Have a Magazine In You?
Do you like to write, enjoy photography, and have a hobby or skill that you are very knowledgeable or passionate about? Would you enjoy researching your favorite topic, finding out what is new in that field and teaching or sharing the information that you have with others? You might want to think about starting your own magazine! Think of the benefit of being able to work most of the time at home when you want to work.

Prevent Elder Abuse
Looking at government statistics on the frequency of cases of elder abuse, it is becoming more common than ever before. Since the baby-boomer generation is populating this group of senior citizens at a rate of thousands a day, this could prove to be a business idea worth investing in right now. Offer a service that was never needed as much as now since the ranks of the elderly are growing quickly. Ride the wave of many profits made catering to this one group of people's needs now.

Do You Have a Children's Book in You?
There is much money to be made in writing popular books of all kinds. If you are interested in writing children's books you could have a great 'business idea' that could allow you to do something that you love and make money while doing it. Sell your books yourself by using the Internet and reach millions of buyers.

Advertising Publication
Create a publication in print that features all of the proven advertisements you can find! Explain where they have run, for how long, their target market, what they are selling, and most importantly, what makes their ads so effective! You make the money by charging a subscription fee of about $30 or more per year, depending on how many issues you will be publishing on a regular basis.

Grant Writing
Nearly everyone hates writing grants - even those required to as a part of their job. Many property owners, schools, daycares, military groups, non-profit organizations and more need to apply for grants at least once a year to get the funding they need. Grant writing can be a lucrative business, because not many people like to do it. If you like to write grants, offer your services and charge accordingly for your services.

Pass Your Exam
When anyone needs to take an exam they would like to do everything in their power to learn what is necessary for them to pass it well. You can offer specific learning materials for specific exams - so these people can study and learn exactly what they need to know. You can offer these materials in CD form, paper form, and more.

Professional and Personal Directories
Compile people's names and contact information into directories to sell. Target each different directory toward a different profession or personal skill. For example, you could sell one directory on schools that teach cosmetology, one on literary agents for nonfiction writers, etc. You should sell each directory for about $50-$100 per book in EBook format, CD format, or any other format you choose to use.

Specialty Temp Agency
Nearly all temporary work agencies hire out people for simple receptionist positions and the like. You could create a special directory of work agencies that offer professional people for temporary management and higher positions in businesses. You can sell your specialized directory as an Ebook, CD, audio tape or file, etc. and sell it online or offline. Make money by charging according to the size of your directory.

Minority Business
The US Census Bureau now defines minorities as - 1/3 of the nation's adults and 45% of the kids in the country. The way that the U.S. Census Bureau concludes this is that the population of 'single whites' are of the largest group and therefore defines everyone else as being minorities. Create a directory of businesses that cater directly to these specific groups of minority people. You can make your money by selling the advertising inside your directories.

State-to-State Book Business
Write and publish a specific topic book for every state in the country. You could write each one on celebrities, or any other topic, that will cover this topic in every state. Each state will have basic weather patterns, traditions, cultures, famous sites, landscapes and terrains, etc. Show how all these elements affect the main topic of your books.

Make Money with Startup Businesses
Have you ever met someone that had a great idea for a business, but just didn't know where to start with the idea? This is where these 'great idea' people find out that they need to put together a well designed business plan on paper and it needs to look professional and impressive. This is where you can make good money helping these startup businesses by helping and putting together their first business plan for them.

Romantic Dollars
Romance books are some of the best selling books in the country. Many women enjoy reading romance novels and most book buyers are women. You can start a publishing business where you write, market, promote, and sell romance novels. You could charge $20 and more per book you sell.

Publish a Book about Your Area for Tourists
While visiting a relative's house, I noticed a book that she had bought about the history of Maine. What a great idea! Write and publish your own book about the history of your state, county, city, or village. Include whatever you want (or publisher wants). Focus on the general history (everything you can find and think of), or on a specific theme, such as wars, tourist areas, folk lore, scandals, famous people, etc.

Revolutionary Magazines
Printed magazines have been around for a very long time - since printing presses were created. You can offer a cool new type of magazine format. Create and sell DVD magazines that people can watch with their DVD players or computers. You choose the topic; it should be something that you are almost an expert on and are passionate about. You could charge up to $20 per issue.

Business Newsletters
Many businesses know that a newsletter would help their business, but they lack the time to make one on a regular basis. Have businesses pay you to put together newsletters for them. You could charge around $100 per issue of the newsletter, which should include at least 2000 words. If you will be arranging for the printing, you can charge an extra $150 or more for the whole job.

Flowers and Plants Guidebook
Gardeners and plant enthusiasts everywhere are growing more and more aware of the dangers associated with most pesticides, fungicides, and modern chemical fertilizers. This new awareness is causing them to look for more natural and environmentally friendly ways of growing flowers, vegetables, and ornamental plants. The market is ripe for a guidebook to help those environmentally conscious green thumbs in their quest for planet friendly methods of growing plants. Compile this type of book and make a good profit from it.

Helping Pregnant Women
Becoming pregnant is an amazing and exciting time in any woman's life. It is filled with wonder, new experiences, new stress, and worry associated with trying to care for your unborn child in the best and most responsible way possible. The problem is, if a woman is experiencing pregnancy for the first time, she does not have any idea of whom to turn to for the best medical care, where to find comfortable and cute maternity clothing, or where to buy the best baby supplies.

Local Publishing Profits
After graduating from grade school, most people rarely encounter any information about where they live and get so caught up in their day-to-day lives that they never get around to finding out the answers to questions they may have about the place in which they live. This is where you come in!

Local History
Do you like to travel and meet interesting people? Do you like to do research on people and places in history? Do you excel at taking careful detailed notes and records? Then you are the perfect person to write a book about your local towns and regional places of interest!

Dog Walking Locations Make Money
Are you an animal lover? You probably already know then, that many areas and community parks do not allow people to walk dogs on their grounds. Vacation sites, apartment listings, and any other reference material letting people know where dogs are welcomed are greatly in demand. This is where you come in!

Document Service for ESL
If English is someone's second language; it can be very hard to fill out a simple government form. They must fill out the forms correctly, pay a fee, and if the forms are not filled out correctly they are shredded and the fee is taken anyway. Help people save time and money by helping them fill out these crucial forms. You can charge $10 per sheet of each form. It would help if you were fluent in a second language, so you can help these people with ease.

Editing English
With so many people visiting and working in this country, it can be very overwhelming for them trying to master the English language. The last thing they want to do is confuse others with broken English in professional documents and in college assignments. Offer to edit their work for them. You can charge $50 for a document 500-1,000 words that you will return in 48 hours.

Books In World Language
In the late eighteen hundreds a man created a simple language he hoped would change the world in that everyone could speak the same language. He called the language Esperanto. There are many written works in this language, and you can sell books that you translate into Esperanto.

Blogs for Offline People
There is so much information out there that many people never read because they don't have Internet access or they just aren't online enough. You can create niche print publications from various blogs. You could either make your profits with advertisements or subscription fees. You could also do both. You will need to be able to compile the information from various blogs and put it into a print publication format. You will also need a way to keep track of your subscribers.

Camping Dogs
Many families love to go camping to appreciate the outdoors, but they may have a pet dog that they love to take along; it can be difficult to camp with a dog. Some campgrounds even ban dogs. You can help these families by putting together a guidebook for campers with their dogs - lists of campgrounds that accept dogs. You could charge $20 per printed guidebook or if you sell it on the Internet-$10 per download, depending on your costs.

Beekeepers Book
Beekeepers are a special group of people who have a love for bees and beekeeping. It could just be a loving hobby of theirs or even a business selling honey and wax. Create informational products, a website, and a list for beekeepers to sell. If you need to hire someone to write the book for you, check out several freelance websites and post your project

Tell Your Story
Most people have a story and it exists within their own lives and their own memories. Nearly everyone would love a way to be able to tell their story, whether it be to publish it, to give to their children or grandchildren, or as a memorial for others. You can help these people by selling them a story kit filled with templates, ideas, and more to help them tell their stories. Create the kit and sell it for $20 or more. You can sell it digitally or create CDs to mail to your customers. It's your choice.

Summarized Books
Let's face it, some people just don't have time to read the whole book, or can't. They just need the important points of the book. Summarize books into just the critical information. You should pick a niche, because the competition in this area is heavy. Make sure you write the summaries in your own words. You do not want to plagiarize.

Millionaire Yellow Pages
Could you imagine a millionaire using the regular, run of the mill yellow pages to find a service? It paints a funny picture, doesn't it? Why not create yellow pages, or a business phone directory for millionaires? Thus, they can find distinct products and services they can afford and want. You can show advertisements for Lear jets, Hummer limos, Yachts, etc. This would fit the millionaire a lot better than regular yellow pages and you can make the profits from the advertisements.

Memoirs for the Family and More
Many people want to write a book, especially for their children and grandchildren, and they should. You can interview people who have had interesting lives and write these books for them. Some people will want them as a memoir for their kindred and others will want to publish the book or stories. You can specialize in one, or both. Create books from other's life stories and charge them for it.

Reading the Stars
Astrology has become very popular among many people all over the world. Reading about your sign and what the stars have in store for you has become great entertainment, and sometimes serious for certain people. Either way, it's a good way to earn some extra cash - write horoscopes for all of the zodiac signs. Seek out markets to sell these daily horoscopes to, there are many.

Writing Love Letters
For some this can be nearly impossible. You will want to have a website where people can buy your romantic letters. You will need a category for men and one for women. You can have the whole process automated. You can charge about $10 per letter. The customer should be able to personalize it with their name, and the person they want to send it to, and after paying for it, be able to download it right away.

Show People How to Relieve Stress with a Journal
Journaling is one great way to relieve stress. I have a journal that I use when I get so angry I can't hold it in any more and don't want to fight with loved ones. The journal is just for me, I let it all out on paper. It is a great way to just vent it all, and then healthfully go on with our day with a clear and focused mind. Some do not know how to do this. Teach them!

Write for Game Developers
Games are not just cool graphics and realistic shooting fun. There is an idea behind the game, a story to share. Write for game developers. Why not write your own game!

Speech Transcription Service for All Occasions
Offer to transcribe speeches, such as those given at weddings, vows, toasts, and any other important event. The end product; a bound leather book for the newlyweds to keep and remember. Of course, this offer can be for other ceremonies too, such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, promotions, and more. You could charge $25 an hour or offer a flat fee.

Cookbooks with no Writing
Early cookbooks do not have any copyright. You will have to do some researching and compiling, but cookbooks with no copyright can mean money for you. You can take the recipes from the books and create new, revised cookbooks to publish. You will have to let the publisher know that they previously were published, where, and when.

Create Personalized Children's Books
Every mom and dad wants to teach their new baby a little about their name, even if it is made up. You can create a poem about the name with cute illustrations. You can add some history and information about that name. With so many names, the book will be long. You could sell it for up to $30. Get creative!

Write Personal Profiles
Online dating sites are booming with business. If it is, one thing people worry about, it is how their profile sounds, and if it is really portraying whom they are. Help them by offering to write the profile for them. You can charge $99 per profile.

Write for Comic Books
Do you have a secret stash of comic books? Hey, adults still read comic books! In Japan, it is normal; in America, it seems odd to most. How would you like to write a comic book? You can! Write for DC or Marvel. Write for the other comic book publishers out there.

Write a Book - The Best Foods for Your Health
Everyone wants to know what to eat to keep healthy or get healthier. What are the best foods for your health? What should be eaten and why? Answer the questions many consumers have in your own book. You could be a best-selling author!

Teach People How to Write Their Own Autobiography
More than 80% of Americans want to write a book and get it published. Many of them want to tell their own story. Teach people how to write an autobiography or memoirs through online classes, a website, newsletter, etc.

Make Money Writing Letters
Not everyone knows how to write well. Especially business people, they want their letters to come across as professional. You can make money writing a variety of letters, including sales letters, customer correspondence letters, complaint letters, and so much more.

Become a Best-Selling Author with Food
When you are looking for a great business opportunity, you could consider creating a cookbook. Now you may be thinking that has been done, maybe so, however people are always looking for new cookbooks with different recipes. Additionally, many health minded people or those who are on specific diets whether for health reasons or just to lose weight are also looking for a cookbook that will give them delicious recipes to help them lose weight. You do not have to be a master chef to become a best selling author with food.

Teach Students How to Prepare for Tests and Exams
Many students face their anxieties and fears of taking a test without proper preparation. This will only lead them to a lower score than they are apt to achieve if they were simply better prepared. You can write a book about it for students, teach a class via email, visit colleges and High Schools, advertise at local colleges, write a monthly newsletter, and so much more. Let your imagination run, and see what you can do to help students prepare for a big test, giving them results they deserve.

Ever wanted to write your own best selling book?
Here's an idea for a book that practically writes itself. This is no joke. You could be a best selling author with some research and a little writing. All you have to do is know how to get the information you need. It's that simple!

How to Start a Niche Writing Business ? What Kind of Writing is Best for You?
So, you want to be a writer? The real question is, why kind of writer do you want to be? What do you want to write about? Where does your passion from writing come from?

Wipe Out Writer's Block with 5 Simple Steps
Writer's block seems to be a considerable problem beginners struggle with. Some writers of all levels experience this phenomena from time to time.

Getting Published
A recent survey showed that more than eighty percent of Americans want to write a book. Even though only 57% of Americans have read even one book in the last year.

Want to Make a Magazine?
Freelance journalists all over the world that has something published online can now be considered in the Pulitzer Prize! It's an amazing turn for online publications and writers alike. It, in a way, stamps online publications as having the same quality of print publications.

Earn Money Writing Hundreds of Books Every Month
This business has a very low start-up cost and can go on to earn thousands (and more), almost effortlessly. And you don't have to be a world renowned writer either.

One Way to Get Started - Write What You Know
Many writers get started in freelancing by writing about what they already know, reducing the amount of research needed. As a beginner, if you already know about the subject you are writing about, you will feel more confident writing that piece.

Query Writing Basics: How to Write a Successful Query
Learning how to write a fantastic query letter may be one of the most important things to learn to become a successful freelance writer.

Write a Community Newsletter and Cash in on Advertising
Does your town have a newsletter? Does your community have a newsletter? How about a few towns close together? If you answered no to any of these questions, you have the perfect opportunity to write one yourself!

How to Write for Newspapers
Freelance writing for newspapers is quite different than writing for magazines and websites. Find out all about those differences here.

Write for Local Businesses
Freelance writers can often overlook some great ways to market their writing skills in other places than magazines, newspapers, websites and other publications. Even if you are a beginner, you can start here!

Write Slogans for Greeting Cards
Do you have a knack for funny, inspirational and interesting verses? Do you pick

See Your Name in Print! Write for Magazines
So, you want to write for magazines? There's nothing like seeing your name on an article you wrote in a glossy, colorful magazine, especially the first time. We will focus on nonfiction magazines here.

How to Get Started as a Copywriter
Copywriting is a highly lucrative career. There are few extremely talented copywriters, and those can make up into the six digit yearly figures. People usually find that freelance copywriting is much more lucrative than working for a single employer onsite. Copywriting is a unique skill vital to any business, whether it is online or off.

Business Writing 101
Writing for businesses can rake in anywhere from $50 to $125 an hour, possibly even more! Do you want to earn some great cash writing for businesses?

15 Creative Ways to Make Money Writing
Whether you are a successful writer, or just interested in getting started there are some ways to make cash as a writer that you may not know about. Building your portfolio and creating new business contacts is always a good thing for beginners and veterans alike. Get started building those credits with these 15 creative ways to make money writing.

Make Extra Money By Selling Short Web Articles
Web site owners often enter the Internet business just trying to make their brick and mortar business known, or sell products or services. Whatever the reason, these owners often realize that they need some type of content on their website - something for their visitors to read and learn about their purpose. That's where a freelance writer steps in to provide that service.

Get Published in National Magazines!
Getting published can seem overwhelming, confusing and even impossible at first. However, it is none of these things! Take a deep breath, and read this out loud: I can get published! It does take plenty of hard work, perseverance, and a little bit of luck. Not only can you get published in magazines you want to write for, but you can get published in national magazines.

How to Get Started in Freelance Writing
Freelance writing is a convenient career to get into, as you will work from home. Brew coffee when you would like, take breaks when you want, etc. If you are passionate about writing you will be building a career with love and enthusiasm. On the same note, you must understand that taking up freelance writing has much more to do with it than merely writing. You become the sole business owner, as well as the employee.

Top 3 Most Lucrative Writing Jobs
You don't have to be a starving writer anymore! There are some writing jobs that pay very well. Maybe you have always wanted to write, but worried about not making enough money. Maybe you already write, but don't rake in the funds you'd like to.

Reading, Writing, and Negotiating
"I'd like to thank my agent." How often have you heard those words? You may be surprised to learn that the sentiment isn't gushed exclusively at Hollywood awards shows. You hear them at book awards ceremonies, too.

Your Smarts Can Build A Business!
We have all seen those ads in the backs of magazines that offer huge profits while working at home. Don't we all want that job? Earning $100 a day just sitting on your sofa? Well, money doesn't come that easily, but it can be simple if you know a few things.

What's the Plan?
Ten years ago when my spouse's small business was seeking a loan to buy some property I was enlisted to write a business plan. I didn't know what a business plan was, but I could put sentences together in a cohesive fashion. Armed with decent writing skills and a checklist provided by a banker friend, I was off and writing.

Knowledge Is Power
Mankinds quest for knoledge is neverending. An a Chinese proverb says that a wise man never stops learning. Why not turn our insatiable need for information into extra money in your pocket.

How to Be a Quiz Whiz
Are you keen to break into the world of writing? Are you a writer who is keen to crack new markets? Do you enjoy doing quizzes? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you may be able to make it as a quiz writer.

Sell Your Family History
Everyone is still talking about Aunt Gertrude's famous apple pie, even though she's been six feet under for several years. Mom makes the world's best brownies and no one can beat Dad's meatball recipe. Sound familiar? Even if you are the only chef in your family, you can use those coveted recipes to earn cash.

Wishes Granted: No Wand Required!
Have you ever wished you could use your time and talents to help others, but you're just too busy making a living to really make a difference? How about starting a business that will allow you to make money and be helpful at the same time?

101 Ways to Make Money from Writing
If you can write you can earn. Here are 101 ways to make money from writing some of which are covered in more depth in other articles. Check them out and see sparks your interests and skills!

Making Resumes Work For You
Would you like to: Have the freedom to work from home by telephone and email and have the pleasure of making a difference to the career prospects of others? If so, then maybe you should look at becoming a professional resume writer.

Wedding Speech Writer
There is no doubt that for the majority of people a wedding reception is a chance to relax and revel in the celebrations, eating, drinking, and getting merrier by the minute, generally much appreciated after the formalities of the wedding itself. Unless of course, you happen to be one of the male guest speakers of the day. In the majority of cases, guest speakers would gladly pay someone to write the speech for them.