Home Based


I Will Take Four Fat Quarters Please
Here is a great business idea for someone that wants to enter an online business selling fat quarters, one-eighth bundles, and more. You need to understand how to sell online and have a very basic understanding of fabrics and trends. (We have various articles on this site explaining basic online selling techniques.) These items are typically sold to people that love to quilt and hate personally selecting the designs that blend well themselves or just hate the task of cutting all of the squares out themselves. These bundles are assured to make you bundles of money if you have a good eye and are willing to take on the task of cutting the squares yourself.

Sell Romantic Hospitality
Imagine a romantic room for two in a historic home, aglow with lovingly restored antiques, a luster of fine china, and a sparkle of silver. A fire crackles in the fireplace and the rich scent of fresh coffee and homemade cinnamon rolls float in from the kitchen. This is the mental picture most people think of, when they consider a restful stay at a bed-and-breakfast Inn.

Document Joyous Occasions
Taking pictures at special events, like weddings, serve as an excellent way to remember a moment for a lifetime. A wedding photographer is able to capture intimate, special moments during a bride and groom's wedding day. There is almost no limit to how high your fees can get these days. The going rate for entry-level wedding photography is $1,500 to $3,000. Keep in mind that this can vary based on where you live.

Fencing for Profits
Here is a great business idea that you should be able to operate from home. You do not even have to work full-time, if you choose not to. If you are skilled at this, you should be able to average from $20 to $40 an hour making a product that is always called for. What is this business idea and product? Constructing many different sizes and shapes of fence panels for your customers.

Professional Shopper's Dream Come True
When life feels overwhelming, many head to the mall to do some retail therapy. Whether it is clothes, shoes, electronics, or groceries, shopping is time consuming. Many are busy in their everyday lives and could use the services of a personal shopper with good taste and sense of good judgment.

Tourism Profits
Do you know of vacation spots, or out-of-the-way places, that you have fallen in love with while traveling? If you have a passion for travel, and enjoy sharing your travels with others, this may be a market that you should think about getting involved in and make money at the same time. Return to your favorite vacation spots and actually make money instead of spending it, what more could you ask for? Enjoy traveling and a successful business all together.

Work With Sprinkler Systems
Do you like working outside in the dirt on a regular basis? This is a business idea you may be interested in. If you live in or near an area that is well populated with homeowners and businesses that have lawns or landscaping, you have prospective customers. Be your own boss and offer to install easy to use and reliable sprinkler systems for your customers.

I Can Help You Get Started
Are you already used to making money with a small home business but would like to expand in order to make a little more money? Since you have already started a successful business from home, you have the skills to pass on to other people that are looking into how to go about doing the same thing. Could you become a home business consultant or coach? There is a real need for people that can do this and not charge too much money.

Clean and Simple Profits
We all spend at the very least four hours a day, everyday, in contact with this item. Most people spend about seven to eight hours every day coming into very close contact with this item and never give thought to clean it -ever. Seems odd and a bit gross does it not? Especially, since the item could have an awfully lot to do with our overall health, or lack of health. What is this item? A mattress! Even if a sheet or other bedding covers it, it can still accumulate skin cells, body oils, animal dander, dust, and mites. Start your own business centered on the deep cleaning of people's mattresses and enjoy the profits.

Become a Wealthy Concierge
Here is a low cost business idea that you could start and run from the comfort of your own home if you choose to do so. Do you love problem solving, tend to be detailed oriented, and have great communication and customer skills? This may be a dream-come-true business for you. Start your very own concierge services business and enjoy making a living of about $25 to $50 an hour, or more, while helping others.

Become a Sanitation Specialist
This is another low investment type of business idea that is very appealing to people that enjoy cleaning for money. It does not take a rocket science mentality for this type of service, just a commitment to providing top-notch dependable cleaning for others that need your services and a friendly manner when bidding for new jobs and dealing with clients. In time, you could easily have enough accounts to provide you with a yearly six-figure income if you wish.

Garage and Yard Sale Professional
This is one of those business ideas that can make perfect sense for those of you that love having garage sales and prove to be quite successful with them. Could you use those very skills to help other people be more successful with their garage or yard sales? The more successful your client's sales are the more money you can make. Charge a beginning fee for organizing a customer's up-coming garage or yard sale and then ask for a percentage of their sales afterwards.

A Wash and Wear Service
This is a business idea that offers flexible hours and the opportunity to work from your own home. You will need to own a washer and dryer that are dependable and have the room in your home to store large amounts of laundry on any given day. Become your local neighborhood's friendly laundry alternative and service business. You could find yourself to be a very popular neighbor making extra money conveniently and able to make a comfortable profit with a helpful business like this.

Power-wash Profits
This is another possible low investment small business idea that could offer you a steady income, as long as you do not mind getting your feet wet while doing it. Once you get started making regular profits in this field, you can reinvest in better or your own equipment as your company grows. Professional power washers can charge from forty cents to a dollar per square foot of what they are cleaning. Pretty impressive profits for a job that will not take that much time to accomplish.

Hunting for Money
Do you love hunting, know all of the best hunting spots in your area, and enjoy sharing your expertise and knowledge with others? This could be a possible business idea just for you. You could start a hunting guide business and really enjoy your work.

Your Talents Could Pay Off!
Do you enjoy socializing and working with children of all ages? Can you spot a talented little person that not only loves entertaining but also has the personality and looks needed for the entertainment industry? Become a talent agent for children and make money finding them jobs. If you are a talented hard working agent that loves this type of work, you could make a considerable amount of money.

Make Corrections for Money
Do you have a love for the written word and a mastery of it? This could be an excellent business idea worth looking into for your future business. It should be relatively easy for you and you will enjoy what you are being paid to do for others. You will need a keen eye for finding written and grammatical errors in other people's papers, advertisements, writings, and more. This skill is what a professional proofreader can do for others. The business offers you; flexibility of work hours, you can work from home, make a steady income and the opportunity to read several types of material you are willing to read.

Offer People Popular Snacks
Here is a business idea that can appeal to many new entrepreneurs; it offers you the opportunity to generate a passive income for a continual 100% cash flow business. Does this sound appealing to you? It requires you to be physically fit and able to travel locally daily with a flexible schedule. However, you will not need to interact with your customers at all. What is this business? It is a vending machine business.

Vacation Income
No, this business idea doesn't show you how to make money while on vacation but rather shows you how to make money from vacationers. Do you live in a popular tourist or vacation spot? Take advantage of this by starting a business that is a vacation rental company. Operate your business conveniently from a home office, work part-time, and you may be able to make an impressive income!

Could You Be a Home Automation Expert?
We are living during an age of numerous personal electronic devices and now household electronics that are being designed for use in 'smart homes'. A 'smart home' is a fully computerized home that is full of automation options. This is a rapidly growing new business idea so if it appeals to you, get started right away and be a leader in this industry.

Offer Creative Advertising
Do you have an eye for picking good places to advertise certain products or services? You could start a business offering alternative advertising opportunities inside and outside, to businesses in your area.

Foreclosure Rehabilitation Expert
Have you ever wondered about what happens after people and businesses leave behind their properties, because they just cannot afford them anymore? Banks and other financial institutions are foreclosing on thousands of homes, properties, and businesses almost daily. If you do not mind working hard and making good money in a booming market, this is a business idea worth looking into. Offer to clean up these properties, make repairs, paint, and if you have the flair for staging a property, ask your clients if they would like you to stage the properties for future prospective buyers.

Put Your Green Thumb to Work
If you are the type of person that loves working hard outside, you are not afraid of getting dirty, and love working with plant life, this business idea may appeal to you. How would you feel about planting trees for a living? This would definitely be a 'green' planet friendly profession that you could feel good about performing. Once your business is well established as a successful tree planting service, you could receive contracts paying you hundreds of thousand of dollars at a time.

Offer a Barter and Swap Service
This could be a very enjoyable business venture if you are into offering a service to appreciative customers. Take your business a step further from popular auction sites and offer a "Barter and Swap" business site. Charge people to list their items on your site and you may be able to make your customers happy and at the same time make a healthy income too!

Cozy Profits At Home
If you have an attractive comfortable home that could accommodate many visitors at a time, you live near an area frequented by business or vacationing travelers, and you love entertaining guests - this could be a business you might want to give some time to look into! Own and operate a cozy Bed & Breakfast of your own.

Sell Educational Fun
This is a multimillion-dollar industry that you could enjoy working in and make a very decent profit in too! As long as people keep having children, there will always be a market for safe educational toys for them. This is where you come in and offer state of the art and old-fashioned toys that benefit the children that are playing with them. Make it your goal to offer the best and safest in educational toys to your customers, and they will come back for more.

Can I Offer Some Help?
Here is an interesting statistic that may interest you - "Home care was the number one growing industry from the years 2004 to 2009, averaging yearly increases of more than 7%," according to IbisWorld. There have been estimations made by many business watchers that the whole industry should bring in at least $72 billion by the year 2011. This might be an industry that you should give some thought to getting into, and start a business so that you can have part of that forecast revenue.

Join the Lucrative Organic Market
Here is a simple idea that could offer you a potentially good income. Do you have a sewing machine and have the ability to sew items? Why not invest in organic fabrics and make your own organic diapers, baby garments, bed linins, blankets, and stuffed toys to sell on-line and to local baby boutiques in your area?

Snacking Profits
This is one of those business ideas that may shock you; did you know that you could make a very impressive income based on Popcorn? Offer customers tasty gourmet popcorn and keep them coming back for more. Your success will depend on flavored popcorn that appeals to people tired of all the old flavors all of the time. The sky is the limit when it comes to how much money you can make.

Pay Me to Watch
You have heard of businesses that offer pet sitting services but have you ever heard of a house watching business? They do exist and can offer a great way to make a regular income. Your income will depend on how many accounts you can skillfully monitor at a time; this will require a very organized and efficient personality type. If you own these skills, look into this versatile business idea and make good money.

I Have a Card for You!
Here is another business idea that would appeal to a creative artistic individual. Do you have a bunch of creative thoughts and ideas that need expressing? This may be the business idea to look into for you! Start a business that sells unique handmade cards. You can work from your home and build your business to as big as you want.

There is Money in the Boxes!
Here is a business idea that you could easily start and run from your own home if you choose to. This type of business could let you decide on your own hours to work, no matter what time of the day it is. Like most businesses, the more hours you choose to put into the business making and marketing the products, the greater the potential income you can make. You could easily start out slowly and supplement your income at first until your products become popular and you are able to bring in a healthy income.

Offer Unique Hand-Made Storage Boxes
Everyone knows that it is much more fun to organize things when you have attractive storage boxes to put your items in. If you are a creative and artistic person, this could be an appealing 'business idea' for you to try out. Since your storage boxes will be unique and attractive, you can charge whatever you think your customers will be willing to pay for them.

Herb Gardening for Money
Do you have a green thumb and love growing plants that are edible? If you have the knack for this, you might think about growing organic herbs and selling them to your local grocery stores and restaurants. This is an excellent way to make a little extra cash and you can do it from the convenience of your own yard.

Be a Mini Landscaping Artist
Since more and more homes and businesses in cities are built with very little space for gardens and plants, there is a real demand for talented landscapers that can offer homeowners a solution for attractive landscaping ideas that work in small spaces. If you have a knack and an eye for providing beautiful, but practical, landscaping ideas, designs, and providing the landscaping for these very small spaces, you could have an enjoyable and profitable business in your future.

Offer Designer Pillows of Your Own
People are always investing in unique up-to-date pillows to decorate or redecorate their homes and businesses. If you can design, construct, and sell your own unique pillows, you could have a very profitable business. Establish yourself and your business as a quality pillow designer and manufacturer and your profits could be very healthy.

Serve Your Seniors
As senior's age, many become housebound or are simply unable to complete errands the way they used to be able to, the same types of errands we do all the time and take for granted. Errand runners can make between $20 and $35 an hour for their services, which calculates into making close to $500 for a typical 15-hours of errands a week!

Courier Angel
If you enjoy driving, have you ever thought of offering a courier service? This 'business idea' would offer you flexibility of hours, you can be your own boss, you can work part time (10-15 hours a week), and you could make a good amount of money - $300 to $600 easily.

Organic Profits Deliver
There is a fast growing market these days when it comes to organic food sales and consumption. If this is of interest to you, jump on the wagon and take advantage of a quickly growing market. If you are able to buy straight from the growers, you should be able to make a healthy profit with this!

Be a Grocery Shopping Star
If you love to shop, find great bargains, and you don't mind traveling to get the best deals, this could be a great 'business idea' for you! Become a personal grocery shopper and you could have a dream job and be your own boss. Your customers will love you!

Shrink Wrap What?
This unique business has not been hit by the recession and doesn't take to much money to get started. The Shrink-wrapping business is enjoyable with a different experience each day and offers great profits, plus you have the added joy of being your own boss. You can start small and grow with your business.

Is it Crafty or Old Costume?
Did you know that you could sell costume jewelry and make a business out of it? Yes, and you can even make your own designer pieces from old-fashioned jewelry pieces if you are the creative type. What a fun idea to make fun fashion and costume jewelry by using the old costume jewelry, updating it, and selling it locally or on the Internet.

Artistic Yard Junk
Design, build, and sell yard art to those people that aren't happy with the ordinary yard containing grass, flowers, bushes, and trees. If you are an artistic creative individual that likes working outside with your hands, this could be just what you may want to do to start your own business. Create art that can endure the elements outside and you will have a popular and fun business, charge whatever amount you want for your unique art.

Resourceful and Green Bucks
This is an idea that could eventually lead to a nice little profitable business. Have you ever noticed how many seeds we take out and throw away from our fresh vegetables and fruit all year long? What would happen if we set those seeds aside and planted them? Yes, those seeds could bring in sizable profits for you, once they become healthy plants and seedlings.

Shoe and Accessory Parties
Make money offering to sell shoes and accessories to women, and/or men, at home party events. There is good money in this field for people that enjoy social interaction and have a good eye for stylish and trendy items that will sell well. If you can find these items for below retail price, you have a great little business venture!

Natural Feminine Products
With a change in buying habits of consumers these days, offering 'green' products is the money making wave of the future. Offer a practical but very expensive product that has been on health food store shelves for years. This is a feminine hygiene product made of natural reusable fabric. Offer a less expensive version of this product and you can rake in the money!

Mortgage Money
Become a mortgage broker and you can work for yourself and even from home if you choose to. You will have to get out occasionally though, when a client wants to meet you face to face, etc. If you are successful with this choice of work, you could easily earn more than $80,000 per year.

Shipping Broker
Become a freight shipping broker and make money working at home on your computer. It may require you to work odd hours and be able to work with deadlines and under pressure but you will potentially be able to make more than $50,000 per year.

Call for Music
Offer a service where you find the band someone is seeking for an event, such as for a wedding, restaurant entertainment, business opening, special party, and other special functions. You make your money by charging a booking fee, you can charge a $20-$50 booking fee, or take a percentage of the band's charges.

Carpet Messes
We can easily clean floors, even when something wet is spilled on them. Unfortunately, it is not as easy for soiled carpets. Moisture can be trapped underneath the carpet causing odors, stains, and mildew. In order to take great care of carpets they need to be shampooed and dried properly on a regular basis. You could offer to perform this service on a regular basis for a reasonable fee.

Forget the Divorce Attorney
You can help people save money by not using a lawyer when they get divorced. This is an overwhelming and stressful time for anyone. Paying a lawyer is the last thing anyone wants to do, and they don't have to. Offer 'do-it-yourself divorce kits' to people, so that they can learn how to do everything needed by them. Remember, these customers will usually want to get the divorce over-with quickly and without paying a lawyer large sums of money. You could easily charge $50 and up for your divorce kits.

Asbestos Removal
Asbestos is still a problem in many buildings. There are professional people trained to remove the toxic material that you can have on-call for customers that may need them. You make your profits from what you charge each customer and how much you pay your on-call asbestos removers.

Vow Renewal Services
Since vow renewal ceremonies are becoming very popular, you could offer vow renewal ceremonies to couples. Organize the complete ceremony for each couple and charge a percentage of the entire cost of the ceremony, for example you might charge 10-15%.

Business Documentation Bucks
Every business has many documents that need updating on a regular basis. Most businesses accomplish this at least every three years. You can charge $25 per hour for this service. Advertise yourself as a business documentation writer and explain that you will update older documents as well.

Window Blinds/Shades/Shutter Profits
Offer to measure, quote, and install window blinds, shades, and shutters for people. People love having them, but know nothing about how to order and install them. You will find out what they want, give them a quote for the cost of the window treatments, including your cost to install them and then order what they choose. You will find that you can make good money in offering a service like this to businesses and homes in your area.

Repair Pick Up and Delivery
One good avenue for this type of business is for dentists. They use a wide variety of instruments and they do break. When they need repairing, it can be a pain for the dentist to make sure they are repaired quickly and properly. You can ease this stress by picking up the broken instruments and bringing them to a repairperson and returning them when fixed. You can simply add $50 onto whatever the repairperson charges you for the repairs, so you can ensure a profit of $50 every time.

Keeping out the Bad Guys
Offer a service where you install the best window locks on the market for your customers. Let your potential customers know that they should be safer with appropriately installed window locks, that will make a "bad guy" take more time breaking in, something they don't have. You can charge about $50 per installation, this way your potential customers won't be scared off by unknown hourly fees.

Business Loyalty Cards
You can offer businesses and their customers a card for access to a special newsletter, discounts, bonuses, prizes, etc. Make your money by charging each business a fixed fee, or a fee per-customer, or both. You could charge $100 per month, plus $5 per customer.

Holiday T-Shirts
Holidays are always great for businesses, a large portion of most business profits are made at these times of the year. Because T-shirts are an all-occasion piece of clothing, and stretch to just about any size, they make great inexpensive gifts. Create holiday t-shirts for adults, children, plus sizes, etc. Sell the t-shirts for $10-$20 each.

Here to Help Others in Debt
Some people are just naturals when it comes to helping others. They are mentors with excellent organizational skills; they have the ability to help solve problems and can make money as a debt counselor. Many people are intimidated when contacting those they owe money. If you have all these abilities, you should offer your services. You can help these people by being a sort of intermediary, or mediator, between them and the banks and financial institutions.

Mail Home Business Directory
Create a home-based business directory that you deliver to your subscribers via mail every week, biweekly, or monthly. Write articles, essays, list current work at home business opportunities, and more. Get businesses to place classified ads in your newsletter for cash. You can also charge your subscribers a small fee.

Pet Product Profits
Many people who have pets treat them like their own kids and pamper them, sometimes much more than they ever treated their real children. You can help them do just that by selling special pet clothing and luxury products for their special little pet.

Scoping the Transcripts
During a court case, a stenographer records the sounds phonetically. Then the transcript is put through CAT (Computer-Aided Transcription) to make the transcript readable by anyone. However, there are still a few mistakes left by the CAT program that need correcting by a person. This is where you come in; you could sell your services as a Scopist, choose your own work schedule, and enjoy a well-paid profession.

Low Pressure Breeding
Did you know that having an aquarium in your home could help lower your blood pressure? How would you feel about making some easy cash too, by breeding fish in your aquarium and selling them?

From the Tooth Fairy
Sell letters from the tooth fairy, thanking the child for their tooth and reminding them to keep their teeth healthy. The letter should be a custom made one with the child's name and written or printed on a quality paper that will last a long time, as a memento. You should be able to charge about $10 per letter.

Thank You Music
Sell thank you music CDs that your customers can give as a thank you gift. Business owners can buy these and give them to their customers as a way to say 'Thank You' to their loyal customers. Sell each CD for $1.50 to make a 50-cent profit on each one.

Stripping It Bare
Buildings are often sold to business owners with the structure intact so that they have to work with the walls and the arrangement that is already there. Offer a service where you hire a qualified team to strip out the inner part of the building, or space, so the business owner can begin new and create their own unique structure. You should charge $300 per worker per day, plus about $2,000 in dumping fees.

Work at Home as a Bookkeeper
Bookkeepers do not have as much input as a typical accountant, you simply do a lot of data entry. You can have several clients and work from home year round with a job like this. What a great idea for a stay-at-home parent that needs or wants to be at home with their children, but has to work also.

Down and Dirty Politics
Selling T-Shirts for politics seems to work pretty well. However, they sell even better when they are controversial and even quite mean. Get creative, use your imagination, and most importantly, use phrases that people can connect with, or recognize universally.

Party in a Box
Offer a product called something like a party in a box, a party in a bag - you name it. Nevertheless, here's the idea: create party packages for people that provide them with everything you can for a particular type of party. You can sell a whole line of party packages - anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and more. You can even include an assortment of packages with themes in them!

Inflatable Animals for Promotion
Retail businesses always need a way to attract customers to their store. One way to help them do this is by offering them inflatable advertising - animals, balloons, etc. You simply rent out your inflatable items to your clients and charge a daily fee.

Celebrating Religiously
Create and sell religious and spiritual cards with quotes from the Bible, for those who want to get more personal and inspiring with their giving of cards. Don't just use one line though, be different and add paragraphs of inspiration from the Bible. Use photos and artwork as well! You could charge about $13 per 15 cards or more.

Rent a Handbag
Fashion trends are always changing and many women are trying desperately to keep up with them. You can help by offering the latest designer handbags for rent and have them returned to you when they are done with them. You can then make money off the rental fee and then you can sell it after to make a good final profit. You should be able to charge about $100 per month.

Hailing Chauffeurs
If you really enjoy driving, you can make money by providing your driving services as a chauffer. Let's face it - you might enjoy driving, but most people really despise it. You can charge at the very least $10 per hour and a minimum of a $10 charge if less than 1 hour.

Airport Convenience
Some airlines do not have assigned seats and you can work with them by getting customers to buy tickets through your website; giving them the details from the airline's website and 24 hours before they are to board, you can check them in online and email the customers their confirmation numbers. That way, the customer can get into the airport early and get a good seat before others arrive. You could charge $5 per check.

As Strong as Leather
Leather can be quite expensive, but the items made with it are usually worth it, because they last a lot longer than most other products. Offer a service to repair women's leather handbags. Most women put a lot of thought and cash into a high quality leather handbag. Unfortunately, when it wears out they try to either fix it themselves or throw it away. Help them save money and their handbag by repairing their precious handbags.

Cash In On Babysitting
If you are one of the many parents who struggles with the idea of spending more quality time with their children while trying to generate enough income to keep those same children fed, clothed, and with a roof over their heads, than you would likely be interested in this particular 'business idea'. You could start your own home daycare business. This will allow you to spend time with your children while still earning an income.

Piece Of Cake
Have you ever attended a wedding where the primary attraction of the reception was the amazingly decorated, many tiered cake waiting to be cut into and distributed? Sometimes they look more like works of art than food and it just seems like a crime to even think about cutting into them! You will start a business that specializes in this kind of customized cake decorating.

Diaper Cloth Expert Dollars
For new parents, it can be difficult finding the right diaper for their newborn. Many more parents are now choosing cloth diapers over disposables; due to all of the waste created from disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are difficult to take care of though; one solution is to offer new parents a cloth diaper cleaning service. You could offer to pick up their soiled diapers, clean and return them, and even supply more cloth diapers as needed. You could easily charge about $25 - $50 per month, depending on the amount of diapers used.

Making Money from Your Driveway
Rent out your driveway to those who need a place to park and could use your driveway. Your competition will be metered parking and parking garages, so you'll want to charge less than those. It could be a regular thing or for certain events. You could charge about $10 per day.

Supply Crews for Events
Unlike regular employment agencies who place the majority of their clients into office jobs, you could start a business that supplies businesses with crews of people for events.

Tours of the Spirit
Are you an outgoing, organized, 'people-person' that loves to travel to places of historical note? Why not combine all of your talents and loves and start a business that creates and conducts tours to spiritual points of interest around the world?

Non-Functional Clothing
In many cases, 'do rags' are just for style. That is why for the average Joe, they might be considered a 'non-functional' piece of clothing. However, there are also many professions where such items are needed to perform their jobs safely and in comfort. This form of so-called 'non-functional' clothing might include neckties, or neckerchiefs, but the real profit to be made in this market is in the creation of 'do rags'. You can make them yourself and sell them for between $4 - $17 each.

Online Library
While people around the world are tying to find ways to tighten up their household budgets, readers will still need books to read. Moreover, in general books are not cheap. Even with local libraries available to them, most people cannot find the specific books that they are in search of at their local library. You could start a web-based business where you will offer books and audio books to members of your service for a monthly membership fee.

Unique Business Cards
Who hasn't emptied out their purse or briefcase, only to discover a handful of old forgotten business cards and gum wrappers? The sad truth is, no matter how useful or interesting a business is, or the employee representing that business is, if the business card representing them is boring, chances are it will just get shuffled into the pile of cards already in their pocket and quickly be forgotten. Since you only get one chance to make a first impression, you will help your customers to make a great first impression by creating truly unique business cards for them that will help to set them apart from the pack.

Hello Operator?
Does talking on the phone come as second nature to you as breathing does? Would talking on the phone all day be your dream job? Are you able to project a friendly, capable personality through your voice, no matter what the situation is? Then you may want to seriously think about becoming an off-site phone operator!

Golfer Profits
Since golfers know that their hobby can be quite expensive, they are often prepared to spend money to play. It seems like there is always money to be made around golfers. You will put together a coupon book that is customized for golfers. You can sell your golf coupon book for around $30 or more, depending on the types of coupons or gift certificates that might be included in it.

Transportation Employment Agent
While employment agencies usually have personnel available to do many different kinds of jobs, they usually do not have many types of employees available to perform tasks outside of your average office environment. Because of this, when a transportation company has an open position that they are looking to fill, they are pretty much left on their own to find people. They may advertise in a local newspaper or put up an online job notice, but finding the right person can be tricky for them. You could help them fill these positions since you will be specializing in helping people find employment specifically within the transportation agency!

Cat Grooming
Do you have a natural affinity for cats? Would you like to turn your love of these furry fellows into a profession? If so, then you can launch your own business that specializes in the grooming of cats. They will need bathing, combing, nail trimming, teeth cleaning, and sometimes an owner simply needs assistance in getting their feline companion to and from a vet's, without freaking out their animal or ruining the upholstery in their personal vehicle.

Help People Make Friends
When children want to make new friends, they can join an after-school sports team or just wander over to a different part of the playground and introduce themselves. As a busy adult however, it is very difficult to meet new people, let alone make new friends. For most people who work full-time, it is very difficult to associate with any people outside of their immediate circle of workmates, at their place of employment, and who wants to socialize only with their workmates? The situation can get even more desperate when you find yourself working at a new job or having recently relocated. How do you meet new people in the limited amount of time that you have available?

Western Clothing
As the former wilderness of the "Old West" has given way to industrialized dairy farms, strip malls, and office buildings, the nostalgia for the ideals of the 'old west' grows. You can capitalize on the love of the "Old West" by creating authentic reproductions of western wear. Though it is a niche market, once you look around online, you will see that it is a very extensive market, stretching across the globe. You can sell your authentic western clothing through an online store, boutiques, flea markets, or through a catalog. Perhaps you will want to take advantage of all of these venues. It will be entirely up to you!

Doggie Business
For people unable to properly care for a dog all of the time, you could share one of your well-trained and affectionate dogs with them. Your dogs could share time between you and several families. You would provide each family with the practical items they need to care for a dog while it stays with them. This would include a dog bed, food bowls, food, brushes, a leash and collar, and a few small toys or balls. Having these items will help the dog with the constant home transitions since it will provide it with familiar smells and insure that its environment is comfortable. Depending on the breed of dog, you could charge each family a membership fee of $100 to join and a $50 a month fee, in addition to food costs.

Chicks Rule
If you have ever watched a tiny little life peck its way out into the world through the shell of its egg, you were most likely struck with awe by the determination of the little chick within. Newly hatched chicks are the cutest little things, so cute in fact, that you were likely tempted to pop the little peeping chick into your pocket and take it home with you! If so, you are not the only one. You can start a business that provides schools and other environments with the eggs and incubating equipment necessary to raise chicks from eggs all the way to cute, healthy little peeping balls of yellow fluff.

Grave Money
You would care for an area of a cemetery or a specific gravesite or marker to make sure that it is beautiful and reflects the inner beauty that existed in the person buried within. You will keep it free of dirt, litter, dead leaves, mildew, moss, bird droppings, and other debris.

Real Estate Is For the Horses
Most people are likely familiar with how difficult it can be to locate a home to rent, or lease, that will allow pets. Now imagine if that family pet is a horse! Finding a suitable dwelling that will include facilities for a horse, or horses, can be an almost insurmountable task! Some equine owners virtually give up on making a move at all because it takes so much work for them to find a suitable place! This is where you come in!

Large Item Delivery Service
Many of us are now driving smaller vehicles and those driving larger vehicles usually have items like children's car seats taking up any extra space. This becomes a real problem when someone purchases a large item such as a new refrigerator, washer, dryer, etc. How are they going to get it home? They would probably have to make detailed plans with a friend who has a truck or van. Most people do not have a friend like that; or do not want to bother their friend. You can help by offering a service to deliver these items to their home. If you do not have a truck, you will need a trailer. You could charge about $20 per delivery.

Elderly Concierge
This service would relieve the elderly of the stresses associated with everyday tasks from scrubbing their tubs and cleaning out closets, to balancing a checkbook, paying their bills, or cooking a dinner that doesn't involve a microwave. The services could be offered not only for the aged but also for anyone concerned with their welfare (such as grown children). The peace of mind that comes with knowing that their loved ones are being looked after, when they are not able, will be appealing. You could charge between $10 and $30 an hour for these services, depending on the services needed.

Yard Sale Organizing
Many people consider the true beginning of spring to be the first sighting of signs papering every phone pole and signpost advertising 'garage' sales, 'yard' sales, 'tag' sales, 'moving' sales, and 'white elephant' sales. At the conclusion of a thorough spring-cleaning, most people have a huge pile of clothes, toys, and various pieces of furniture and appliances that they have decided are no longer a functioning part of their household. To get rid of these items, people will either load up the bed of their pickup truck or drop off the items at a local charity, or if the householder wants to make a little cash, they are used to holding a yard sale. For some people though, the idea of having a garage or yard sale seems good in theory but a little too overwhelming a prospect in reality.

You Need an Apartment
Many people are unhappy in their current apartment but just do not have the time to search for a new apartment on their own. This is where you come in! You will start an apartment locating service that lets people know where apartments are available to rent.

Pizza Advertisements
Do you know how much pizza the average American eats per month? One source reports that 93% of Americans eat at least one pizza per month. It is estimated that three billion pizzas are sold in the United States each year. Americans eat approx. 100 acres of pizza each and every day of the year. This equates to about 350 slices per second. According to another source, pizzerias make up 17% of all restaurants, meaning that there are about 69, 000 pizzerias in operation in the U.S. at any given time. Now why should all this pizza trivia be important to someone such as you, you ask. Well, I'll tell you! In many respects, in addition to the pizza box being an American fast food icon, it can be a considerable source of income for someone such as you.

Typing Services
Many people need things typed - and fast. If you can type quickly and accurately, (50 words per minute or more is a great start) then you can type things for people who are unable to do it themselves. The more typing you do, the more proficient you will become at it. You could charge about $30 per document or charge a per hour fee.

Silly Trade Show Marketing
You will start a business where you make yourself available to a business owner in any costume that they would prefer and you do silly things to attract attention to their business. You would need to charge about $80 to cover the rental of a costume and then you would charge a per hour fee for your time and talents.

Fiction Product Placement
Have you ever been reading a novel, a short story, or watching your favorite television program and was amused that the main character drank the same kind of coffee as you, or brushed their teeth with the same kind of toothpaste that your boyfriend uses? It rarely even affects the storyline and only requires minutes to add into the story. This is referred to as product placement, an alternative method of advertising that is more readily accepted by people. It can also prove to be an excellent source of money, help these two businesses contact each other and charge a percentage of their profits.

Your Home Nursery
People love to plant their own plants, but growing them from a seed is difficult for many. If you can do this well and on a regular basis, you can sell your plants so others can buy them and plant them at their home or business. If you have no trouble starting plants from seeds this is a 'business idea' just for you.

Sharp Services
There are few things more frustrating than pulling out a knife or pair of scissors and realizing that they are just too dull to do the job properly. Offer a service where you visit any business or organization on a regular basis to sharpen their knives and scissors. You can set up regular visits to each location and either sharpen the knives and other cutting instruments on site, or pick up a large quantity and return them once the sharpening is completed. You could easily charge about $5 per item to be sharpened.

Bike Friday Club
Owning a "Bike Friday" is a growing trend and there seems to be a growing interest in folding bicycles in general. For some people, the only thing standing between them and the open road is the little push that they need to get started. For these people, a bike club is the perfect motivation! By joining your "bike Friday" club, they will have a scheduled bike ride to look forward to and this will keep their bicycle from gathering dust and will get them out of the house and onto the bike trails!

Community Business Informational Directory
Have you ever been driving around in your area and seen a business that wasn't there before? It happens all of the time. This is where you come in! You can help your community by putting together a community business informational directory to help consumers find the services they need locally.

Customized Martial Arts Uniforms
Offer a service to customize martial arts belts, uniforms, or cloth weapons bags with embroidery. You could put the name on one side of the belt and their name in Korean (for Tae Kwon Do, for example) on the other side. You could also offer this service to the martial art's dojo instructors by offering to embroider the name of their business and their tag line on the uniforms and other martial arts clothing items. You should be able to charge $50 for 25 characters or less.

Women Wanting a Baby
Pregnancy is such a special and magical time in the life of a woman. There are many busy women, of all ages and found in all walks-of-life, who are hoping to become pregnant. Some have a vague notion of the mechanics involved, but need more information on ovulation and other factors predicting the most opportune times for this to happen. Most women in these circumstances are appreciative of discretion and yet are hard pressed to find the time necessary to research their options, or research resources available to them to aid them in their journey.

Wedding Gift Stitches
The party industry is one of the best to get into for business seekers. If you can sew, you can create customized cross-stitched, or needlepoint, pictures of a bride and groom, along with the date and names of the happy couple. Those who want a unique and affordable gift to give can get this for them. You will need frames, thread, needles, and other sewing accessories. You can start this up as a side business or dedicate your working hours to it. Calculate the cost of doing business and come up with a good price for your product, such as $75, for example.

It is All in the Tie
Every businessman, especially those who live and/or work in the city wear a tie at least five times a week. That does not include business trips and meetings. They need a good business tie of the month club! You could offer to send one tie per month for twelve months, for a fee of $12 a month.

Religious Games
Religious games can help families learn more about their religion (or other religions) in a fun way, all the while spending time with each other at the same time. Find a company that sells these types of games and sell their products as an affiliate. You could also create and design the games yourself and sell them online, at flea markets, at festivals, fairs, and more.

T-shirt Purses for Teens
Teens seem to love unique and fun purses. Take old t-shirts with logos on them to create purses for them. You can sell online, at flea markets, and more. You could sell each one for about $20.

Fashionable Cats and Dogs
Unfortunately, nametags on cat and dog collars can fall off or get lost. You can solve this problem by creating collars with their name and your contact information embroidered right on their collar. You could sell each customized collar for about $15 each.

Night Care from Home
Daycare centers are great for those who work during the day, but what about those who work at night, or just want to go out for dinner? Open a babysitting business in your home to watch children at night. You will need the space, licensing, supplies (toys, diapers, wipes, cleaners, etc.), and the ability to keep kids happy while their parents are gone. You should also have your own playpens or cribs for the babies and kids to sleep in if they need to sleepover. You could have about five kids, depending on their age and your state laws and charge about $20 per child per night.

Sell Rare Books
There are many book lovers out there and scores of them collect books. On the other hand, some may just want to find a certain book that their parents or grandparents had read to them, or one that a relative wrote long ago. If you can find these books for them, whatever the reason, you are in business. Charge your customers 20% above the cost of the book, with a minimum of $20. This is your "finder's fee." Your service will make many people very happy!

High-Tech Chatteling
Imagine that you have an EBay store, or other type of store, where you sell let's say- books. How awesome would it be if you could go to a book sale to buy books to sell for profit, you take out your cell phone, punch in the ISBN # and see how much it is selling for elsewhere - even online. This service can help you save time, therefore making money for you. It is called, ScoutPal.

Custom Name Posters
Offer a product that everyone will enjoy, especially new parents. Customized name posters with the origin of names and various meanings of the name. Your target market will be parents, especially new parents. You could charge $10, or more, per poster. You can create and design the posters yourself or outsource the work to another company. For example, you could use CafePress, or a local printer.

Bookkeeping On-Call
I have never met anyone that enjoyed bookkeeping. If you do and you have the training to offer this service professionally, you can offer bookkeeping to people and go to their homes without them having go anywhere for your service. You should be a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). You should charge about $30 per hour for this service, depending on what the average salary is in your area for a CPA.

Dog-Sitting Swap
No one wants to leave their dog with a kennel or beg a friend to watch it when they go on a trip. Create a dog-sitting swap organization where dog owners take care of each other's pets while they are on vacation. Simply charge a membership fee to those who want to join. You can charge a yearly fee from $35-$100. Organize the sittings by giving the sitters credits. Maybe 10 to begin with and subtract 2 points for each day someone watches the other's dog. The watcher will gain 2 points per day and the owner will lose 2 points per day. If anyone gets down to zero points, they need to watch some ones dog to earn more. You will need to keep all of this information organized and have a way to send it to your members. That could be accomplished by mail, email, or a member website.

Rats and Pests Turn into Profits
If you have a rat or pest problem, you can make a profit selling the little buggers to reptile owners. Snakes eat rats and the owners need a place to buy them from, on a regular basis. Problem solved for you and the pet owners. This can be true of all kinds of pests that may torment you. There is always a pet somewhere needing live pests to eat

Fashion for the Birds
Feathered hair accessories can be a profitable business to get into. You could sell each accessory for anywhere from $175 - $350 and create them yourself or have others create them for you.

Cozy Feety Pajamas
Hey, you may not have worn pajamas since you were very little and you may not remember wearing them, but they are comfortable. In the bitter cold of winter, these pajamas with sewn on feet (they cover your whole body, including sock or slipper like feet) help keep you warm. You could custom make your 'feety' pajamas, or sell them in predetermined sizes - for adults. You could sell each set for about $60 plus shipping and handling. You could even sell family sets so Mom and Dad can match their kids in the warmth of feety pajamas.

Remind Me Tomorrow...
We all forget things; forget to attend to things and this can cause problems. Conduct a reminder service via telephone calls, text messages, or e-mails, so people will be less likely to forget their appointments, meetings, birthdays, and other occasions. You could charge $10 per day for phone calls, or $50 per week.

Lawn Decorations from Your Lawn
It is probably essential for your lawn to be on a high traffic road to acquire more sales. If you are a good carpenter, you can make a great deal of money creating lawn decorations for people. You can even go online and sell existing products or custom-made products for those who want a personal touch added to their decoration. Since your products will be outside you will need to have some sort of alarm system or be able to bring them in at night.

Business Idea Factory Members Exclusive Offer
We wanted to tell you about a project that we are getting ready to launch in which we are testing a brand new marketing concept that has never been done before. Without going into much detail at this time we can say that...

Kites in the Wind
Have you noticed how hard it is to find a decent kite these days? Start a website that sells all sorts of kites: locally made, vintage, your own kites, brand named kites, and more. What a fun business!

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service
Apartment building owners, landlords, even people like you and I, need professional carpet cleaning. This is a great business and there is always a need for it.

Create and Sell Incense with a Geographical Twist
Some people have traveled or used to live in different countries. Create scents that mimic the smells of each country. You can sell packages of 20 for $20.

Make People Beautiful
Some people cannot make it to a salon for a facial or they do not want to bother with a salon. Whatever the reason, you can start a business for these people. Offer a service where you go to their homes and give facials. You can even combine your talent with a cosmetics company that lets you earn commissions on products, such as Avon. However, do not limit the products; give your customers what they want. Charge $20 an hour for the facial. This can be a repeat business. Treat your customers as if they are in a vacation resort and be especially polite. Give them your card or make another appointment with them before you leave.

Beautiful Garden Profits
If you love gardening especially planting flowers, why keep it to yourself? Nice fresh flowers can make you a good profit and you can do it all from your own home. Start a Day Lily garden and sell them. Caring for a garden does take a lot of work - tilling, weeding, watering, and picking. The great thing about Day Lilies is that when they grow, they multiply by reproducing within the ground.

Your Rent is Due!
Help property owners remind their tenants when their rent is due. You can send an upcoming reminder with the date, amount, date due, where/how to send, etc. Then send another reminder on the due date. You can do this via mail or possibly all via email. Charge the property owner $5-$20 per month, per tenant.

Snow Globes
Everyone loves snow globes! You can easily buy these items wholesale and resell them on your own. However, if you are creative, make your own to sell! A snow globe is a beautiful showpiece, and a paperweight clubbed together. Many people like snow globes, not only for the purposes it serves, but also because of its beauty. This is why selling snow globes prove to be a rather successful and interesting business.

Offer a Tile Cleaning Service
Tiles are difficult to clean, especially those with texture to them. It is hard to clean the dips and grout in them. Many people would rather pay someone else to do it for them. You could charge $50 per house cleaning and offer to come back every week.

Photography Image Enhancing Services for Models
No, the women on the cover of that glossy magazine did not look like that when the photographer snapped the picture. The photo was sent to a photo-enhancing specialist to remove wrinkles, blemishes, and more. If you are great at this, and have the software needed, you can easily offer this service to amateur models online. Photoshop will do, unless you prefer a different program. Have the models send you their photos via email. You can retouch each for about $50. Word-of-mouth advertising will then take place; because chances are her friends are amateur models as well. However, do not rely on that alone. Search for modeling sites out there that display models' portfolios and offer your services to them. It is a good idea to advertise on those sites also.

Auto Detailing Business
No one likes to clean his or her car. It is such a hassle and time consuming too. In addition, all of the different cleaners needed for; wheel, rim, dash, wax, and carpet cleaners. You could go crazy just thinking about it! Many people who own a vehicle would be more than happy to hand over some cash to have their car detailed - cleaned to the letter.

Last Minute Musical Supplies
Buy and place musical supply vending machines where musicians would be! What happens if a guitarist breaks a string right before a performance? What happens if a drummer breaks a stick right before a performance? Since most musicians work at night, all of the music supply stores will be closed. However, your vending machine will be right there for what they need, just in time. These vending machines can carry strings for various string instruments, drumsticks, capos, picks, electric pickups, and even harmonicas.

Help People Keep Their House Plants When They Move
Start a business that promises to move a client's plants to their new home or business. They do not need to let their plants die; they can have them carefully moved. You can charge a minimum of $25 per hour to move their plants. Your competition will be moving companies, but how much do they know about plants? You are the specialist, and know how to keep them alive for your client's new home or office.

Sew Vintage - Your Money Making Creations
If you look at many recent magazines, you may notice many articles on decorating your home, or adding a new touch. They all have one thing in common - go vintage. Whether a quilt, curtain, random touches, pictures, furniture covers, or patterns, they are all vintage ideas. If you can sew, you can make money by going 'Vintage', with your creations

Start a Home Business Mom's Club
There is a lot of competition out there for this type of business. However, if done with a different angle or with more to offer, work-at-home moms, and dads, you can make a profit. You want to give your members a place to talk, share advice, network, and more. You can charge an annual fee (about $500) or a monthly fee (about $30).

Play Games and Make Money as a Beta Tester
Yes, you can actually make money to play games, and you can do it from home! Beta Testers play games to report any bugs they find and sometimes-minor features they would like to see in the final version.

Create Your Own Play Dough for Kids
Be creative; add glitter, and other cool accessories. Sell it online with a catchy name. You could even add confetti, variations of colors that you do not normally see elsewhere. Creativity is something most children have within themselves. They love to make things using color and shaping dough. Usually children love making decorative items to hang around the house, and to show off to their families and friends. To make these decorative items, they need colorful, easy to use, playing dough. So why not create some playing dough for kids of all ages and make it a fun, beautiful and lucrative business for you!

Chocolate of the Month Club
Are you a great baker? Start a chocolate of the month club. Charge subscribers a monthly or yearly fee. Send them a set of different kinds of chocolates each month. This could be a fun and lucrative business for you.

Stuck in an Office Job? Go Home!
So many people are working a 9-5 and want to work from home. Maybe they want to be there for their kids, an ageing relative, bad health, want more lenient hours, work better alone... whatever the reason - you can switch from working outside the home to working in your pajamas at home. First, talk to your employer. Explain to them all of the benefits they will enjoy if you work from home. You would work as a contractor, pay your own taxes, buy your own health insurance, etc. All of that strain lifted off their shoulders. Tell them you can start out slowly, maybe working from home one day a week to start - proving that you can do it. You will benefit in many ways as well!

Design Clothing, Office Supplies and more with your own Graphics
If you are great at coming up with catchy phrases, and making your own cool graphics, you are in business. But, what if you don't have the capability to print your graphics on clothing, or office supplies, or anything for that matter? A place called CafePress takes care of all of that for you. You just need to design the graphics and phrases, and advertising. You could have a great merchandising business.

Become a Healthy Home Consultant
Everyone wants to be healthier. However, there may be things in their home that can make them ill, or prevent them from getting better. Offer to look over their whole house for $50 and up. You will need to be able to look for and recognize mold, toxic fumes, no or low air flow, tap water ( it is suggested that no one should drink water directly from the faucet), fire hazards, fire prevention, fire escape plan, etc.

Capture Scrapbook Moments
Scrapbooking is the next biggest thing in family arts and crafts. It is becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. Get your niche into the business with a unique job. Offer to be a photographer for families at their special events. This will allow the parents to enjoy the experience instead of being behind the lens the whole time. Pictures are the foundation of great scrapbooks. If you are a talented photographer, or even just want to get into the business, photographing families at special events - sports, scouts, weddings, births, etc. this could be a lucrative business for you. Of course, you will need a fantastic camera and an eye that is able to capture those special moments.

Make Homemade Treats for Locals
You may have seen them in local, small stores. Treats and other goodies made by a local. Homemade foods and products made from those in your community. So, if you have an extraordinary recipe or an innovative way to make a certain product - get to it. Make plenty, and bring them to your local stores. Wrap or contain them the way you would if selling, and save some for the storeowners to taste. Hit every shop in your town, even the chain stores. Sell to your community!

Creating a Successful Website for Your Community
To create your own community website, you first have to find out if there are any. If there isn't, great! You can start brainstorming!

Combining Home Businesses for Optimum Leverage
Sometimes you need a little help in areas you aren't so good at. As freelancers, we have to take on all of the workloads, and we aren't skilled in all areas. Finding someone that can fill in those areas for you can really upgrade your business!

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Work at Home Parent?
Here are five things to consider very carefully if you want to be a work at home parent.

You Can Make Money With A Home Based Business
Would you like to earn money by starting your own home-based business? A home-based business will provide you with an exciting way to earn money and be your own boss. Numerous opportunities are available to internet marketers.

How to Work From Home with Young Children
It is not easy to work from home with young children. The pros and cons should be carefully considered. However, if you feel it suits your family then your children WILL thank you.

Product Development for Home Based Businesses
Developing products can be a challenge in the home based business environment. Where do you go for a laboratory to create and test new product lines? Where do you turn for new packaging and marketing? Where do you turn for help?

Tips for Parents Working from Home
Any parent working from home knows how difficult it can be for you and your children. It can get quite hectic and stressful, not just for you, but for the rest of the family as well. That is completely normal, and I'm sure most families experience this when one or both parents work from home. There are some ways to help reduce, and possibly even avoid some stresses as a work at home mom or dad.

Preserve Childhood While Padding Your Bank Account
Childhood often flies by in the proverbial blink of an eye, especially for mom and dad. Once their kids leave home, parents are left with little pieces of time-baseball cleats, batons, old stuffed animals and photos showing their children growing from toddlers waddling in diapers to teenagers proudly holding diplomas. Now you can help parents preserve another precious piece of time-their children's first days.

So You Want to Work from Home? How-to Decide on a Home Business
The number of people becoming self-employed is steadily growing each year. There are great benefits for working for yourself. It's a big decision in itself, but only the first step in many to becoming self-employed.

The Business of Easing Grief
Pets are beloved members of millions of families. In fact, more than 63.4 million people in the United States have at least one pet. Eventually, however, all pet owners must face the inevitable.

Setting up Your Organized and Functional Home Office
So, you?re going to work from home? Congratulations! Now comes the hard part: deciding where to have your home office, and how to set it up properly. There are certain qualities that you will need from your home office. Some are privacy, functionality, organization, and the tools you need for your career.

Starting a Courier Business
If you enjoy taking car rides, going on trips, and envy truck driver and RV owners, you just might find that a courier business is just the career you are looking for. Besides a good-sized van to transport packages, there isn't much else you will need to get started. If you already own a reliable, well-maintained van, you are already on the road to getting you courier business on its way. A courier business can be very lucrative.

How to Work at Home as a Data Entry Processor
Getting started working at home can be quite overwhelming and confusing. The first things I will cover here are scams. They are all over the Internet, especially when it comes to data entry!

Hello, Is Anyone There?
Angela worked at an apartment complex when she first discovered her new career. From her success at her current occupation, she knew she had the demeanor and the professionalism to start this other business. She also knew there was a huge market for the service she would be providing. The best part was that she would be able to work from home.

Turning Junk to Gold
As a child, I wanted to own a thrift shop. I loved the muted feeling of walking into a tiny store jammed full of fascinating, mis-matched odds and ends. At the time, it was more the joy of discovery that fueled the desire for a part in the business, but now, as an adult, I realize the money earning potential as well.

Making Kids Happy While You Make Money
Mike loved growing up in the country. He could always be found on his bicycle roaming around. Whenever he had a flat, he fixed it himself and was always washing and shining it. When the new multi speed bicycles first were introduced, he couldn't wait to get one.

How To Put Your Pets To Work
Is your pet your best friend? Do you spend lots of time playing with them and watching them? Have you often wished they could make money for you?

Make Money Working Out Of Your Garage Or Basement
Do you enjoy putting things together? Do you have the ability to easily understand instructions and intuitively know how items work and fit together? Is your garage or basement already filled with tools? Not all people have the ability to understand instructions and put things together. In fact, many people are overwhelmed with instructions. They purchase products and then when it comes to assembly, they spend hours trying to get everything to fit together right.

Make Money Spending Time With Your Daughter
Joan loves spending time with her three daughters especially since she is a single mom. She hates going to work each day and being so tired at the end of the day. It often makes her short with them. The money she makes at her job is minimal and hardly seems worth it. Especially around Christmas!

Tea for Two or Twenty
Short on cash? Do you have an empty room in your house? Do you like to entertain? If so, then boil up some fast cash with this nifty idea for a home based business.

Custom Lamp Design
The secrets behind turning odds and ends into works of art.

Faux Fireplaces for Fun and Profit
All the information you'll need to start your own Faux Fireplace Business. Even step by step instructions to constructing your own Faux Fireplace.

Natural Cosmetics
Walk through the cosmetics section of a department store and you will find literally hundreds of different creams, lotions, powders, glosses and other assorted items that promise to enhance your sex appeal, take years off your skin, fill in wrinkles and zillions of other to-good-to-be-true offers. Well this article tells you how you can make money using time tested natural cosmetics.

Press out $100 an Hour!
If you have ever seen a political campaign whether for president of the nation or just the local high school, chances are you have seen the perfect money-making venture. Same goes for state fairs, fund raisers at your local church, etc. So, what is this incredible business? Read this article to find out.

Tasty Ways to Earn Money
There is one occupation in the US that hires over 1.5 Million people and those 1.5 Million people all need one product. For pennies on the dollar you could grow a bushel of money in no time.

Bread Brings the Cash
Have you ever made a really, really great sandwich? Not just a regular ham and cheese, but a triple-decker something with all the right ingredients? Well, there are folks sitting in their offices everyday, eating the same sad ham and cheese with a wilted salad on the side because they just don?t have time to go further than the cheap deli downstairs. Imagine if these prisoners of day old subs could taste your delicious creation!

Two Heads Are Better
How would you like to create a job for yourself that requires almost no overhead and serves a virtually unlimited supply of clients? How would you like to come to the end of a working day satisfied with the knowledge that you helped someone else succeed? The opportunity I?m describing will allow you to use knowledge you already have along with your excellent communication skills and positive attitude to make someone else?s life a little easier.

Sew For Dough
Have you known someone who lost a limb, or someone who suffers from an illness such as Parkinson's Disease, for which getting dressed in off-the-rack clothes can be difficult at best? If you can sew, you can make life easier for these folks and bring in some money for yourself. You will need to adapt patterns to their individual bodies in some cases and in others, simply make the clothing easier to use.

Animal Registration Service
People really love their pets, and these days it seems that?s where they spend a lot of their money. But one crucial area where pet owners often neglect to invest their time or money is animal safety. An animal registry provides a much-needed service for pet owners, as well as a decent source of income.

Making Resumes Work For You
Would you like to: Have the freedom to work from home by telephone and email and have the pleasure of making a difference to the career prospects of others? If so, then maybe you should look at becoming a professional resume writer.

Earn Cash in Your Back Yard!
In today's eco-friendly times, bicycles are becoming more popular. People are taking them to work and play in an effort to avoid causing more pollution. The average person can fix a simple flat tire, but when things go more seriously wrong, where do they turn? If you happen to be mechanically minded, setting up shop in your back yard or garage is cheap and handy.

Is There A Doctor in the Doll House?
For my thirty-fifth birthday my parents gave me a really unique gift, a baby doll. Not just any baby doll, mind you, but my baby doll, Elizabeth. The last time I'd seen her I was still in grade school and she was disjointed, literally, and dirty. But now she is beautiful, almost like new. My parents had admitted Elizabeth to a doll hospital where she received a special brand of plastic surgery. What a wonderful occupation for someone with a love of all things that make childhood memories so sweet!

Moving Memories
Last year at my mother-in-law's surprise birthday party, we showed a video montage containing a lifetime of photographs. Each of her seven children had selected a dozen photos. The photos were then transferred to a DVD and set to music. With the right equipment and some technological savvy, you can cash in on the ever-growing need to move memories.