are very popular and growing more-so all of the time. What exactly are murals? Murals are artwork applied on interior or exterior walls or ceilings of a house or building, typically on a large scale. They are one of humanities oldest art forms. They can add more color and interest to a room, fence, house, building, or any establishment. It takes the hand and eye of an artist to come up with a magnificent mural. If you have the skill, you can start your business and establish your name in this industry. A new muralist starting out should be able to make at least $30.00 an hour. After a year or so, you could change that to $50.00 or more per hour.

For the Love of Painting
Paint can add personality, self-expression, and life to any home. But most people hate painting itself --it takes a lot of time and skill to do the job right--plus you have to spread drop cloths over everything, climb around on ladders, and hope you don't get paint in your hair. However, if you enjoy painting and you have the talent and experience to deliver a first-class job, then this could be the business for you.

How About Comic Book Money?
Whether you enjoy drawing superheroes or dreaming up the dialog, creating your own comic books can be a fun way to earn money and expand your hobby. Comic books tell daring and stimulating stories with a mixture of lively characters, speech bubbles, and bright colors. All you need is a love of storytelling, brave heroes, and an extraordinary quest. If you are good at this particular art form, you can make a lot of money per page!

Expert Engineer to the Rescue
Are you one of those few people that love to put things together like bicycles, modular furniture, sports equipment, electronics, etc.? Would it be a dream come-true for you to accomplish this task regularly for other people or businesses? Why not use your natural ability and skills to assemble these items for those that cannot do it themselves, or do not want to do it, and be paid good money for it? You should be able to make from $15 - $50 an hour.

Patient Advocate
This is an excellent idea for anyone that is familiar with the local health care community. For people that have found themselves jobless or just in need of a job that offers more than paper pushing monotonously eight hours a day, this could be an area to look into making your future more enjoyable and meaningful. You can make from $15 to $50 an hour in this type of work, depending on what your experience is helping with patients, doctors, nurses, and hospitals.

Local Handy-Person to the Rescue
If you have acquired the skills to help other people out with simple to difficult repairs to their homes, you could do well with this business idea. In the last few years, there has been a growing need for professional repairs and renovations to people's homes. Can you offer your skills for people that need this help with their projects? Enjoy sharing your skills with others and make a very good income while doing it.

Your Musical Talents Could Lead To Money
If you are a patient person that enjoys working with people and are willing to teach your music skills to others, this could be a very enjoyable business idea to be involved in. Use your talent to teach others that would really like to learn from you. Do you play musical instruments or have the ability to sing well? You could make a very comfortable living by sharing and passing these skills on to others.

Offer Professional Duct Health Services
Since the turn of the century, we have learned that many of our common day practices have brought about unexpected health problems. One of these unexpected problems is that we have very unhealthy air in our buildings because of dirty air ducts and vents that have been ignored for many years. You can offer to clean these ducts and vents for your customers and make a healthy living for yourself while doing it.

Ancient Art Form Business
Here is an unusual business idea that has the potential to make you some extra money and eventually it could turn into a large business that could offer you a healthy income each month. This is the type of business that would appeal to a creative 'arts and crafts' person. The idea is starting a small craft business specializing in gourd arts and crafts.

Are You a Natural?
This is an interesting way to make an income, but it takes a natural skill that you can cash in on if you have learned to master it, especially if you did not even try! Are you always finding yourself the center of attention at parties making people laugh hysterically at your witty jokes and antics? This is a profession for you to take some time thinking about! Could you make money performing as a comedian?

Cash-In On Your Computer Skills
Are you an organized self-starter that has learned how to use a computer well? You may not realize this, but many people would gladly pay you a reasonable fee to teach them very basic computer skills. Do you have the patience to teach people how to use a computer? If you can answer 'yes' to this question, then this could be your future business venture. Of course, this skill would take a person with an outgoing personality that is friendly and remembers what it was like to not have had a basic knowledge of computers at one time.

Change for Money
If you are one of those people that have an eye for style, color, and a way of interacting well with people, then you may want to read more about this business idea. People that have a natural ability to view design and color and understand how they interact can use this ability in helping people make better choices in their clothing, hairstyles, makeup, facial hair, shoe shapes, and colors. How could this make you money? Charge for your skilled services and if you are good - people will pay you whatever you want for your professional help!

How Does Your Garden Grow?
Have you achieved the reputation of having a green thumb? If you can say 'yes' to this question you might want to think about passing on your gardening tips and skills to others willing to pay you to teach them. Offer fun educational classes in this field and enjoy your classes and the profit you can make teaching others. You could easily bring in $50,000 or more, per year.

Quilting Passion Profits
If quilting is a passionate hobby for you, this may be an idea that could turn into a full-time profitable business for you! If you enjoy sewing already, but have never tried quilting, this could be a field that you might like to learn and make money doing! This is a three billion dollar marketplace that you might enjoy making profit in, if you like to sew. People are always willing to pay more for handmade or unique pieces of art; many quilts are considered pieces of art because each quilt carries the individual style of the creator.

Offer People Relief
Are you a true believer of new age philosophies, ancient natural healing arts, and alternative holistic healing practices? Do you live in an area where these types of therapies are readily accepted? Offer your community a way to benefit from these alternative healing ideas and live a healthier lifestyle, overcoming the typical ailments that are plaguing our fast-paced lifestyles today. This business could offer you substantial profits if you are located in the right community and you are able to help others that are willing to search out and try new alternative therapies for their ailments.

Teach Personal Defense
Do you have a mastery of a particular type of self-defense that could benefit other people in your area of the world? Have you ever thought of sharing your expertise with people that feel they need to know more about how to defend themselves? Sad to say there are more and more people that need to learn these skills in order to protect themselves with the rise of violence, no matter where they live. Offer self-defense classes, feel good about what you are offering the community, and rake in the money for teaching them.

A Clean Computer is a Healthy Computer
With so many companies trying to stretch their dollar thinner and thinner to survive these economic hard times, offer an appealing service that companies would be willing to pay you to do for them. Your service, if done correctly and professionally, will help company computers stay cool and last longer. Charge per computer and you could easily make a bundle of profits in one day alone.

Teach A Dream Class for Profits
Have you ever dreamed of making money doing something you love to do? Have you ever wanted to teach others a favorite hobby, craft, or art form? This sounds like a fun business, doesn't it? Depending on what it is that you offer to teach others, you could easily make from $25 to $150 an hour teaching something that you love to do! It is the business of teaching crafts to others!

Demonstrate for Money!
Are you one of those people that love to be involved in surveys because you love sharing your opinions with other people? You could be the right personality type to actually start your own public opinion service. You can start by demonstrating new products and getting peoples opinions about the products. In doing this you will be encouraging people to buy a certain product that you are either demonstrating or sharing a small amount of the product with. Companies will be willing to pay you well for this!

Can't Always Afford New
Here is another great business idea for those of you that enjoy sewing. Seamstresses and tailors can make very good money sewing and mending clothes, but why not widen out in what you offer your customers and take advantage of the economic situations people find themselves in today. Many people can't afford to buy new furniture to replace the worn out furniture that they have, why not offer to freshen up their old furniture by providing custom fabric furniture covers? You will not make as much as they may have paid originally for their furniture, but you are sure to make from a few to several hundred dollars on each room project.

Take Out Pests for Money
This is an idea that you might want to look at through the eyes of the new century consumers. There is a growing concern over the health and welfare of the human race and the planet. Not to mention the bombardment of new medical study results showing that fabricated chemical concoctions, once thought to be safe for humans, are now blamed for many of our health problems today. Pesticides being one of many, this leads to a need of a more natural way of taking care of those age old pests plaguing humankind constantly. Offer a safe natural pest control system to a whole new generation and make a good living at the same time!

Offer Hand Knit Items for a Profit
Knitting is a much-loved hobby of many, both young and old. The look and feel of a handmade sweater or scarf is valued, especially when handmade or given with love. Imagine being able to provide high quality, well made, knitted; scarves, sweaters, bags, hats, toys, dog sweaters, and baby clothing. They make great gifts.

Real Estate Photography Profits
Do you have a passion and a skilled eye for photography? For those of you that really hate the eight-to-five commute and routine involved with your job, this may be an appealing business idea for you! Could you offer your photography services to the many real estate companies or homeowners in your area? You could visit an average of fifty sites a week and easily make an income of $50,000 a year, charging at least $25 for each property you photograph.

Share Your Art Skills for Money
Have you mastered a hobby to the point of becoming an expert at it? Many people have become excellent artists over the years and have learned a lot about their particular craft, is this you? If this is you, you might give thought to teaching others how to learn the skills you have learned over the years. This is a great idea for people that enjoy teaching others and find that teaching is a rewarding career choice. Depending on what it is that you offer to teach others, you could easily make from $25 to $150 an hour, while teaching an art that you love to do!

Become an Undercover Agent
Your success at this business idea will depend largely on your client's skills and your ability to represent them in ways that they do not even need to be aware of, or care. What is this undercover business idea? Representing talented artists and selling their works of art to the right people! Your client's success will depend largely on your success in representing them and their artwork. When you successfully sell a piece of their artwork, you will be able to make from 20% to 50% commissions on each sale. Obviously, this could prove to be a very rewarding business idea financially and if you enjoy sales and the art field, it can be personally rewarding too!

I Can Help You Get It
Have you ever wondered how people receive their judgments once a judge makes a decision about a case? I always assumed that the judicial branch of our government enforced their judges' decisions on matters. If you have ever been in a situation like this you probably quickly found out; that assumption is not so. Having a judgment in your favor is a good thing but collecting on it can be a real nightmare. This is where you could offer your services, much like a debt collector would, only you will be offering a judgment recovery service and receive a percentage of each judgment recovered that could easily end up in the thousands of dollars per case!

Sand Sculpture Profits
This is an unusual business idea, for most, but it is still one worth looking into for artistic and creative individuals. This field also requires that the artist be located near natural sources of sand, typically local beaches. Travel could be required also if you become successful. If you can master the art of working with sand and create elaborate works of art with it, you could have fun and make some money with a business like this. This may not offer a year round income, but it will sure help supplement your income well.

Make Money Maintaining Your Own Apiary
This is an idea that will appeal to our "green at heart" people. This business will benefit your local environment, the planet, and your pocket. This is another unique small business idea that has the potential to becoming a wonderful and rewarding way to work at home and be your own boss. It is a business that many people never give much thought to, only because they aren't all that aware that it is lucrative and quite easy for the right type of person. Start a small beekeeping business in your area!

Stained Glass Riches
Are you a creative artistic type that really likes working with your hands? This business idea may appeal to you if you have an appreciation for beautiful stained glass items. You could start a business that repairs others stained glass items, create your own beautiful pieces to sell, and even teach others how to make stained glass items themselves. You are sure to find plenty of business in all three fields while making as much money as you decide to make for yourself.

Polished Concrete Profits
A trend developing these days for building projects is the use of concrete in many different ways that we never used to find appealing. Part of the reason for its newfound popularity is that it is a green alternative. There are polished concrete counter tops and floorings now that are very popular and usually a less expensive choice for remodeling. If you are already a contractor, or if this seems like a field that you would like to learn, this business could easily bring in future profits of thousands of dollars a month for you.

Wi-Fi to the Rescue
Devices like personal computers, video game consoles, mobile cell phones, MP3 players, and personal digital assistant devices all offer much more to their users if they can connect to the Internet wirelessly. Wi-Fi is a common way to be able to do this with these devices. However, if you are traveling in or to an area that has no contact with a cell tower for mobile phones these devices cannot get through to the Internet. Find large populations that do not have access and you can charge people to subscribe to your Wi-Fi service. So 'Techies,' this idea is for you, this is where you can make a bundle of money if you know the areas and can provide the service!

Tailor Your Profits
If you are skilled at sewing, you might want to offer to provide alterations and tailoring for other businesses in your area. If you have the typical dry cleaners, drapery stores, retail clothing and rental stores, bridal shops, and fashion boutiques you have potential customers that would love to pay you for your services. You can work from home most of the time and make a healthy income by offering your special services.

Carve Out Your Profits
There are many popular art forms that require unusual skills, woodcarving is one of these. Do you carve wood or whittle as a hobby? You may never have given thought to making items to sell though have you? If you enjoy working with wood, you might start a business that sells these beautiful and unusual works of art. Interesting and unusual woodcarvings are very popular and can sell quite well.

Take Cyclists on a Ride to Remember
A new world-wide trend is taking place with the popularity of bicycle vacation tours everywhere. If you enjoy bicycling yourself, you might look into offering and conducting tours in your area's popular spots. To be successful you will need to offer unique, interesting, well-planned tours. This fun business could bring you potential profits of thousands of dollars a month!

Do I Have a Dollhouse For You!
A fun hobby can easily be turned into a profitable business. Most children and even some adults love playing with miniature dollhouses. If you can design, build, and sell these houses yourself, you could eventually become a well-known provider of popular dollhouses and turn your company into a half-million dollar a year business.

Water Taxi at your Service!
This is an interesting transportation 'business idea'! If you live near a body of water, this could be a very fun type of business to offer customers, especially if you love spending time in a boat. Depending on where you live, you could offer rides on unusual boats, rides with tours, or you could offer trips back and forth from one side of the body of water to another side, or to an island nearby and back. You could easily make a full-time job or part-time job out of this, depending on where you live and how busy the area is at different times of the year.

Teach People How to Master Parenthood
Offer a class in a subject that is not typically offered by most schools, but is definitely needed by most people in the world before they reach their twenties or earlier. With almost four million babies born each year in the United States alone, this could prove to be a lucrative 'business idea' worth looking into. Offer to teach first time parents how to be the best parents they can be, before their babies are born. Both parents and babies will benefit from your classes. Moreover, if you are successful with your helpful classes you could easily make many thousands of dollars a year.

Professional Painting for Money
Are you a true 'fine art' artist that loves to paint? Have you ever thought of turning your skill and passion for painting into a lucrative business? It is hard to say how much money you will make at this, because the art field can be fickle, but the more popular your work the more money you will generate, which could be many thousands of dollars a month.

Research History for Cash
If you are a person that loves to do in-depth research and investigate facts and information, this could be the 'business idea' and profession that you are looking for. Offer your services as a genealogical researcher to find out people's family trees, roots, and history. Many people would gladly pay you to do this for them, because they just don't have the time or skills to do it themselves. You could charge hundreds of dollars for each project you accept.

Wine Rack Madness
If you have basic woodworking and/or metalworking skills and the tools required, you might look into designing and creating unique wine racks that would appeal to all those people that want to store their many bottles of wine attractively. Many wine enthusiasts love to show off their wines from one-of-a-kind wine racks. Make designer wine racks and you will make big money selling your creations.

Teach an Exclusively Unique Disappearing Art Form
There are thousands of caterers and restaurant chefs that would love to learn how to make their own ice sculptures for their businesses. If you know how to create ice sculptures and feel skilled enough to teach this unique art to others, you could easily make about $50 an hour, per student, teaching others your craft.

Teach Child Victim Prevention
If you enjoy working with kids and parents and you know how to keep children safe, you could offer to teach kids safety skills, for dealing with strangers and anyone else that may threaten their safety. Charge per class and you should be able to make from $50 to $300 per class, depending on how many families sign up to take each class.

Glass Tinting
In some areas of the country where it is very hot for many months out of the year, this is not a luxury but essential for people's cars, boats, offices, and houses. The application on glass tinting is pretty easy to learn and is an affordable business that you could even operate from your own home, or a mobile business vehicle, if you wanted to. A typical application that takes about an hour to do could easily bring you one to two hundred dollars.

Help for Entrepreneurs
Help entrepreneurs through the maze of information overload; streamline the help that they can glean from all of the information available to them online and elsewhere. It will be very important that you remain positive throughout all of your help, cheering them on the whole way. According to U.S. statistics in 2008, there was an average of 2,356 people going into business for themselves every day. Make your money helping them get their businesses started!

Professional Image Consulting
There are more people now than ever needing help with their appearance, speech qualities, and essential manors in the business arena. Help business people project a proper and the most acceptable image expected of them, so that they can achieve their professional goals in life. You will be able to make thousands of dollars offering your services to individuals and businesses.

Offer Your Doula Skills
If you love caring for newborn babies and have a nurturing way about you, this business idea could appeal to you! Offer to help new mothers that have just given birth to their baby, or babies, adjust to caring for their new little one and themselves. When it comes to how much money you can make with this business idea it depends on where you live and your skills. You could easily offer your services for hundreds or even thousands of dollars per week

Easy Drive-by Profits
A field inspector visits many different kinds of properties such as a new restaurant, an office building, a foreclosed residence, or business building. Then the inspector does a basic inspection, fills out informational paperwork, and takes a few pictures of the property. You can be your own boss and decide on which jobs you want to take. If you can work about ten hours a week, you can easily make over $400 just by doing these simple drive-by inspections.

Testing, Testing
Offer a service where you 'test and tag' (which has the date for a passed test and when the next test needs to be done). Offer this service to those who use tools or machinery in their daily jobs. This service is needed for tradesmen and businesses to keep within the laws of the local government regulations and it ensures work safety, as well as honesty.

Back in Vogue Simplicity
Recent news reports have noticed a growing new lifestyle trend with people today. That trend is changing people's attitudes to a more simple or frugal lifestyle. If you think that you have the skills to help people learn how to go about accomplishing this, you may have a profitable 'business idea' and profession worth pursuing.

Cartoon Money
This is a more specialized area for making money on your own, but if you have the wit, humor, creativity, and the artistic skills try this fun 'business idea.' You might start out making extra money to supplement your income but once you are established in the field you could rake in the dough while performing a dream job.

What's In The Oven?
Are you a skilled baker that loves making baked deserts and bread items? If so, this might be an enjoyable and interesting 'business idea' that you could enjoy. There are a lot of towns and cities that could benefit from a small bakery that offers fresh, healthy, and basic baked food items.

Help People Get their Dream Job
Offer your services in counseling people with your marketing and personal skills to help them get the job they really want. This is a great time to take advantage of the fact that there are literally hundreds of thousands of people looking for jobs. Why not help them get the job they really want, instead of just any job they can find? Show them how and charge accordingly!

Game Additions
Video games and computer games are huge today; this market never seems to do badly. You can make money by creating add-ons for these games, provided the company legally allows you to design and offer add-ons to their games.

Lost Arts Money
A couple of generations back (before computers) young people had a lot more free time on their hands and learned practical skills and hobbies from their family members, neighborhood friends, and even in public schools. These once well-known common skills are slowly becoming popular again with the younger generations. If you have retained and used these skills yourself over the years, you might be able to make money teaching them to enthusiastic students of all ages.

Special Deliveries
Offer a personal service where you carefully and specially deliver fine arts and antiques to those who buy them. You could profit quite well by charging about $200 or more per delivery.

Call Out Alarm Service
If you have an interest or background in security services, use this skill to make money through your own business. Offer a service that will provide a thorough search of businesses when their security alarms goes off. You could charge a yearly fee of $200 or more per business.

Found in Translation
Many people have grown up with more than one language in their home. If they learn these languages well, they can use this skill to make money by translating between the languages they know for others that don't have this ability. If you can do this, you can translate anything from conversations, magazines, books, small articles on websites, etc.

Vocal Bucks
Voice actors are needed now more than ever for online commercials, online advertisements, and podcasts. You must have a nice voice to listen to, and the ability to pronounce words well. What you will make money-wise will depend on the project, which could be $25 up to $350 or more per project.

Yummy Decorations
Cake decorators can make good amounts of money and have fun too. If you are an artistic risk taker, you might be able to stand out against the competition. People no longer want standard or traditional wedding and birthday cakes to celebrate. They want something that everyone will remember well, something unique!

Promotion Brings More Money
If you have experience or education in promotions, you can help other businesses promote their company to bring them more business. You will have to work with these clients on a freelance basis, so you can be free to work with various businesses at the same time. Use your skills to make good money on your own!

One Person Lock Job
Locksmithing has evolved, but it is still a well-paid one-person job. You will need a clean professional appearance and the skills for installing and repairing locks. You can make about $50,000 per year. This is a great field of work to look into for the future. Government statistics estimate that the need for more locksmiths will keep increasing moderately and the profession appears to remain stable. The more things that people acquire and need to protect, the more work there will be for you.

In Need of Healthy Eggs
More and more women are finding that they are infertile but they want to have children. You can help them by finding an egg donation agency that fits their needs and desires. Provide them with your services by offering to find an egg donation. You could charge $1,000 to find them a donor in 30 days. You just need to do the research to match up a donor to the woman.

Non Profit Profits
Help people create foundations and charities. Many people would like to build one, but just do not know how. Even when reading on how to do it, it is still confusing! You can help set up a charity for about $250. However, foundations can prove to be more difficult to set up and will require you to charge much more.

Tax Preparation
It is now really easy to prepare taxes, but many people still hire someone else to do it for them. You can take a 10-week class, buy tax preparation software, and get started. You could specialize in preparing taxes for small businesses, self-employed individuals, large businesses, etc. Offer to take this big chore off the shoulders of others and make a good income while doing it!

Guitar Strap Buttons
Most guitars come with buttons on the bottom to attach a guitar strap, but no buttons on the top. This means that the owner would have to drill holes in the guitar, so they can attach a strap properly. You can solve this problem by offering your services to create a place to attach the strap to the top of the guitar. You could charge about $20 per guitar.

Rest Place for Traveling Execs
Executives and business owners need a place to rest and have some privacy when they are traveling heavily. You can offer an apartment finding and booking service to these tired executives. You could charge around $40 per booking.

Pretty Doors
Let's face it, doors are used so often that they get a lot of wear and it quickly shows on them. Offer a service that will re-stain or repaint and restore the original look of worn out doors. You should be able to charge at least $50 per door, if not more.

Take Out the Kitchen
You can help people when they are renovating their kitchens by offering a kitchen removal service. You just remove whatever they are renovating such as cupboard doors, appliances, discarded pipes, sinks, fixtures, etc... You could charge about $1000 or more depending on your expenses.

Renovating Business
At any given time, there is a building being renovated, whether it is an apartment, condominium, home, or commercial building. Renovating is an on-going business that you can get into, if you find this interesting and have an eye for what is in demand. Your niche market will be just the renovating part of the business - not repairperson work, this way customers will feel safer knowing that you specialize.

Changing Businesses Instead of Losing Them
Many businesses such as bars lost business and had to close down because of the smoking bans, but some changed ahead of time to keep their businesses running smoothly. If you have a good business sense and can predict changes ahead of time, you can make some good money in consulting these businesses in how to change and stay profitable.

Supply and Install Bars
The bars that we will be talking about in this article are commonplace in most public restrooms, but we don't think about the fact that there are many people that require the use of these bars when using the facilities. As people get weak with age or have an illness or disability, they need these handy bars. The most important ones are bathroom handrails. Why not start a business that installs these needed handrails and bars in people's homes for them?

Help People with Promotions
You will find that many people need to promote something - their business, clubs, societies, charities, etc. Help people gain more members or funds, with your counseling and promotion skills.

Pilates Fad
If you are an expert at Pilates, you can offer classes to teach people this exercise method. It is simple, popular, and effective, that is why people love it. You should be able to charge your students about $20 per class.

Artistic Automobiles
If you can draw or paint well, give thought to painting portraits of people's beloved autos. You can easily charge $150 and more, per framed portrait, plus whatever the shipping costs if you need to ship it.

Customized Embroidering
You have seen those spots at the mall where craftspeople of all kinds are creating and selling their specialty products. If you are skilled at embroidery, you can sell all sorts of fabric products and have your customers personalize them with embroidering that they want on a hat, t-shirt, dress shirt, wall hanging, etc. You will be able to charge for each product that you sell them and the embroidering too.

Ever Wanted to Teach?
You can have your own school built online in days. You need an administrator (probably you) and teachers. You would split the fees for classes between the two. This could provide you with a very good income.

Repeat Sales Make for Repeat Profits
Roofing is one business that keeps going and going. Offer a roofing rejuvenation service to your customers. Some people dislike the color of their roof tiles; don't like how aged they look, weather stains, mold, and more. Help your customers by keeping their new, or almost new, roofs look great and able to withstand weathering a little longer.

Ghostly Photos
With a good camera and a human model or the right program, you can create your very own "ghost" photos. You can create photos of ghosts from particular wars, or other events where there were specific costumes. You could charge $10-$20 per photo.

Yacht Rigging Inspections
Offer a service to Yacht owners to inspect all of their rigging (ropes and rope related equipment) so that they can be sure it is safe and in working order. You will want to charge the yacht owner depending on how large the yacht is, the bigger it is the larger the charge. You should start your fees at about $150. You could even hire others to do the inspecting for you.

Repainting Shutters and Blinds
Offer a service where you repaint people's shutters to match their room. This job can be tedious and annoying - making it easier for you to find customers! You can make good money by charging $30-$50 per shutter, for this service.

The Best Marketing Tools
In today's economy, no one wants to waste money on an expensive marketing campaign that doesn't work. Most businesses have smaller and smaller budgets for publicity and marketing, so they want to know that whatever they spend is going to get results. You could provide simple marketing campaign ideas to small businesses to help them get more 'bang' for their buck.

Big Bucks in Building
New renovations and buildings bring in jobs for just about everyone. You can make the same money construction workers do for half of the time spent working in construction clean up. Construction cleaners clear away debris, cleaning windows, dusting, polishing, vacuuming, shining floors, cleaning the garage, and cleaning the basement - everything needed to have the place ready for living or business.

Teach Music
Do you have a musical background? Have you ever taken or given a music lesson of any kind? Are you a person that is people oriented? If you can say 'yes' to any of these questions, you may be the perfect person to begin a Music Tutoring Agency.

Small Business IT Support
What does a small business owner do when their computer system is on the fritz? They usually have to pack it up and haul it down to a local big box store for a diagnosis and then wait days, weeks, or even months for the problems to be solved. You will start a service that provides on-call pc support for small businesses.

Aging with Health
Maintaining our health seems to get more difficult and complicated, as we grow older. You can help people stay healthy and target the senior citizen audience. Falling is a serious risk that many senior citizens need to worry about on a regular basis. Go to homes for a fall-prevention safety check where you mark down some hazardous areas in their homes and offer to fix them. You could charge $20 or more for this evaluation.

Do you have experience with the process of inventing new products? If so, then you are likely familiar with the frustration that inventors experience when they are seeking out a way to make a profit from their invention. You will help these struggling inventors to find a manufacturer to consider their invention. You would perform a service much like a talent agent who finds acting gigs for their actors!

Supervised Renovations
I guess this service could be seen as a 'wedding planner' for renovations. Market this service towards people that have two incomes and little time. You can earn money by supervising renovations by offering to; get bids and estimates, work with the winning bidder on when to start, make sure they have access to the home, then making sure they do the work required, solving any issues involved, etc. You could charge around $30 an hour for this 'business idea' service.

Book Restoration
Book lovers are generally known for having extensive collections of books. Many of these collections include older editions of their favorite books. These older editions are rarely in mint condition and usually could do with a little attention to make them readable again and restore their value. You could start a service that specializes in repairing or restoring these loved older books.

Cos-Play Money
Are you a natural with sewing? Do you like finding new and creative things to design and sew? Because there are so many teens and adults who love to dress up as their favorite comic book or video game character, you can create costumes for them. You can charge $350 or more per costume, depending on the amount of detail involved.

Take Inventory
Without some sort of inventory management, a business can stand to lose terrible amounts of profit or run the risk of not being able to provide their clients with the amounts of stock needed because it has run out. Managing any business' inventory takes skill and a definite attention to detail. If you have a knack for this or experience performing these tasks, you might be the perfect person to start a service where you perform this task for your clients.

Bathtub Resurfacing
With the fluctuating housing-market most people want their home to maintain as much market value as possible. Usually, an impressive kitchen or bathroom is what really cinches the deal for prospective homebuyers. While most people do not have the funds to completely remodel their bathrooms, most can afford to fix up what is a major focal point for their bathroom - their bathtub! And, you are just the person to do the job!

Fence Labor
While a general contractor might be a good person to turn to when you have several jobs to be taken care of, if you need a fence installed the best person for the project is someone that knows what they are doing. You might start an agency service that helps homeowners by supplying them with a person, or crew of people, that are qualified to install a safe, attractive, and affordable fence.

Make Money Counseling Students
As students advance toward graduation, they are under more and more pressure to choose a profession and decide on the college that will help them to obtain that career. This leaves them confused and overwhelmed, since most students have no point of reference and no idea where to start looking. You will offer a course of instruction to help them choose a career that they would be most suited for and apply to a school to help them achieve this career.

Girls Rule
Are you a reasonably attractive professional woman or man that takes a great deal of time and effort to present a well-put together image to everyone that you encounter? Do you have a positive attitude and enjoy working in high energy environments full of new faces and situations? Are you ready, willing, and able to leave an office job for something more exciting? If you can say an emphatic 'yes' to all of these questions, you are likely the perfect person to become an on-call host or bartender.

Doggie Dress Up
The great thing about this business idea is that, with a little sewing savvy and very little startup money, you can cash in on this growing trend. You will start a business creating outfits for dogs and other pets, of all sizes and appropriate for a large spectrum of occasions. Depending on the size and ostentatiousness of the outfit, you can charge anywhere between $5 and $100 per outfit. Allowing your customers to request outfits created to specific size, color, or occasion specifications would expand your repeat business as well.

Scaling Pools
No, this does not mean that you will be climbing up the sides of pools. It isn't that kind of 'scaling'. As calcium and other naturally occurring minerals deposit and build up on the surfaces of a swimming pool, a film referred to as 'scale' develops. You will offer your services to remove this scaling from the surfaces of your customer's swimming pools, possibly charging around $2-3 per square foot. Another great 'business idea' for the right person!

High School Football Profits
Football is such an 'all American' sport. Parents all over the country rejoice upon hearing that their child was chosen to be a part of their high school (or college) football team, or even as a member of the cheerleading squad that cheers on their football team. Since football is one of the most popular sports in the U.S., you will cash in on people's love of the sport by creating a magazine spotlighting each team within a particular state. You can sell these magazines for $15 each and also sell subscriptions to the same info on a web site for $10 a year.

Matching Legal Secretaries
Despite their title, Legal secretaries are not people who just answer phones and make copies. They must go through specialized training programs to become an official legal secretary. Usually they work closely with lawyers, attorneys, courts, governmental organizations, and certain businesses. Since busy lawyers are usually too busy to locate and hire competent legal secretaries for their firms, these positions go unfilled far longer than is productive for the firm. You will help these busy professionals out by creating a pool of legal secretaries from which you can find the perfect one for them!

Chimney Sweeping
As long as there have been chimneys, there have been chimney sweeps. This is because it didn't take our ancestors long to figure out that once wood had been burned and the smoke and ash traveled through the chimney, this smoke and ash will build up along the chimney walls and can eventually cause a chimney fire. A clean chimney is a safe chimney. You will start a business as a chimney sweep, inspecting, cleaning, and repairing chimneys to help people keep their homes and families safe as the weather turns colder.

Writing Tutor Money
While there are many intelligent people taking courses in college and graduate schools, many of them are not talented when it comes to writing essays, reports, or even a required thesis. They desperately need help to communicate their knowledge in written form to maintain their grade point averages so that they graduate and succeed at obtaining a job in their desired profession. You will offer your services to help them hone their writing skills. Your service will help them with their grammar, sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, and more.

Doll Clothing Collections
No matter how many new kinds of toys are introduced to the public, there will always be a special place reserved for dolls in peoples' homes and in their hearts. The collecting of dolls, as well as clothing and accessories for those dolls, appeals to people from the ages of two all the way up to ninety-two. Even grown women love dolls and finding new ways to decorate and dress them can be an enjoyable hobby. Most clothing and toy manufacturers forget that people like to change the clothing that their dolls wear just as often as they like to change their own clothing. Thus, it can often be almost impossible to find and purchase clothing for their dolls. You will fill this need by creating outfits specifically for these dolls.

Dating Cash
Are you a people-person with great communication skills? If you are also; an intuitive analytical person, that has a long history of friends coming to them for advice, whenever they are in need of a little direction in their lives. Then you may be the perfect person to start a new service offering dating advice to the lovelorn, which are down on their luck when it comes to attracting the right person. You will be a dating coach! Professional dating coaches are in high demand right now!

Help People Find a Job
While many employment agencies like to keep files documenting the many people who are looking for work, they mainly serve the companies that are looking for specific people to fill very specific positions. What about all those other people that came to them because they needed to find work? They sit at home, languishing away. Even the best and most professional people, find themselves unemployed from time to time, through no fault of their own. You can offer your services to these individuals to find the jobs that they so desperately need.

Dirty Pianos
Most people know that pianos need tuning about twice a year. In addition to tuning though, pianos need to be cleaned and it is recommended that this cleaning take place before the piano is tuned. You can offer a piano cleaning service that takes care of this need for about $30 per cleaning. This service would be invaluable to any business or individual who owns a piano and would be an especially important service for teachers, schools, and universities.

Teach Relaxation
Hold classes where you teach others the skills needed to relax themselves and those they care about. You could teach simple yoga poses, how to do basic massage, and breathing techniques. You should be able to charge about $50 per person per class.

Virtual Secretary Basic Business
For small businesses, every dollar spent has to serve a purpose. There are few people more frugal than a successful small business owner is. Because of this prudence, they generally cannot afford to add an additional salary to their payroll, especially, when there isn't much work for a secretary to do. While there is filing, copying, and phone calls to be managed, there is just not enough to justify paying someone every day to do it. That person would just be sitting around twiddling their thumbs for most of the week.

Magic for Kids
Whenever a parent is faced with the daunting task of hosting a children's party, after the food, their number one concern is having enough activities scheduled to keep the children busy and not running to the nearest phone to call their mothers to pick them up. Any successful children's party will definitely feature some sort of performer. While a clown is a classic choice, children are often frightened by a large adult with a painted face. And balloon animals will only hold a child's attention until it pops, again, scaring them. The best choice for children's parties is a magician. They mystify you with their amazing skill and force children to focus closely (and quietly) to try to figure out the trick or ruse involved. In addition, after the performance, they invariably have lots of questions for the magician such as, "How do you do that?"

Professional Home Advisor
If you are familiar with the general principles of real estate and have excellent people skills, you may be the perfect person to come to the aid of forlorn home sellers. You will be their professional home advisor! You will charge a flat fee to consult with the home seller and figure out why their home has not sold. While some things are not difficult to figure out, like a home that is priced above the average for a neighborhood, other factors may be at play, keeping potential buyers away.

Color Me Beautiful
Much like an image consultant would help a person to look their best by helping them choose the right color palette for their clothing and cosmetics, you will help people to make their room or home look its best by helping them choose a color palette and make sound buying decisions for decorating or redecorating their space. You should be able to charge between $100 and $200 for this initial consultation. If they would like further assistance, you could charge them an hourly fee for any time spent beyond this initial one to two hour consultation.

Engraving for Sophistication
An item engraved with a name or a set of initials is transformed into a one of a kind, personalized object. An item engraved with a thoughtful quote or creative word choice becomes a work of art. Because of these facts, the ability to engrave is a skill that is very valuable and easy to market. If you have the patience and passion necessary to learn the art of engraving along with a basic set of engraving tools, you can easily earn a great deal of money.

Caring For the Elderly
Another business you can start while at home is a daycare for the elderly. Many children are now grown and have their elderly parents living with them, but do not want them left alone while they are at work. You can open a home elder daycare on the same idea as a home daycare for children. However, you will need the right skills, entertainment, and equipment for the elderly. You will need training in CPR and first aid also. Help out families that need you to care for their mature loved ones and be paid well for it.

Auto Basics
This 'business idea' involves holding classes to give women the education that they missed out on by not taking 'auto shop' as an elective in school. You will teach your ignorant, yet intelligent, students how the average automobile engine functions. You will demystify the rumblings that they hear under the hood and help them to feel comfortable reading a car manual and confident enough to change their own oil or flat tire.

Wallpaper is Back
You can offer to hang wallpaper as a service and even sell wallpaper on-line. You will need wallpaper, measuring tape, scissors, box cutter, seam roller, wallpaper glue, etc. Sometimes you may be hired to just simply put up a wallpaper border in a room. You should be able to charge up to $300 per 8-hour day, for your service.

Musical Hobbies
Hold classes to teach others how to play a certain musical instrument. You could offer one-on-one lessons in your own home, the home of your student, or pay a venue to hold your classes there. What ever works best for you, you should be able to charge $25 - $100 an hour, per session with each student, provided you play these instruments well and are a respected and motivating teacher.

Assemble It
With the tough economic times most consumers are now facing, the task of fitting the purchase of needed furniture into an already taxed budget can be tricky. Because of this, more and more folks are turning to build-it-yourself items that can be purchased relatively inexpensively and are less pricey to ship. However, once the box is opened and the directions, which are rarely in English, are examined many people either immediately break out in a cold sweat, or just end up throwing up their hands in overwhelmed frustration after realizing the difficulty of the task-at-hand. This is where you come in!

Green Offices
Many companies are making the effort to be more planet friendly. They find that not only does it often save them money in supplies like ink and paper but also that statistically, employees miss fewer days at work and are generally more healthy and productive. This is where an innovative new business could really help them out. You will start a service that reviews a company's current work environment and helps them to institute simple solutions that will help them to generate less waste and to make their everyday surroundings more pleasant and less sterile.

Professional Dog Grooming
It's just a fact of life; dogs are born with nails and fur. Unfortunately, they don't also have the opposable thumbs needed to trim their own nails and brush and clean their fur. This leaves the task of grooming to their owners or to a costly professional pet groomer. Do you have a natural affinity for dogs and experience with grooming them? If so, then your knowledge is in demand! You can teach classes to show people how to properly and safely groom their dogs. You could charge about $10 or more per person and have a class limit of 10-20.

Bringing Hair to You
Bring hair extensions to those people that want longer and/or thicker hair but cannot or do not want to go to the salon to get it done. You can provide this service in their homes, or where they work, - wherever they choose. You could charge $30 to $50 per customer, which does not include the cost of the extensions. If you enjoy working with hair and are an expert at attaching hair extensions this could be the 'business idea' for you.

Baby Talk
It is a timeless story. The baby is crying and a pair of exhausted, overwrought parents struggle to figure out just why their baby is upset. The baby or toddler is frustrated and upset because they want something and cannot communicate just what it is that they want. They get more and more frustrated and upset and begin to cry. Babies and toddlers, although unable to communicate clearly through spoken language, can communicate clearly through sign language and at a remarkably young age too! This helps end the little one's frustration and encourages them to make efforts to communicate further needs in the future to get what they want instead of crying or throwing a fit. The parents are less stressed since they now know what their baby is trying to communicate. Moreover, just like that, we have a happy family!

Home Organization Service
Do you have an innate knack for organization? Are you good at sorting, labeling, and finding effective ways of using storage space? Do you have good people skills with an innate ability to empathize and communicate in a personable way with frustrated customers? Then you are just the person needed to help these unorganized people out! You can charge between $30 and $90 dollars an hour or agree up-front on a flat fee to complete the project.

Help the Deaf
Do you speak sign language? Are you itching to use your language skills more often so that you don't lose them? There are people out there who are looking for your help! You can start a business that will benefit persons in the deaf community. You could charge up to $40 an hour for sign language interpretation services.

Baby Bucks
Most parents would agree -- the most sleep deprived people in the world are new mothers (second, of course, would be new fathers). You can offer them the help they so desperately need as a newborn nanny.

A Gig for Geeks
If you have experience with computers and can find and repair a computer problem, people are in desperate need of your services! You should start a computer repair service, which offers to travel to a customer's home or small business to diagnose and fix problems with their computers.

Names In Stone
There are few surfaces available in this world that are harder and more long lasting than stone. While a diamond is forever, a stone is considerably cheaper and lasts just about as long! It is an inexpensive work surface and comes in an endless array of colors and sizes. Offer your customers a selection of customized engraved rocks and stones.

Cooking For Profits
Are you more at home in the kitchen than any room of the house? Does the idea of experimenting with fresh locally grown ingredients make you swoon? Well, as it turns out, you are just the person that many households are looking for! They do not have the time to cook a tasty good quality meal. The only real solution to their cooking needs is to hire a personal chef - you!

Work It
Are you a self-motivated "people" person who loves spending time at the gym? Does spending the time to make your body look better and run more effectively really make you happy? Then you are the perfect person to become a personalized fitness trainer, there are millions of people that want to lose weight and get in shape. People are in need of your skills!

The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation
Everyone strives to look and feel younger. The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation are a specific set of exercise that will make anyone feel healthier, more flexible, stronger, and have better stamina. Offer classes and informational products to teach people this beneficial type of exercise.

Bouncing To the Oldies
The more time passes, the more difficult it is for older people to find music that they enjoy. Fewer and fewer people are familiar with the songs that were popular in the 1930's, 1940's, and 1950's. The songs that created such strong memories for these older people are fading into history and members of these generations in particular go without hearing the songs that mean so much to them and bring back to mind so many important events in their life stories. This is where you come in!

Wedding Stuff
Are you a natural born party planner and organizer? Do you love making lists, forging new business contacts, and organizing activities? If so, then you are the perfect person to run a service providing all needed wedding decorations! Planning a wedding is a difficult challenge for anyone, time consuming and for most folks-- just plain hard to do. Just locating different vendors to perform the appropriate services is a huge part of the difficulty. Weddings can be the most stressful and emotionally intense time of a bride's life so any service that will help her bear that burden would be such a needed relief! Your fees would likely want to be in the ballpark of 15% of the total costs, depending on the prevailing market in your area.

Jackhammer and Labor Services
Are you an experienced jackhammer operator who wants to get away from a daily nine to five grind? Do you specialize in the operation of a specific type of jackhammer? Perhaps you prefer to use a hydraulic or electric jackhammer, or maybe a pneumatic drill is your jackhammer of choice? Are you experienced using all three? Then you could offer your services as a jackhammer operator for construction or remodeling projects! You can work for yourself and offer your services to anyone in your own convenient area and on your own schedule! Both construction business and property owners are already looking for you!

Melting the Metal
Are you a certified professional welder who wants to get away from a daily nine to five grind? Do you specialize in a specific kind of welding? Perhaps you prefer to work with steel, cast iron, aluminum, magnesium, stainless, or some other medium. If you can weld, you can work for yourself and offer your services to anyone in your own convenient area and on your own schedule! Business and property owners are already looking for you! You can charge about $50 per hour for each job.

It's A Leaky Business
In most homes, especially those with multiple residents, showers get a lot of use. Imagine how many times a day a shower is used in a typical home with four family members who shower daily! Talk about wear and tear!

Become A "Hoddie"
Are you at least seventeen years of age and itching to do physical hands-on work and to do it outdoors? Are you strong (able to repeatedly lift 100 pounds), good with tools and numbers, and willing to work hard in a team environment? Do you have good hand-eye coordination and a steady attention to detail and accuracy? Have you been trying to pursue a career in brickwork or to possibly learn skills that will help you improve your bricklaying skills? Are you in school learning basic masonry and interested in trying out some of the skills you are learning in a real world job situation? Then you are the perfect person to offer your services as an assistant to a bricklayer! Nationally, about 25% of bricklayers are self-employed and you could soon be counted among them!

Teach Simple Massage Techniques
Are you a licensed massage therapist? Do you want to find a way to earn money without standing on your feet all day, every day giving massages? Maybe you just need a change of pace. You can offer to teach the average person how to massage a loved one's sore muscles! While they will not be earning a degree, they WILL learn the handy knowledge needed to offer comfort to a friend or loved one with a muscle spasm or minor injury. You could charge between thirty and fifty dollars per student and teach a class lasting between forty-five minutes to an hour.

Resume and CV Investigations
You have probably known someone or heard of people lying in their CVs, or resumes. This can cause a huge problem with companies hiring people, because it requires a lot of time and money on their part, to thoroughly make a background check of every applicant's resume or CV. The research process can then cause applicants to wait an unusually long time to hear back from an interested employer. This is where you can offer your services.

Announcing New Life
When parents welcome a new baby to their family, it is the most amazing part of their lives. They just can't wait to let the world know about their newborn and celebrate this once in a lifetime event with their friends and loved ones via birth announcements. Help them do it in a fun, creative and cute way! If you can use Adobe Photoshop, you can do this and make good money while enjoying it.

Teach Color Lessons!
Color is an important part of our daily lives. Rooms are painted various colors to bring out certain feelings and emotions. We all use colors in our lives, even those that are not decorators. Teach others about the history of colors, color psychology, color symbolism, the value of color, as it is affected by various lighting choices. You could charge $50 per person for a two-hour class.

Business Organizer
Do you have an innate knack for organization? Are you good at making lists, keeping records, and creating checklists? Many business owners have a very difficult time staying or becoming organized, especially when it comes to paperwork of any kind. Some people don't even start a business, because they fear they'll be too disorganized. Offer a service where you help business people become and stay organized. You could specialize in up-and-coming small businesses, one-person operations, or generalize. Like many professional organizers who specialize in home organization, you could charge around $60 an hour.

Video and Photos to Ensure
When you want to protect your home and belongings with insurance, it is best to have photos, or a video, of your things so your insurance can estimate the value of them for you, and help you get back on your feet faster after a tragedy. Provide people with videos of their homes and belongings, so they can keep it in a safe place in case of a disaster. You could charge about $200 for a DVD of the client's home and belongings. You should charge about $10 extra per extra copy, if your client wants more than one copy.

Can You Fly?
Take aerial photos of homes for sale and offer them to real estate agents, potential customers, etc. You could sell these photos for $50 or more each. You could even sell them to existing homeowners. You do not have to get in a helicopter or airplane to take the photos; you can use a cherry picker for many types of pictures. You could even hire someone else to take the photos for you.

Cooking for Vegetarians
If you can cook, you can cater to a niche market - vegetarians. Offer classes on how to cook great meatless dishes. It should take about six lessons and you could charge about $100 per student. Even if you are not a vegetarian, you can still teach this class to those that are.

Recording the Little Things
Offer a service where you allow people to rent you out for a certain period-of-time to videotape or digitally record an important event. However, in this business, take the jobs the others in the field won't do. You will need to own a digital video camera, as well as an old-fashioned one. You will also need video editing software and a tripod. You can start out charging about $50 per hour. You should also charge a percentage upfront, such as 10%-30%.

Old T-Shirts and New Quilts
You can make a profit with old t-shirts by making quilts - blankets, pillowcases, and more. You could have someone bring you their old t-shirts and have them pay you to create a quilt out of them. You can charge $125 and up.

Master the Card
Card games are a great pastime and so much fun. However, many people do not know how to play different card games and would like to learn. Games such as poker, bridge, canasta, cribbage, gin, and so on, can help you make some money! Hold workshops to teach people how to play each type of game. You can stick to teaching one game, or hold different workshops at different times, for the different games. You will need a venue and should be able to profit by charging each person $20 for each class of around ten students.

Career Fashion Shopping Consultant
As a fashion-shopping consultant, you could work for a mall or shopping center offering your services to career men and women who need help finding what is fashionable and sharp for business wear. You could charge $150 for the first hour and about $120 for each hour thereafter. You will need to keep up with the latest fashions and styles and own a cell phone.

Teach - Have Fun and Make a Profit Too!
If you love to knit and sew, you can hold classes to teach people how to create their own item choices, by sewing or knitting them! You could do this in two classes that would be two hours per class. Charge about $40 per class. First, you will need to master knitting or sewing the purses, before you can teach it to others. Supply the necessary materials to your students, so they can make their first one by the time the class is completed.

Entertaining Profits
There's one thing that people hate about buying entertainment equipment - setting it up. It takes time, patience, and skill. Offer a service to set these devices up for people. Go for televisions, DVD players, stereos, game consoles, hi-fi systems, and more. You could charge $50 per item, or a $25 hourly fee. However, I think most people like the flat fee. Your target market will be seniors - those that didn't grow up with all of this new technology - and all the others that just can't figure it out.

Hair Extensions on the Move
Women always seem to want longer, thicker hair, especially for special occasions. Offer a hair extension service where you go to their homes to put the extensions in. You should charge about $50 per person.

Photographic Jewelry
Create jewelry art, custom made for people with their own photos. You can make photo jewelry as necklaces, bracelets, rings, or handbags, wallets, and more. You will need photos, Shrinky-Dink plastic for your printer, scissors, hole punch, sandpaper, spray sealer, epoxy resin, gold and silver leafing pen, adhesive, image editing software, etc.

Tutoring Life Skills
Some kids have trouble in school even with tutors, but it is not because they are unintelligent or unable to learn. It may just be something simple, such as needing help with studying skills, organizational skills and time management. Students can use these skills throughout their school careers, in everyday life, as well as throughout adulthood. You could charge $25 - $50 per hour depending on your education level. If you have not yet been trained in these areas yourself, you may want to look for classes on these subjects and get the education to show clients that you can teach these skills.

Japanese Names
You can start a business where you paint, print, or write someone's name in Japanese characters or symbols, their English name under it, and top it off with a nice frame. You could charge each customer $25 or more, for this product. You can sell online, in fairs, in a mall, etc. You could also do a variety of other languages, or just focus on one. You will probably sell more if you use more languages.

Cute Pet Uniforms
Yes, pet owners love to spend time with their pets and some even love to dress up their pets. One business has found success in creating uniforms for pets. You just need to have Adobe Photoshop and know how to use it. When people send pictures of their pets, you can put uniforms on them digitally. You could charge about $30 for this service, and provide your customers with a printed and framed photo.

Male Nannies
Believe it or not, there is an increasing demand for male nannies as kids in school are usually taught by women teachers, and many parents want their boys to have a good male role model, especially single mothers. You can expect to pay of about $25 per hour or $50,000 per year. You have to be good with kids, have worked with kids before, and have first aid and CPR training

Just for the Doors
Offer a service to repaint and rejuvenate doors for homeowners, property owners, and business owners. Unfortunately, just cleaning the doors cannot always bring them back to life, as it should. This is when the doors need sanding down and repainting. You should charge $50 per door or more. Practice on your own doors at home first and take before and after pictures to start-off your portfolio that you can show future customers

As Needed Security
Offer to watch businesses as a security officer, on an "as-needed" basis, for small businesses. You should charge about $170 per night and pay your security officers $120 per night; they should be former police officers or military only. You will need to be able to keep all of your information and records organized. You may prefer hiring guards that are willing to work for you as private contractors, as opposed to employees.

Written in Rock
Engraved stones can make a memorable and unique gift for anyone. For weddings, you could have a stone engraved with the couple's names and date of marriage. You could create welcome rocks, a picture of an animal for a vet, etc. You could learn how to carve the stones yourself or have someone else do it. You choose the price for your custom made rocks.

Party Bouncing
Sometimes parties can get a little out of hand and items are destroyed during the party. My Dad held a party where two drunken people clogged up his sewer with massive amounts of toilet paper and he had to pay $400 to have it cleaned up! You can provide a solution to this problem by providing security at parties. You escort people out when they get too unruly, mark down what was destroyed and by whom, and call the police department (you'll need a cell phone) if needed. You could even have every guest sign a form upon arrival stating that if they destroy something (even by accident) they will replace or pay to replace it.

Beautiful Eyes
Women tend to put a lot of work into their eyes with makeup, accessories, and eyebrow plucking. Shaping the brows is not easy work, especially when you are doing it yourself. Offer to shape women's eyebrows and come to them. This business would be best for a woman, because women are more apt to know more about eyebrow shaping and I don't think a woman would feel as comfortable with a man providing this service. You should charge about $40 per eyebrow shaping.

Digital Oil Painting
If you are fantastic with Photoshop and good at taking pictures, this is the business for you! With Photoshop, you can take a black and white photo of someone and paint colors on it. The end result should look like an oil painting without all of the, well, painting.

Audio Books on CD
You can buy bulk packages of CDs for about 30 cents a piece. If you use a book that is in the public domain (free of copyrights), you can sell those books on CDs for about $20 a piece. You could also work with authors, but you will want to pay them a royalty. Create a website and a catalogue where people can order your audio CDs. You will need; a digital recorder, disc burner, and a program to place the file on your computer that will enable you to burn the recordings to the CDs.

Cute Pet Portraits
I know my sister would love this one! Her babies are cats. Offer a service to take pet portraits. Offer many different sizes, which will change the price you charge. See how much it will cost you and raise it so you get a proper profit.

Pedicure on Wheels
Offer a service to people to come into their home to do pedicures for them. Some target markets might be pregnant women, those who cannot take care of their own feet, those who would rather have it done in their home and any others. A good selling point is that we often take care of our bodies well but often forget to take care of our feet. You could charge $50 for a soak, un-roughen, clip, shape, and polish.

Babysitting Service for Parents
When parents' age and can no longer take care of themselves, we usually place them in a nursing home. However, many people choose to move them into their own home and take care of them. These usually generous and caring people often deserve a night out! Offer to "baby sit" their parents so they can have a night out, catch up on work, relax...whatever. You could charge about $30 per hour. You should have training in CPR and first aid and even some nurse training.

Accent Withdrawal
Have you ever had a conversation with someone that had an accent and you did not really listen to what they said because you were so focused on their weird accent? Though we never want to admit it, this happens a lot. It's hard to be taken seriously when no one listens to what you are saying. Design a business that helps these people get rid of their heavy accents so that they can be listened too, for the right reasons!

Teach Bead Work
This is definitely something that not many people do anymore. They just rely on others and shop around for beaded jewelry in hopes to find a style they will enjoy. You can teach them how to make their own. It is not only useful and practical it is also loads of fun! You could charge about $70 per student. Keep the class down to how many you could handle, such as 15-20 students. Just make sure you have all the supplies and knowledge you will need to teach beading classes.

Get Creative and Unusual with Marketing
One man created a strange marketing message with his product: "Scaredy Cats," which are dog biscuits! It gets a lot of attention because of the name alone. All he has to do is park his re-painted old ice cream truck around, park somewhere, and give out free samples. The free samples get people to place orders. You could sell anything with an unusual name or marketing message. It gets people's attention better than standard advertising. People are curious.

Teach Chess to Beginners
Many people, like myself, never learned how to play Chess, but would love to know how. You can charge up to $2,000 for four beginners' classes. You can travel, and teach chess to people in person, or offer online classes. Make sure you offer a certificate of completion to your students who complete the class.

Make Pretty Gardens Even Better
Offer a service where you will leave almost everything to the landscapers. Offer a service to top the services offered by landscapers. What you would do is charge $50 an hour to plant colorful flowers, and change them twice a year.

Parrot Trainer
Parrots appear to be great pets to own, but they can be noisy, aggressive, destructive, and even pull out all their own feathers. These are just some attributes people do not know, or think about, when purchasing a parrot as a pet. You can help by being a parrot behavior consultant. You can even offer other services along with this, such as nail and wing trimming, cage makeovers, and pet sitting. You can charge $30 an hour for the consulting, and $50 for pet sitting. You should have a parrot of your own, and some training.

Novelty Baby Pictures
Parents cannot get enough baby pictures. Who could? Babies are just so cute! Offer a service where you enhance the baby's pictures by adding more "cuteness" to them with your favorite graphics software. Adobe Photoshop would work to professionally accomplish this task. For example, you could add a flower around a baby's face to frame it. You can charge $25 per photo.

Teach People More
It seems many people want to know more. Parents need to relearn simple subjects all over again so they can help their children with their homework, people want to learn more about their job to get a raise or promotion, and then there are people who always want to learn something new. Start your own training business by teaching people simple subjects. You can expand on the subjects you are already an expert at performing. You can hold classes, or teach via email or snail mail. On the other hand, hire a teaching staff and set everything up without teaching a thing.

Become an Actor
So, you want to act? So do many people in the world, however most do not go after their dreams because of fear. If you have a true deep passion for acting, then step it up. Market yourself, and go to auditions everyday. It takes determination, perseverance, a little luck, and the ability to take criticism to make it as an actor. You might not end up a Hollywood star, but you can live your dream if you let your fears go.

Paint Special Dishware for Special Occasions:
Can you paint? You may want to think about creating a business around it. Paint your own designs on generic dishware. Everyone loves dishware for different holidays, and dishware for everyday use. Knowing that their dish-sets are unique, and hand painted by a talented artist will make the sell easy. So, if you can paint, why not start a dishware painting service. Have fun, and make money at the same time.

Teach People How to Become More Organized
Become an expert organizer and make money with your skill. Many people just have too much stuff and not enough space. This causes mess and clutter that no one wants. People will pay you to teach them how to organize properly

Have Something to Teach? Hold Your Own Seminars
Seminars are wonderful if given by a great speaker. Many authors, life coaches, and others begin their careers holding seminars. People love to learn, and a seminar is usually a one-day event that they can squeeze into their busy lifestyle. You can charge $200 and up per person for your seminar, but it must be good. It has to be something people want to learn about. For example, finances, love, business, relationships, spirituality, life changes, and more are wonderful seminar topics. So, if you think you have what it takes to speak in front of a large crowd confidently, get started! You will need to do a lot of marketing. If people don't know your seminar is taking place, they can't go.

Make Some Extra Cash Writing and Teaching Online Classes
If you have a knack for teaching, or the unique ability to teach others, this may be a wonderful and rewarding career choice for you, not to mention a very lucrative one at that. Why not take advantage of this opportunity and teach students what you do best, whatever your skills.

Become a Video Game Designer
You know them. You have played them. You have seen the commercials. Have you ever fantasized of designing a video game? Well, you can. Video Games would not exist without a talented, artistic designer. Look for employment opportunities, or simply design your own games with the appropriate software. If you are good, you are in business!

Become a Nutritionist/Dietician
If you are passionate about eating healthy, and living a healthy lifestyle, becoming a nutritionist could be great for you. Not only would you learn so much more, you could help others achieve their own health goals.

Teach Others the Art of Meditation
Meditation is a part of traditions and religions in Asian countries, and has been for thousands and thousands of years. If you want to know more about how some of these religions use meditation as a tradition look up the religions of Shinto or Buddhism, among many others.

Teach Knitting Classes
Knitting is a great way hobby for some people. It is, however, a difficult skill to learn. Knitting can be fun, especially if you are good with your hands and enjoy doing similar activities such as sewing, arts, crafts, and more.

Create a Comfortable and Relaxed Space
Interior Design can be a very lucrative job. You might be wondering exactly what an Interior Designer does. It is really simple.

Get Paid When People Ride New Cars
This is an unusual service which solves a problem seen in a majority of human beings i.e. Fear of Being Taken Advantage Of. With negligible investment and low costs this business has the potential to realize huge profits.

How to Become a Personal Trainer
A trainer will help his or her employer maintain exquisite physical condition by designing a specialized exercise regiment for said client. There are many trainers who offer their clients a range of service from nutrition advice, to postural exercises, to behaviour change.

Design Graphics for Clothing
Many people have an artistic talent of some sort. Some people paint, some draw, others write. Some artists keep their talents as just a hobby they enjoy in their spare time, but some take it to the next level and pursue a career with their talents. Those people are usually more likely to stick with their career choice, and enjoy it much more than any other path they could have chosen.

Nothing But the Truth
Joe Brown goes to work excited every day because he knows he's about to uncover the truth about something. It may be a domestic investigation, an employee theft, or even a murder mystery. Whatever the case, there is never a dull moment. The best part of his job, however, is that he runs his business from home.

Se Habla Espańol?
A local car dealership increases its sales dramatically by making one very simple change. The church down the street now fills its 12:00 service every weekend because of the same change--Spanish!

Swing Your Partner
When Rosana Schoonover decided to use share her passion, she had no idea she would be stepping into a new career. That passion soon turned to profit as hundreds of men, women and children followed her lead.

May It Please the Court
Have you ever fantasized of a career in the judicial system? Does working with attorneys and judges sound like a dream job? Well, there is a way to make this dream come true and it doesn't require a law degree, a black robe, or a gavel.

Drinks To Go
What do an engineer, a doctor, and a librarian all have in common? The answer is that they all have the same job. No, this isn't a trick question. Individuals working in each of these fields also work for The Bar's Open, a bar-for-hire business. In addition, why do they moonlight as bartenders when they have other professions? Because not only can you make extra money, it's a whole lot of fun.

To Carb or Not To Carb?
Have you ever noticed most of the front covers of magazines littering the grocery store stands boast of some kind of miracle diet? Usually they are the same magazines with the pictures of scrumptious looking chocolate cakes and the promise of decadent recipes inside. No wonder Americans are confused about dieting, losing weight and staying healthy.

Good Shot!
What are you doing this weekend? Does Saturday afternoon virtually guarantee you'll be found at the football field, the baseball diamond, or even the swim meet, depending on the season? What if you could be making money enjoying the same activities you are already attending anyway?

Make Money & Enjoy The Night
Do you like being out and about at night? Have you often thought of yourself as a super-hero? Maybe you just can't sleep at night or your wife works nights so you would rather work the same shift as her. Did you know there is a way you can make money just by being up at night walking or driving where it is normally peaceful and quiet?

A Place for Everything
With the popularity of shows like Clean Sweep and Mission Organization, more and more people are realizing they could use the assistance of a professional organizer. For someone with a knack for organization, now is the perfect time to spread your entrepreneurial wings.

Cake Decorator
Say that you love to bake, and have some fantastic recipes to show for it. Maybe you've been complimented on your sense of style when it comes to food presentation. Perhaps you have a creative eye and a passion for getting things just right. If this sounds like you, a cake decorating business might be right up your alley.

Send in the Clowns - It's Time for School
When you were a kid, did you dream of a school where the students were judged on how a big a laugh they could get from their classmates? As 'class clown' did you wish that just once the teacher would give extra points for entertainment value? Well, wish no more the place exists!

Are You An Athlete? Start a Business!
If you are a sports fan who can play fairly well, why not become a sports tutor? You can not only enjoy playing, you will be helping kids gain skills and earning money.

It Takes Two?
Would you like to: work with people to help them achieve their goals; earn a good income; and master the latest personal development techniques, giving you the edge in your career and personal/commercial relationships? If so, then maybe you should look at becoming a coach.

How About a Holiday Makeover--For Your Home?
Marsha Armstrong has a problem, an obsession really. She thrives on decorating for every occasion. Luckily, she's found a way to get her fix and fix her budget at the same time. If your passion is decorating, you can do it, too. Marsha does holiday makeovers on houses.

Put Your Green Thumb to Work
Are you one of those gifted folks who can grow anything? Do you enjoy designing gardens and flowerbeds? Wouldn't it be great to earn a living sketching out your ideas and spending days planting? Well, you can do it by starting a landscaping business.

Miss Manners Makes a House Call
Have you ever attended one of those business luncheons or fund raising dinners and realized you were the only one who knew which eating utensil to use first? Are you one of those people who actually listened when Mom said to get your elbows off the table? Did you know that you can put your good sense and polite manners to work for you?

Have Fan Belt, Will Travel
How would you like to be the white knight to damsels in distress? Have you dreamed of being the hero of the day, coming to the aid of those most in need of assistance only you can supply? And do you like to tinker with cars? Did you know you can make money fulfilling all three of these dreams?

Real Men Don't Cook Quiche? Think Again
Recently I met a man who is every woman's dream come true. As a matter of fact, he makes a living fulfilling one of the most urgent needs of any busy wife, mother, or working woman. As a matter of fact, Chef Luke is a member of one of the fastest growing legitimate small businesses in America. He is a personal chef.

Just Hangin Around?
Are you the one that your friends call whenever it is time to redecorate? Have you found yourself more than once up to your elbows in wallpaper paste? And, admit it, didn't you kind of like it? If this describes you, put an end to your volunteering now!

Water Cooler Gossip or Massage? You Decide
On those groggy Monday mornings, how many employees return to their desks refreshed after a water cooler break? Does gossiping with co-workers really pump them up for the week ahead? Wouldn't it be nice if break time really offered something to invigorate employees? Something like... a massage.

Dream Maker
Did you know that approximately 2.4 million weddings take place in the United States every year? Think about the amount of money 2.4 million couples spend on flowers, food, dresses, tuxedos and photography. What if you could find a way to make a living by tapping into money already being spent on these ceremonial events? The most vital tools you will need are the ability to stay organized and a knack for dealing with all kinds of people. If you have these two traits and you are looking for a fun way to make money, consider becoming a Wedding Consultant.